Smart Watch, Gimmick or Necessity?

Well, kinda late but I somehow ended up bought iPod Nano 6th gen recently. The story is kinda funny, a friend of mine told me that his friend is willing to sold his iPod Nano for a cheap price because the iPod supposedly his gift to her girlfriend but they broke up. Hence, he got an abandoned Nano (returned by his ex girl) filled with bad memories so he decided to sell his iPod. As a gesture of good faith and a little bit of taking advantage of, I bought the iPod for Rp. 700.000,- (around $60, still expensive but considering market price in Indonesia it’s cheap).

Try to make the pink part more manly
Try to make the pink part more manly

So, why did I waste that amount of money for a 2010 product? Well, with the rise of new Smart watch, somehow it just hits me that somehow I need something like that (despite the fact that I really want this back on 2010 and just could afford it now ^_^) so I think why not? This iPod can turned into a watch so I guess I can use it for fashion accessory if I need to.

Honestly, who needs a watch at this moment where almost anyone just look at their cell phone to look at time? Watch is

Better than having nothing on your wrist?
Better than having nothing on your wrist?

niche stuff nowadays. Some people even prefer to wear wristband or bracelet rather than a watch for fashion statement.

Still a watch still remain as an must accessories of you wear suit & tie, or going on a formal occasion, though there are lots of watches that just existed for a purpose that they are fun and cool watch rather than elegant or formal. There’s where smart watch came in. A watch that offer more than a thing on your wrist that shows time. But somehow almost every smart watch lost it elegant & formal feel because of the high tech stuff they offer (LCD, OELD or any other display kinda sucks if you ask me).

If you need a watch with extra feature, there are lots smart watches that have the ability to tell notifications or alerts, tell weather prediction, mp3 player, camera, etc. Almost every smart watch offer those, but with a price. Almost every smart watch is an accessory, a complement to the cell phone rather than a stand-alone product. Without pairing it to cell phone, today’s smart watch is just a regular watch (even some product can’t operate without pairing) or even worse, juts a wristband (an expensive one I might add).

Another price is the battery life, almost every watch is an energy hungry that need to be feed daily (or two if you’re lucky). All those pairing (Bluetooth or NFC pair), alerts & notifications, bright display, fitness features, etc makes the battery drain fast (& furious ^_^).

Most smart watch look like this, BLANK
Most smart watch look like this, BLANK

Display also became the problem, regular watches are “always on”, and even digital watch like G-shock is always on but smart watch? They don’t, if they do the battery drains fast. Regular watch could have years of life cycle while smart watch is only days. It’s also hard to see the display under bright sunlight.

With all the cons, still I buy iPod nano for being a watch. There are many reasons why I bought the nano 6, first reason is that nano 6 is a stand alone product, an mp3 player first and watch with fitness gimmick later. It even have FM radio!!! I prefer radio than mp3 player any given day (and the FM reception is so damn good!!!). True that if considering stand-alone product, you better buy MITO Smart watch, it’s a phone with watch-like figure but the design is hideous!!! The low price is quite a consideration though (circa $9).

2nd reason is I don’t need notifications or alerts. I have cell-phone for that. I don’t need to be interrupted or bothered by notifications when I’m at the gym (as if I ever go there ^_^) or when I do something else. 3rd reason is battery life, iPod nano can withstood 24 hour playback of mp3 and circa week life cycle (OK, mine is already damaged, only last 2 days, maybe the battery leaks). 4th reason is the fact that it has many accessories and doesn’t need to be a watch (could be a clip or anything you need). 5th reason is this thing is COOL (subjective I know), even if this thing run out of battery, it’s still one hell of a wristband he he.

Kinda hard to move while listening to music
Kinda hard to move while listening to music

So, to sum it all, I love this iPod nano. It offers me everything I ever need (at this given moment though), mp3 player, FM radio, USB with 16 GB memory, fitness feature (that I probably never used ^_^) that can be used as a watch or fashion accessory. There are some drawbacks like battery life and no Bluetooth support (pain in the ass to hear music while use it as a watch) but I really glad I bought it. True that this is not a smart watch but looking all the cons I mentioned earlier, smart watch is a gimmick not a necessity, I rather buy an analog watch with elegant designed rather than this futuristic watch (OK, some smart watch are beautiful but majority doesn’t), hence I bought this instead ^_^.

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