Reality Bites. Pacman vs Mayweather Afterthought

I admit that I don’t watch Pacman vs Mayweather last Sunday, not because I don’t like boxing but because it’s Mayweather. Why? Well, if you don’t like boxing, that’s a common question but if you do you’ll know how Mayweather fight (I’ll explain later on). Sure he will fight Pacman the guy who always been people’s champion but I predict Mayweather will win (and sadly I’m right).

So, first thing you should know is that Mayweather is an arrogant, asshole, prick and douche bag as a person, yet he remain undefeated, that’s one fact no one can argue or deny (even if it’s controversial for some) and Pacquiao A.K.A. Pacman as I mentioned before, people’s champion, humble down to earth person. No wonder most people will prefer Pacman to defeat Mayweather.

Funny I admit ^_^
Funny I admit ^_^

You all see the result, Mayweather won with a unanimous decision. The crowd is against this. People protest using meme or any other outlet that available but the fact remains the same. Mayweather still undefeated. This is a big blow for everyone in general, they will hate the fact that Pacman, the people’s champion, the man who fight with such intensity and fighting spirit can lost to a guy who seems just like running & hugging in all match. Most people will see that Pacman is more suitable to win because it “seems” that he always attacking while Mayweather is just dodging, evading, hugging, etc.

I admit again that I’m not an expert in boxing but I will try to explain why my from the start I predicted that Mayweather will win the match. Mayweather is a boxer while Pacman is a fighter. Pacman will rush forward and fight while Mayweather will use his “skill” (depends on what you think as skill), tactics & brain to outwit and outnumbering his odds. Pacman is a simple fighter, he beat the crap of anyone he faces with his fist, his stamina, his raw power. Mayweather is a different breed, he climb to the top using his brain and skill. You can see from the result of their opponent face after the match.

See? Mayweather is tricky but effective
See? Mayweather is tricky but effective

Mayweather use every inch of the ring to his advantage, every hugging to stop Pacman waves of attack, every punch he throws counts, he even use his left hand to measure their distance and most of the time to throw punches (that counts) while Pacman as I mentioned before, throws punches like it’s all that he got. If Pacman wants to win, he must KO’ed Mayweather because if he can’t, well like I predicted, Mayweather will won.

Is it a fair match? I don’t have the competency to tell it. People will complains that Mayweather cheats. He fight in America, his hometown, using every perks he could use (like deciding when to do weight measuring, drug test, deciding the venue, etc) but if you ask me, Mayweather won because he is a slick, cunning, deadly snake, a type of boxer that I hate to watch but hard to beat.

Why people are so upset with the result? I guess because deep down inside, most people considering Pacman as their ideal hero, the humble man who climb from the bottom to reach the top, the reflection of most people dream to reach the top while Mayweather (the arrogant prick) is everything they hate, the opposite. That’s why deep down people wish Pacman will won the fight, he represent common people in David vs Goliath battle, the underdog hero. People don’t prepare when reality bites and resulted not the way they expected.

People believe that their faith, that hard work can accomplish anything, that you can reach the top if you just try and believe, that miracle can happen, and all of that vanished with the lost of Pacman, even Pacman himself feels that he won knowing that Mayweather just “running” around the ring. But the cold hard fact remain the same, he lost.

I guess it’s the hard way to learn that life is unfair. Seriously, if it’s fair, the king of the jungle will be elephant, the biggest animal not the lion or the donkey who work their ass of should be the king. You can’t expect the lion won’t eat you just because you don’t eat him, that’s not how the world works. Just like a test that determine whether you pass the school that somehow makes all of the learning process you have seems nothing, useless if you failed the test.

Unfortunately, sometimes you can't
Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t

IMG_1414Most people will blame everyone, everything but themselves. It’s a victim mentality. They won’t take the responsibility for their (failed) action. We should be a player, person that takes responsibility of everything that happened to us rather than blame someone else. Take a lesson from it so we will be better next time. Just like Bruce Lee said, don’t pray for easy life but pray for the strength to endure the difficult one. Life will never be better, we must be better.

You can say that Mayweather is lucky, but being lucky also is also a skill you have to develop (just try to be lucky in 12 rounds against Pacman!). Try to see from his point of view. It’s hard to brag but proves that you worth it. He is successful in doing it. It’s hard to be him, without support from people (everyone hates him), he have the burden to prove that he as good as he bluffing to be.

Not easy win if you ask me
Not easy win if you ask me

One thing I learn from boxing that probably can’t be applied in real boxing (3 KO is lost) is, no matter how many time you fall, you have to get up, that’s how winning is done. Just like the famous quote from Batman Begins “Why do we fall Master Bruce? So we can learn to fix ourselves up”. Even if reality bites, the fight still not over if you learn to pick yourselves up. I hope Pacman can do a rematch and have different result though it seems unlikely. And if you try to look from other point of view, Mayweather somehow survived 12 rounds of fighting Pacman. Guess he also fall and pick himself in some way.

Life it's a game for some people
Life is a game for some people

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