Thanks For The Memories

Let the memories be in your heart, not in your gadget!

Ellie Goulding, We The Fest, 24th of August 2014

That’s what some people remembered from that festival, a reminder from Ellie about how we become so “attached” to our gadgets, busy taking pictures, chatting with our friends while doing something, in this case, watching concert. I just encountered the same phenomena when I watching Mocca (band from Bandung) concert recently. Most people become busy taking pictures, updating their status, chats, etc. I was lucky that I was at the front row so people there is more civilize, only taking pictures when the show first start or try taking artistic pictures while the chatting is tolerable.

Shot, chat, update and annoy he he
Shot, chat, update and annoy he he

I once write about how the technology that should’ve breaking the distance barrier is somehow build a boundary for people near or around us. But it’s just not that, gadgets gave us an equal opportunity to be famous or for our voice to be heard, we somehow obsessed to tell the world since we have the same outlet. Regardless of what we want to say it’s important or not, as if some people never being taught that if you can’t say something nice just be quite.

We also have the urge to documenting everything, anything (that’s why some people filled their social media with mundane activity rather than info or miscellaneous that could entertain others, probably entertainer stalker he he). It seems that these type of people who updating their activity, location, etc are begging to be robbed, mugged or any type of action consisting cruel intentions ^_^.

Honestly, I agree that important things should be documented, cherished, photographed and it’s also true that what matter most is different for each and every individual. But if you think about it, is it really needed to be documented, saved in material format? True that the so called memory, or to be exact our brain have a tendency to exaggerating or even make some event insignificant, but then again everything is relative. Everything is depends on our personal point of view, interest, preference. Just like the definition of beauty depends on the eye of the beholder, just like happiness is a state of mind.

True that facts or document never lie, its objective but we learn that it’s not what you say but how you say it. That’s also applied to memories, maybe today the picture perfect couple will bring smile to everyone but maybe in the future after bad breakup it will bring tear or befuddlement to everyone what went wrong that this picture perfect couple could turned into disaster of biblical proportion ^_^.

It’s all relative and depends on how we see things. Maybe we turned into things we hate the most and we feel that its OK and its part of growing up, maybe we looking back read our blog, facebook or twitter feed and realize “Am I that idiot?” or its just everything, especially all good things must come to an end, even if that means its ended in our memory.

My friend has a theory that has a correlation with “survival of the fittest”, he said that our memory will choose to save memories that is “important” to us and will delete others lesser memories. Just like computer that eventually will have to clean its cache or even uninstall some program in order to achieve maximum performance. True that “important” is debatable, but at one point in our life, we never really knew what is important to us. Guess we never know what we’ve got till it’s gone.


So, is it really necessary to document everything? If you ask me, the answer is somewhere in-between yes or no. I mean, yes it’s your right to document things, but please remember to do it without annoying or bugging others people (some people are so dumb they record video or take picture with that dumb-big tablet or phone). Afterall, like my previous blog, “I Probably Forgot What You Said or Did, But I Never Forget The Way You Make Me Feel” and that’s what is important, or at least what I consider to be important he he. Not that photo or video that you probably never gonna watch or see anyway.

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