Another Chapter, A New Adventure

On my last blog I wrote about how I have to sell my old trusty car to a new one. Kind of hard but it’s a rite of passage I guess. So here is my newest addition to the family, the big Grey. Sure he isn’t as agile or as fast as trusty old Red but he will do just fine. His machine still in good condition and the only complaint I have is the fact that his tape / radio is broken but I guess I can love with it, I have iPod and cell phone for music ha ha.

Introducing big Grey ^_^
Introducing big Grey ^_^

Well, you can say that this is me & my ride “the new adventure”, some sort of sequel to me & my old trusty Red. As far as sequel go, probably this will be same old brand new song ha ha. Sort of sequel that probably offering “all filler, no killer” but I guess that how life is in general.

True that sequel tends to get suck but sometimes it happens because our expectation is way too much. It’s not like that we have to lowered our standard but we have to realize that everything has its own purpose, has a different role, that’s why we can’t compare anything equally. It’s not apple to apple comparison, even if it’s specifically the same thing. If I trade my trusty Red with an exact same car, the feeling won’t be the same.

Like I wrote on my last blog, change is inevitable. No matter how hard we try to fight it, it won’t matter. Sometimes we just have to let “it” slide. If you religious, you have to believe that God have another plan for you, might be a better one, if you’re not than you have to accept that sometime you can’t have it all, sometime you win sometime you lose and maybe it’s because you screwed up ha ha (sorry for being sarcastic about atheism).

So, I guess I learn something here, something that probably can be applied to another aspect of my life. Life goes on, this world we living in is not a paradise, but we can make the most of what we have, and what we can achieve later on. The past can never be erased, but we can start something new right from when we decide to start. And I will try to write a new chapter with big Grey, a new memory, a new story. And about life as sequel that suck? You have to try to see your life later on. I always thought my life suck but as I looking back, those stupid things, stupid decision, tragic event, everything will be a sweet story you can tell to the next generation as bad example or lesson. Funny how things remain the same but when you looking back you’ll realize how things change. I guess I have to wait and see what life has to offer for me in the future he he.


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