Blinded by the media


So, another marketing gimmick hits the spot, the mom’s-porn (though now it’s porn for everyone) “Fifty Shades of Grey” (originally a novel, if its for woman but if its for man it would probably simply called porn, not erotic novel, just like if a comic is so good they called graphic novel instead of comic) adapted into movie and create quite a splash (an understatement knowing the path of crazy things this move did such as bunch of teenagers attacking cinema for not allowed to watch it, more & more couple injured for try to enact what this movie BSDM did, etc). Bottom-line, this stupid thing (IMHO) is blown out of proportion, just Google it and read human stupidity at it’s finest. People really buys anything that media sold, even this stupid so-called love story.

Well, this is a classic scenario where sex & controversy really sell well in the market. The movie gain reputation & awareness from each controversy it made, despite every critiques loath this movie (friend of mine watch the bootleg straight from cinema recorded version and deemed it sucks, you better watch real porn, it’s more entertaining and alluring also satisfying). Honestly, this novel adaptation can’t do nothing good since the novel itself kinda sucks according to many people (unless you love the porn part).

First, I admit that I didn’t read the books but my wife did (out of curiosity) and she loath it (that’s why I love her ha ha), she also gave me good insight of what the novel is all about (since the movie is probably the same or even worse shit than the so called novel. The sex part, or lack of since it heavily emphasized on the BSDM ritual rather than the story progression or actual intercourse, my wife said if you cut the BSDM part it will be a very short novel. My wife’s main objection is the fact that she see the girl (Anastasia if I’m not mistaken) is taken advantage of, despite she is heavily revised the contract (which Grey, the guy, use as a protection so every girl that he ever “whacked” in his BSDM activity won’t tell anyone about it) but then again, making love, even in BSDM, with a contract involving money or not is basically a prostitution, women get objectified.

Then the fact that the BSDM act involving forcible act, such as alcohol usage, punishment, contract that I mention earlier, etc, also clearly shows an abusive relationship. My wife tells me that there is a page (just one!) page where Grey psychologist said that his broken personality is beyond repair since he was exposed to pornography since in his early life while documenting her mom having sex with her client (but you know in this crap bullshit love story anything goes he he). So the girl basically having a relationship with a psycho, or maybe highly functional sociopath (seeing that Grey is such a successful businessman) though this is classic, girls love bad boy he he.

I’ll stop to promote that stupid movie here since this is a celebration of troubled relationship that really put weird idea into girls or women everywhere about how a relationship should be (check this good thought from psychiatrist about Fifty Shades of Grey here). Looking at the premise of it, this should be one of those episodes of SUV or Criminal Minds where the guy lure & trap girls into submission & brainwashed (or maybe Stockholm syndrome) to acknowledge that what the psycho did is love. Maybe if the guy is not filthy stinking rich the story will be different but hey, I don’t understand women, they are one of those unsolved puzzle / mysteries of the world (well, women understand each other yet they despise each other).

Where are those feminist when you need them? They should act and tell women what went wrong here! I watched too many hentai or porn that tells a story that the rapist (serial rapist even) force the girl into submission, just like Grey did and put the girl into a situation that she can’t help herself (only the rapist can), she was already tainted and broken beyond repair so no one would accept her (only the rapist can), she actually enjoyed all the torture or forced sex that the rapist do (actually women body will defend itself from forced intercourse and will produce lubrication so the vagina wouldn’t hurt from the process, which some women thinks as orgasm thus they enjoy it). Bottom-line, Grey is a manipulative, classic textbook psycho. Hell, maybe actually this is what they, feminist wanted anyway, obedience ^_^.

Please don’t get the wrong idea, I won’t tell you that BSDM is wrong, sure you can experiment with it but do it carefully, responsibly and with consent from both parties. What makes me think weird is the fact that many women enjoy this novel or film and labeled it as celebration of love or something, maybe the term make love should be differentiate with the term sex or intercourse so people don’t get the wrong idea, this is the part that I agree that media promote western life-style (free sex emphasized) too heavily.

Double standard
Double standard

What strange is how the double standard happens here, if the one who wrote Fifty Shades of Grey is a guy, this will turnout in a completely different story. But since girls are kind of blind to see this, I guess they will call this “you go girl! You have the nerve to experiment” or something like that.

This is also happens when people see wear hijab or veil in Islam as an act of oppression for women. Maybe it is if the women are forced to wear it, but did you know that hijab or veil are meant to “protect” women from drooling eyes of horny man (Arab people are as horny as f*#k if you ask me, that’s why most maid are raped, even when they are not hot, just because they dressed not suitable for Arab man) also to protect them from sun-stroke (that’s why most Arab use long dress), also some women use hijab or veil because they believe that their body belong to the right person only (her husband). So don’t judge too fast, specifically if modern (western) media against hijab or veil.

See both sides of coin
See both sides of coin
Stupid generation
Stupid generation

Maybe this is happening because media and celebrities show us the wrong idea about love. We just accept what the media has to offer without filter it, analyze it. If everybody doing it, why can’t we? What’s wrong with that? People nowadays even need “don’t try this at home” label/warning to prevent people reenacting what they see. Since when we become so stupid? We live in the era of smart phone with stupid people!

If media said something is bad and majority people agree with it then somehow it becomes true. Ever wonder what if they are wrong and you, the different one, is right? Don’t be a herd, if you are different, be proud of it. I’m old enough to know that probably by the time I accept that I’m an adult, the only thing I can be is be myself. The best of me, not anyone else or living in their shadow.

Please know your value (learn it, believe it but without blind faith and keep an open mind) and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t let herd mentality choose what is right or wrong for you. Found out for yourself. Don’t be afraid of mistakes, it’s the proof that you’re trying. The scar is reminder that the past is real and learn from it. To end my stupid rant, I’ll leave you with quote from The Atheist Experience, a quote about believe in yourself (what could be more believe in yourself rather than believe in something else, even God, rather than an atheist). I’m not an atheist but they use their head every time and they won’t blame others or God if anything bad happens to them.

Think about it
Think about it
How the movie should've ended
How the movie should’ve ended

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