Last Wednesday, on 15th of July my son, Alundra Etzelquin Prathomo was born and I admit I was cried when he was born (hopefully a manly tear he he). This was one of the most amazing things in my so called life. I’m very proud of him and to my wife also, she risking her life to gave birth to our little champion.

Our son with my wife and me ^_^

After the buzz, hyped, or any kind of hysteria that happened is a little bit passed, I realize that now I have a very big responsibility to fill to my wife and my son. It’s scary since I can’t even figuring out my own life but now I have to lead my wife and son but I guess God (if you believe in that concept) trusted me with Alundra for a reason, I hope I could live up to the challenge of being a good father for him.


Alundra also made me realize that play time is over, it’s time to grow up or to be easier to comprehend, and it’s time to progressing, advancing to the next level, to know that I have to be a mature individual, a role model or even a hero to my son.

Right in the feel
Right in the feel

If you are a pessimist, it’s a sign of time to know that your time is almost over. It’s time for the next generation to take over, to pass our torch to them, but before it happened it’s our responsibility to nurture, to guide, and to teach the next generation.

If there’s one thing that I learn from my parent about parenting, is the fact that children have their own course, their own path, their own rite of passage, even if they are our protégé, our pupil. They have their own fate, their own story that no parent can control, we just have to prepare them for what the future has on its store for them, for they are belong to the future, not belong to us the past. We just have to give them the preparation and the equipment to tackle the challenges up ahead.

I hope that Alundra can see me not as figure of superior, an authority, or even a superhero but rather as a man with flaws, a mentor, a friend, a parent, or to be exact to be a place he could come home to, to ask to or a shelter, somebody who always be there for him. So he wont’ have any doubt to ask me, to come to me every time he have problem. I hope he realized that we all just bunch of idiots trying to figuring out about life, and together we can progress onward to a better tomorrow together.

Wow, I can’t wait to see what he will become. I hope I can prepare him for the future and I hope I won’t be disappointed at me as I won’t be disappointed at him. My life, my dream and my future is passed on him. I hope I will be good father for you Alundra my protégé.

I always be there for you son
I always be there for you son

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