Let The Apocalypse Come

Well, I really love zombie movies, maybe I already wrote a blog about this but I always fascinated by the idea of zombie. If you ask me, zombie is a symbolization of our society, a mindless sheep, a community that aim for one goal, sync in harmony. Yes, I have a very dark imagination & twisted mind, but if you think about it, zombie is human being without free will, without emotion or feeling, maybe a soulless being and the more you think about it, the lesser or more blurry the line that separate zombie from human, since we already kinda like zombie that only exist not live a life he he.

Just give a second thought, people that agree that zombie-apocalypse should happen are actually bunch of people that fed up with society, jaded individual that had enough of this world that they prefer to live in zombie-apocalypse though honestly those people, including me, won’t survive long in that world and probably will become zombie eventually. But still we don’t mind he he.

Recently I watch Kingsman: The Secret Service, movie adaptation from comic book that also tells the story about the antagonist, a philanthropist that decided that there are too many people in this world and people is like a virus. There are only two options, to kill the virus or let the virus won and take over the host, the result is the same, either the host is dead along with the virus or kills the virus. Thus he created a program embedded in every cell phone that when activated will triggered human aggression resulted in chaos since every human will try to kills other and in the end, he hope, only a few chosen people will live in the new world to build a new society.

One of this year best movie
One of this year best movie

Another version of how fed up we are is where some people, including me said the world needs another world war so we can shape a new world from the cradle and the ashes of the old one, since reformation or evolution need more time and the result is sometimes not as we expected, we need revolution, or at the very least a new plague to control population. Either the result not like we expected, we will see it fast, swift and cold-hard truth, no delay at the very least.


So, what does all that signs show you? If you ask me that shows how fed up we are regarding this current situation we live in. How society treats us, how the world works, how people judge each other, etc. I admit that I’m sort of sick individual, but if more and more people agree with me, how twisted our society is?

True that easier to blame everyone but ourselves but if you take a look around you’ll notice how sick our society is, how petty and pathetic our value is, how we live in decades of decadent. Don’t believe me? Well, either you live a sheltered life or just ignorant (which is a bliss somehow), take a look of who is our idol now? Not man of values, honor, virtue, hard-worker or tenacity but rather than man of leisure, famous people who are “famous for being famous” like Kim Kardashian, what is she exactly do to achieve stardom? Oh, sex tape he he (she really makes someone like Paris Hilton a better person if you ask me, at least Paris is not a social climber, just born rich ha ha).

Or how people defending their idol even if the fact show otherwise, his/her idol is a scum of the earth but they blinded their eyes and believe their idol is perfect (Justin Bieber everyone?). I rather defending Lance Armstrong even if he did cheats using drug to enhance his performance (OK, I put my blinded faith like Justin Bieber fans do and said, hey, Lance won Tour de France while using drug, I can’t even walk or stand straight when I’m on drug ^_^). I guess faith is a very dangerous thing and easily misguided he he.

Honestly I have no idea why the concept of judgment day is so compelling for most people. I always thought that even people who wants to go to heaven don’t want to die but I guess I was wrong, lots of people kinda hoped judgment day will come because this world is already too broke beyond repair (lots of traditional value is tainted or corrupted, like killing or hurting others in the name of religion, legalization of gay marriage as act of equality, law can’t protect us but it sure can punish us, etc).

7006230_460s_v3I guess judgment day, concept of heaven and hell is what most people considered as fair. In this world, there will never be equality or fair or justice, like in war, most casualties is the so-called innocence, woman and children. Concept of end of days, judgment day is somehow reassuring there will be justice and fair, everyone will be accounted, judged, punished or even rewarded for each and every action they did in this world. No wonder this is what most jaded people hope for.

Am I actually one of those jaded people? Well, as a pessimist I’m quite an optimist. It’s not like I said that this world is fair, because it’s never is. It’s hard to be a decent person in such an indecent time where chivalry is considered dead, good deed is considered as suspicious act, where wrong things that everyone else doing is considered OK.

I just don’t care what people say or think, I just do what I think is right, even if that means I will be on opposite of majority, or I will be pushed aside or being a misfit. I think what is lost in most people is their values, their identity. People just trying to hard to fit in, to be accepted by others even if it means they sell their soul or lost their identity.

Back to the topic about end of days, judgment day or apocalypse, I probably don’t care if it will come or not. It’s not like I’m sure that I will went to heaven (I probably went straight to hell and they greet me with red carpet and royal treatment ^_^). I guess we have just to wait and see it coming, is it will be divine intervention or just the cause of our action that bring the sustainability environment to the end. Whatever will be will be, que sera sera, bring it on ^_^. Hopefully apocalypse will bring justice to everyone ha ha.



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