LoveWins? Against What?

Me recently
Me recently

You probably realize that recently USA legalizes homosexual marriage and it makes quite a big splash although Europe already acknowledged it earlier such as Netherlands (welcome to the new age for USA I guess?). Then suddenly everyone went banana as if we’re all LGBT and celebrate it, of course for everything in this world, there will always be 2 sides of every coin, a pro and contra. I guess this “hullabaloo” almost divide everyone into either you’re pro or against it.

Unfortunately, not everyone aware of what this “equality” really means or it’s implication, most people just caught up in it’s euphoric atmosphere, with hash tag on tweeter proclaim #LOVEWINS, LGBT rights, equality, etc. I guess the media itself also to blame since everyone jumped on this bandwagon and make such big fuzz of it (try open Facebook or other social apps and see how everyone is celebrate it.

What's with this creature???
This is bencong

So far I looked like someone who against this “equality” right? In some way, YES me against it. It against my religion teaching, it against my personal belief, etc, and I’m not even homophobic (I have this “spider sense” and I get freaked out when I encounter bencong, a derivative, derogatory, half @$$ process of man who want to become women just to make money in Indonesia, I afraid I can’t explain what the hell is bencong to my soon to be born son he he). I have friends that are gay and I don’t mind, it’s the debauchery of grotesque celebration that annoy me.

I believe that homosexual isn’t natural despite what people say. Its natural for every creature to maintain the existence of their species, that’s why we mate, to reproduce and maintain the existence of our species and homosexual are not (unless human is hermaphrodite like some animal), maybe its natural process to decrease our heavily densely population on earth (let heterosexual reproduce while homo take care of the unwanted child ha ha). My religion taught me that everything comes in pair such as day-night, good-bad, men-women, like magnet with positive-negative side. Just like God created Adam & Eve not Adam & Steve (pun intended).

True though
True though

Most LGB (I have some “phobic” for T) I know is a good person who didn’t want to provoke anyone else to embrace their belief, unlike these celebration of equality he he. I mean, I know this thing can be called equal since everyone has a right to be “acknowledged” by others, and like I said, I don’t hate homosexual even though it against my belief, what annoys me is, like I mentioned earlier, the debauchery of grotesque celebration that makes me think as if the next step is to legalize inter-species sex maybe, knowing most people prefer pet than human ha ha.

I mean, love wins they say. Against what exactly? Religion? Human law? Or in my personal opinion, against logic? The euphoria is so ecstatic that the rumor has it that gay couple in USA wants to legalize their relation, even those who just barely knew each other. I guess it’s not love wins but rather divorce lawyer wins, I can’t wait to see those divorce lawyer handling the rise up of divorce after these event he he.

aLBB6Rz_460sEven some people say that US senate blows this out of proportion, in conjunction with media, to distract people from TPP law. What is that? Check the link he he. I guess it’s the same in every country, we all need a good spin doctor or distraction from the real issue. OK, I state that homosexual will make human extinct, but in the most aggravated cynical way though, Netherlands as one of the earliest country that legalize homosexual don’t have population problem.

And what if more & more people became LGBT? I guess that’s the way it is. Maybe it’s a sign of judgment day or anything, maybe that’s how human evolve. Who are we to deny nature’s course. Just like quote from Doom the movie, which you can interpret anyway you want it, “Kill ‘em all. Let God sort them afterward”. Just enjoy the ride, the euphoria, if it’s the way it meant to be, no matter how we deny it, it will happen.

Well, then again, I might be a secular guy that divided my relationship with God, but I’m gonna say it again, I’m not homophobic. If you are LGBT that just want lo live in peace without provoking, influencing, etc others to join you, I give you my utmost proper respect. We all want to live. Period. I leave Eminem quote that told me exactly how I feel regarding this issue. Please don’t blow it out of proportion.



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