My Imaginary Friend is Better Than Yours

People believe, thought Shadow. It’s what people do. They believe. And they will not take responsibility for their beliefs; they conjure things, and do not trust the conjurations. People populate the darkness; with ghost; with gods, with electrons, with tales. People imagine, and people believe; and it is that belief, that rock-solid belief, that makes things happen.

American Gods – Neil Gaiman

First, I admit that I’m not in any way, a religious person. I once called as an Atheist, my nickname on college is Adit-iblis (devilish Adit) but probably I’m an agnostic at my core, a freelance monotheist trying to find the “right” one (which actually very subjective and personal). But that is then this is now, now I’m trying to live my life as a “good” Moslem, according to me though ^_^. So, have I found the “right” one, the “right” God? In a short version…kind of.

aZxrXBn_460sSure it sounds silly but growing up in this cesspool of universe called life on earth, learning things that sometimes we shouldn’t know, interacting with others, or any other experience we encounter in life will make you realize that nothing is as it seems to be. There is always something, either hidden or just ignored or probably the answer already there we just don’t realize or deny it or waiting to be discover. Maybe innocence lost, maybe it’s rite of passage but just like Kurt Cobain said, there are no such thing as virgin, life f*#k us all. Doubts are the proof that we use our head and not blindly embrace something, but rather accept it with compromise and sacrifice. Especially if you live in families that embrace religion diversity like mine (though we have our bickering here and there).

True that almost everyone, since I’m probably an exception but maybe I’m not the only one, will say that their belief is the best, the most righteous, etc and pluralism is bad. Well, it’s normal to have pride or almost blind faith to what we believe but I think it would be more important to have some room to respect others belief, way of life, etc. We can’t judge people for what they choose to believe, we never walk their path, live their life or wear their shoes so we don’t have the capability to comprehend or judge them. To make it short, treat others just as you like to be treated and honestly, it’s OK to be judgmental as long as you can keep an open mind (that’s the hard part). After all, every religion will teach you to be kind to others, respect them, again, pluralism. Your belief doesn’t make you a good person, your attitude is.

awKB0VD_460s_v2Unfortunately, most people didn’t understand the concept of pluralism or respecting others just like they want to be treated. Most people doesn’t understand there is a possibility of win-win solution, people prefer “my way or the highway”, “it’s not enough to succeed, others must fail”, “kill or be killed”, etc. I guess the main idea is “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”.

aObVYny_460sSounds like a believer or puritan is dangerously potential threat while being atheist is not right? Well, some atheist is a douche bag that view religious people as stupid and ignorant. Even an atheist-idea could be borderline psycho, like shooting incident in North Carolina. A pro-atheist (not an atheist but he disrespecting every religion) shoot and killed 3 Islam students just because parking issue (or maybe this is hate crime? We never know since Islam is a minority there and stuff like this is sensitive and some prefer to remain hidden). This is a proof that every belief if taken too far will be “dangerous” so please use your brain.

aP4RxrP_460s_v1If you read some of Nietzsche thought when he declared “God is dead”, it’s not literally he is an atheist, he still believe in savior theory, ubermensch, and that is what most religion taught, you will be saved if you embrace the teaching. He said that because he thought that the concept of God is abused, OK created, by people with the train of taught that God, as an omnipotent sentient being is cannot be reasoned with, you can’t compared or denied it thus everyone is obliged to obey God, and thus ended the era of primus interpares or ubermensch or superman where the best or strongest individual ruled the others and replaced by priest, guru, etc (same $hit – different day or same song but different artist, it’s all about power basically). This people abused the concept of God for their own interest, like how the church sold forgiveness coupon for people in order for people to be forgiven by God. Thus he declared God is dead.

Blind faith, ignorance, this train of thought is dangerous and in some way, addicting, shackling people and deny progress, just like drugs. That’s why most people believe it’s OK to kill or others in the name of God. That’s why most battle or war always attaching religion so people won’t asking why, it’s dogmatic, the will of God or some crap like that.

a33ZYx8_460s_v1Some people became atheist because they think that there’s no such thing as God, God is a concept created by primitive people to reassure them that everything will be OK or everything happens for a reason (while the reason is probably because you f%#ked up, made stupid decision). Just like imaginary friend or figure that always watching and taking care of things, the most merciful & powerful being.

Sounds too good to be true for some people, especially atheist or cynical people (don’t forget that behind every cynical person lies a disappointed man), like a bedtime story that people tell just to make their kids feel safe & sound (even if all the fact shows otherwise). Science discovery also made some belief to be “shaken” since all the facts are doesn’t align well with religious teaching (some people deny the fact that dinosaur exist since the bible doesn’t mentioned it, or creation theory doesn’t go well with big bang theory though there is a resemblance if you connect the dot ^_^).

In the old days, scientist is condemned and considered to be heathen or sacrilegious. Most scientists in the old days are forced to acknowledge the truth that church embrace (such as earth is flat and earth is the center of the universe, etc). That’s why some people view religion as an oppressing, shackling institution rather than salvation.

If you try to connect the dot like I do, there are some red line that connects science and religion, so why just don’t try to make peace of it? I usually do what I always do, take the good and leave the bad. Simple. Or just another way, instead of forcing everyone to be “the same”, why we just don’t accept that we’re all different and it’s OK? We need each other to complete or accomplish what we can’t do.

4772383_460s_v1Nothing last forever, even religion. History taught us how people from time to time worship different God depends on the situations. Once we just worship animism & dynamism, then polytheist and then monotheist, and so on and so on. So every time a new religion appears (with the new God usually), the old gods and religion (probably the priest and institution that symbolize it) usually resisting to fade away, basically everything in this world is about power, not God, not religion. Religion or God is just another excuse to wage war against “others”. It’s about power that we afraid that if we let other religion expanding, our common worshiper will be decreased or even convert to other faith, we just make it religious just so people won’t ask why though it’s basically about power and territorial (like in Indonesia, as a majority of Moslem inhabitant, it’s easy to built a mosque but try to ask permission to built a church or temple, you’ll find how hard it is to built and expanding your religion he he).

aVWvA4O_460sEven if there’s no such thing as God or religion, I bet people will continue to war and kills each other. That’s how people live. History of humanity is history of war. That’s how we progress, we built our future on top of the deceased or abandoned culture before us. Maybe at the moment people will worship science as their God or something. Hell, some people probably worship internet as their God! We worship what gave us power, like media or even satanic ritual if you believe it.

aRP0EOQ_460s_v1So, back to the idea of pluralism, that religion is personal, it’s about relation of certain individual with his/her belief. If you acknowledge human rights than you should respect someone’s choice of religion (even if it means that a person can worship a car or even someone else). Like I mentioned earlier, I am a Moslem, not a good one but I try to be a noble, good man and treat others as I love to be treated with. Not because of it’s what God or my religion teach, or if I do it I will get to heaven someday, but because that is the right thing to do, maybe some sort of noble savage type of guy, but with Islam as my code of ethic or honor he he.aGVvEvn_460s

To fight over religion is, in my opinion, is like arguing who have better imaginary friend. It’s like try to decide which one is better, Batman or Superman, IOS or android, etc. Just pick one and let other pick what they want and as long as we don’t annoy or bug each other, just be it that way. Or maybe war is just another Darwin evolution or survival of the fittest that will show who survived at the end. Just let it be I guess he he.

War of the Gods ^_^
War of the Gods ^_^

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