Loyalty, Devotion & Individuality Nowadays

My boss once told me, put your loyalty and dedication to your job, not your company, not your boss but to your job. That’s what professional is all about he said. Nice one I might say but deep down inside I know that it’s pure bull $hit. Why? Because I believe that your job won’t define you, your religion doesn’t make you a good person, your income even sometimes doesn’t qualified you as a success person (some people prefer that success graded from how good he provide his/her family). I’m sounded like such an infidel guy that doesn’t believe in loyalty, devotion or even faith right? Let me break it down to you about my view regarding these things.


We live in modern age, an industrial age, we live at times where everything is easily replaced by something newer, better, younger, more updated or upgraded. This condition made us, people as an asset, a capital rather than resource, just like in my company the once called Human Resource is replaced by Human Capital. We, the people, are nothing but replaceable things, just intern / outsource employee or worse, like office utility.

Most of you probably heard about Iker Cassilas story, ex Real Madrid goal keeper, a legend, player that dedicates 25 years of his life for his team is being “cast out” or “exiled” by Real Madrid. Almost everyone, even Real Madrid rival, Barcelona players also comments that Casillas deserved a better good bye, more proper farewell party rather than just business as usual transfer but hey, welcome to industrial age my friend, we all are just a replaceable parts. Or maybe that’s how people treat goal keeper, I mean, goal keeper actually is an alien among their team, they play with different rules (using hand), using different uniform than their team mates and under-appreciated.

exploit him than dispose him
exploit him than dispose him

Modern days made us, individual or to be exact individuality, obsolete. To make the progress easier or to make things simpler, individual is being classified into stereotypes, simply put, modern days kills individuality. This is probably Marxism dream came true, capitalism that being corrupted into socialism where justice replaced by equality. One thing people tend to forgot, there’s no such thing as equal, we all born different, unique with our vices and virtues so any attempts to create equality is pointless because in order to do so, we some superior or inferior have to be “adjusted” to fit into standard. But I guess people have that “if we all special, then no one are special” set of mind.

Sure individuality refuse to just die and fight back to bring diversity and uniqueness, but for some, is just a vague, futile effort. Just like android user claim to be different than iOS user, but deep down we all just use available theme that the company offer. True that some try to overwrite, root and hack but is the product they use stable and safe? They constantly patching it, just like authorized product always upgrading, same $hit different day.

So, what could we do? Just accept the fact that we all just born to die? To live, work, pay bills and just dead? I guess the answer also found in the individuality it self. I mean, no matter how futile the effort is, what matter most is what the individual felt for him or her self. If the effort matters to them, it matters! Even if the world or anyone else branded it as futile or useless. Maybe it’s like illusion of grandeur but if you believe in God or religion, this world, this material world is nothing but a transition to a better place in nirvana or heaven he he

Maybe when my boss told me to put loyalty to our job is a way to say that no matter how replaceable we are, at least we have the pride to say that we do a damn good job no matter what our company judge us. It also makes us easier to accept how insignificant we are to the company.

I guess it all comes down to individuality, and also family and humanity values. Our company won’t give a damn if we are lost, dead, etc. But our family will miss us, mourn us. That’s why I guess it comes down to priority, to know which one matter the most. Damn this blog makes me want to resign after my contract with my company is over. I hope I could get a job that will make me have quality time with my family.


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