Believe in What You Want

If you let yourself go and opened up your mind. I’ll bet you’ll be using like me. And it ain’t so bad.
Alice in Chains – “Junkhead”

In my previous blog, I wrote that there are some people that you can’t reasoned with, such as religious fanatic, soccer fans or even your parents, they just have the answer to everything, even to the mystery of the universe it self ha ha. Some people can deny everything and believe the otherwise, despite all the fact showing the opposite of they believe, even some people can bending fact to the point that sometimes the fabricated lie being accepted as the truth (we called this type of liar as politician he he).
As crazy asa8b6D71_460s you think, sometimes the so called “blind faith” is not because someone is brain washed or just being taught some dogmatic lesson or something. Most people just have the urge to believe in something, not like a leap of faith or blind faith, but they just need to believe in something & sometimes that “thing” just happened to be there, sounds crazy? Yes it does! Then people will stick to it like its some undeniable truth, the answer to everything. Like if what they believe is wrong then the whole world will crumbling to ashes.
Let me put some perspective about football (soccer for people in US who prefer to call rugby as football, which is weird since they do not use leg to dribble a ball but hand ^_^), I am an AC Milan fan, which is in today’s standard is weird since nowadays people loves Premier League. So, older people have theory that people who loves Italian team is old-timer that watching football from days of yore (when Italian Serie A was the best league in the world) while those who love England team is new kids on the block (sine now premier league is arguably the best league in the world, I prefer Spanish or Germany though).
Why I love AC Milan? Honestly, I don’t know, I just grew up where Milan through everything, their ups & down, glory, fall from grace, etc. I just felt that they share my slice of life. Besides the fact I love their costume and I adore Paolo Maldini (IMHO the best player ever but it’s hard to validate it since he is a defender, best player usually striker or mid-fielder). Maybe others have a different reason but for me, AC Milan is there, in the right place & in the right time when I need to believe in football club.
If you ask me what is the best team in the world, AC Milan will be the one, even if their current condition showing that they on the mediocre level but to me they are the best. I guess that’s it, as simple as that ha ha. So, if I can be that dumb, I guess everyone can also be that dumb (no sarcasm here).
Just like why most people became a member of specific religion because it’s the religion of his/her parents have rather than the one they choose to embrace. Sometimes we don’t ask, deny, or questioned it. We just embraced it. Like it’s the way it meant to be, everything happens for a reason train of thought.
It seems that everything is OK with the way it is right? Well, in reality, human as a social creature tend to force what they believe to other for the sake of community, or majority, like how a specific community will “reject” other group to enter their territory (like Popular people will reject a nobody to join their ranks or how some specific religion community will try to “influence” other religion to their favor). That’s when everything falls apart.
Since modern day made clear that minority rights is being acknowledge, sometimes even abused for certain agenda. Media & social media made everyone have a voice that can be shouted, even at the wrong time. Thank God that not every voice should be heard, but then again as the media always say, bad news is a good news so of course minority voice that sometimes doesn’t need to be heard is get blows out of proportion, like somehow FPI or ISIS in Indonesia became the face of Islam nowadays or something like that, sure it’s easy to stereotyping things. It’s simpler that way.

What worse is, media became biased since social media is becoming the source of information nowadays. It’s hard to differentiate facts or opinions. Media took control and proves that whoever holds the information have the power to control the events. Just like what happened in Ferguson, USA. We can’t tell what the hell is happening, race issue, vandalism, or just an opportunist riot? Some people showing fact that when black officer shoot white teenager, it don’t make it to national news, so to claim or saying black people being oppressed it’s kinda hard. We can’t tell since everyone already made their own opinion, conclusion, etc.


