Modern Day Paradox, Hipster Theory

Something really bug me seeing people who being labeled as “hipster”, you know the people who try (too hard sometimes ^_^) to be different and they tend to astray from mainstream (don’t have problem with this since some mainstream things sucks he he) & adopt anything that different from mainstream, usually they prefer old-school stuffs. It’s not that I hate these type of people, knowing that I probably a hipster myself, I tend to astray from mainstream trend, and I guess my life stopped at 90’s (even my newest favorite things have that 90’s vibe in it, such as indie rock, alternative or even emo, yep still listen to it he he), still watching absurd anime & cartoon, have those otaku & fan boy tendency, etc.

How hipster is this he he
How hipster is this?

It’s not like I despise those trend, it’s just something is bothering me, it’s the old revival thing makes me wonder if maybe our progress into the future going into wrong direction so some of us try to going back in time to the good old days. I mean, I once saw in furniture store and found a gas fireplace that would burn real logs so that it looked authentic, a modern heating source dressed up to look like an old fashioned one (sorry I don’t have the picture but you get the idea). Or the audio-purist that listening to vinyl record, say that vinyl gives the best sound quality, either this is true since nowadays we listened to compressed music, illegal I might add, mp3 song on our phone, compo, or any other music devices, it makes vinyl and it’s “authentic” sound is so much better I guess.
Or lomography (or holga or Diana, etc) movement where hipster start using this lousy film camera, in digital age they using film instead of memory card, also using lens that basically “broke”, an insult to people who dedicated their life improving lens quality he he. People love that “weird” image came out from the camera, yet people complains when image from their cell phone is not “right” (saturation boosted, blurry, not focus, flare, or any other flaws that usually came from their plastic camera). No wonder professional photographer said lomo is for people who can’t take a good picture ha ha.
Or social media/chat application that blossoming like fungus among us in rainy season. The main idea is to breaking the gap, the distant between people but in reality it’s isolate us from those close to us while we chat with other that faraway. Or it’s rather built boundary that separate us from people around us. Even sometimes we become attention whore to the point that we need approval or acknowledgement from others to become happy (like or retweet it’s so important that sometimes we post something just to please others).

Me myself, I prefer 2D fighting game rather than 3D is that make me hipster? But I realize that sometimes, there is a reason why they called it “the god old days” because back then, everything I simple. Modern technology somehow makes everything instant to the point that we didn’t enjoy the process, we just want things done, “spare me the detail, and give me the result train of thought”. It makes life moving too fast. From point A to point B, then to point C and so on and so on. It’s kind of dragging if you ask me. Modern technology that supposed to make life easier somehow makes life more complicated or demanding.IMG_17528660086552
We buy things we don’t need to impress others that probably don’t care about us. We, modern people become a robot, or even worse zombie. We became mindless creature that do routine, mundane activity like an auto pilot machine (wake up, go to work, home, sleep, repeat). We become children of lesser generation in term of humanity, we’re so busy make a living yet somehow we forgot how to live as a human.

Those old revival things are the acknowledgement of what is missing nowadays, simplicity. It’s a modern day paradox where life become more complex (or probably we make it complex rather than simplify it) & we need to settle down a while, just to see how far we’ve come, how we accomplish something, anything and to see that life, happiness, etc is actually simple. That’s why most hipsters is grown man (maybe they refused to get old or something), they become jaded with this so-called life so they decided to bring out the classic, a reminder that life could be simple if we wanted to, it’s all in the mind anyway. There’s a hipster in all of us anyway he he.


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