This is a quote by a character named Howard Beale (a martyr or collateral damage or sacrificial lamb for TV) from 1976 movie called Network (a masterpiece that I urge you to see for yourself. A vision that somehow depicted how f#*ked up media is):

So, you listen to me. Listen to me! Television is not the truth. Television’s a god-damned amusement park. Television is a circus, a carnival, a traveling troupe of acrobats, storytellers, dancers, singers, jugglers, sideshow freaks, lion tamers, and football players. We’re in the boredom-killing business.
So if you want the Truth, go to God! Go to your gurus. Go to yourselves! Because that’s the only place you’re ever gonna find any real truth. But, man, you’re never gonna get any truth from us. We’ll tell you anything you wanna hear. We lie like hell. We deal in illusions, man. None of it is true!

They decided which “true” you need to see



Another thing that concerns me is how minority will try to do anything to shove what they believe to others. My wife once told me a story of “hunter” lesbian, a lesbian who prey into a normal girl who have problem with her man. Once she got the prey, she will comfort her, make her feel comfortable, treat her like a queen and then ask her to try lesbian sex then you know the drill, she succeeded converting hetero sexual girl into homosexual. Then she move to another one, and again and again. That converted girl will believed that she is lesbian since she enjoys lesbian sex then she will spread the lesbian lifestyle to others. Let me tell you the cold dark truth. Our body have a mechanism to get orgasm as self defense (just like when a girl raped she still have orgasm) to protect their body from further wound. Imagine if they don’t get orgasm, their genital will be wounded for life. Orgasm works as lubricant. I know there are some girls who are hard to get the pleasure of orgasm but mostly it’s psychological. This also applied to gay sex, though anal sex doesn’t have lubrication but you can buy oil for it.

Or how the so called “open minded” people (who happens to be LGBT) “persuade” everyone that being LGBT is not a disease but rather a fate that already being preordained or decided for them. I know this is controversial, but I’m sick that LGBT always saying that homophobic only exist in homo sapiens (human) and it is natural to be homosexual, it’s like saying we are on the equal level of animal so I guess, rape, polygamy, kill, steal or any other things animal do is legal. Let’s just burn the whole world down then. Human, as in the teaching of Abraham religion (Christian, Jew Islam) supposed to be khalifah or leader that either lead this world into better place or burning it down, I guess we are burning it down then he he. If they say homosexual is natural, what about birth process that required male female or magnet that need positive & negative? I’ll stop it here since this is getting out of line.

If you ask me, I’m sorry if I will offended some people but I have LGBT friend and they are good people and they don’t shove what they believe into everyone else, they keep it to themselves but not as closet homo-sexual but as something that just “them” their identity. They knew what I felt and think about homo-sexual as a deviation but they knew I respect them and as long they are good people I still hang out with them (sadly most of them went abroad or MIA ha ha. If you read this Fikri contact me, I kinda miss our “intellect” chat ha ha).

So, what will pIMG_20141204_101845eople do when you can’t trust anything nowadays? The most logical thing to do is to trust yourself, that’s the answer but also the problem since majority of people is ignorant (is bliss in some degree) and modern society breed us to be selfish ignorant @$$hole that abused social media to openly made our premature opinion to be heard by everyone (even I’m doing it also I confess that I did sometimes and I probably did it while writing this). That’s the reason why we all so stupidly defending our own opinion without considering that others might have something regarding the issue. We subconsciously filter everything that against our opinion as false idea. We became fascist with “either you part of the solution or part of the problem mentality”. Another modern day paradox (like my previous blog again he he), people become astray from what they believe, feminism becoming man-hating, anti-racism becoming white-hating,etc.

Again, this is my blog that don’t have a resolution or conclusion (at least for me). Damien Rice in one of his best song (in my opinion) said “It’s not hard to grow when you know that you just don’t know” but if you stand for nothing you’ll fall for everything. So I guess first you need to know where you stand, but before that learn all you can about what you stand for then respect others since everyone have their own opinion and sometimes what we stand for is not an absolute truth, this world is not black and white, keep an open mind. As long as they didn’t bother you, just let them be, life will find a way. Just let nature takes it course but stand your ground. I guess that’s all he he. Believe in what you want.


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