Not Everyone Destined For Greatness

I just watch The Big Bang Theory recently, I watched an episode where Leonard is cleaning Professor Abbot office. Professor Abbot just passed away and Leonard is helping to clean his office. There he saw all of Professor Abbot researches, works and basically all of his life (he literally gave his life to science and teaching) and the so-called accomplishment just flushed away as if all of it just nothing, Just some futile effort.

As if he didn’t exist

Leonard and me somehow realized that sadly, probably this is just most people will encounter, the fact that we are “nothing” just another people in this world. Some people have the privilege or their right to be immortalized, to be remembered as a great person while everyone else is just…nothing. Not everyone is destined for greatness, most people will be just a mediocre or worse, nothing.

I’ll be the first to admit that not everyone destined for greatness, some people either just stand on the sideline as spectator or be the defeated side. There can be only one, like they said, the winner stands alone, at the top where he/she can look down and see how far they come and how many people they beat to achieve where he/she is now. I also the first to say that there are trophies that we can’t achieve no matter how hard we try, no matter how hard we pray something aren’t meant for us.

So, we just accept defeat and don’t even bother to try? Well, in my religion, Islam, we were taught to do the best, the hardest, our most all-out attack effort to reach something, and after you give your all, leave the rest to God. If it meant for you, it will be yours, if it not, you’ll get something else. So, some people just settle for the substitute or second best? Well, it depends on your point of view, I was taught that God works in mysterious way, and something like blessing in disguise its how God works. My friend once told me God works in 3 ways regarding our prayers, first he made it come true. Second, he wait until the right time to fulfill that prayer or the last one, he will give you something better than your prayer.

I know its sounds bullshit and too good to be true, but since I know that a want is not a need and usually we never knew what we really needed, I guess that theory sounds applicable or even reassuring knowing that (if you believe in God) someone is watching and care for you, pick the best one for you. But hey, we never know what we got till it’s gone, we never knew what we need till we met or try it.

Back to the greatness part, so let’s just say that not everyone is destined for greatness, so is it meant that God thinks we don’t “deserve” or good enough to be great? Maybe, but like I mentioned earlier that God pick another route for greatness for us, just not the one that we set our eyes at first.

And just like not everyone has what it takes to be great, maybe we don’t have what it takes to be great. We just saw the end result of how someone is great, how he became the champion. We never knew all the hard work and sacrifice they give in order to be where they are now. At the moment I work as a managerial job in a Bank and even just as my current job as assistant manager level, I already felt that I don’t have enough time for myself, even worse, for my family. I go to work early in 5:30 AM and went home at 8:00 PM. I don’t have time to have a healthy relationship or bonding with my new born baby, my wife, I don’t even have time to enjoy my hobby. What about people on my above level? I think after my contract is over I will resign and find other job, at least not a company where values people to do overtime (I mean, usually if people do overtime there are 2 possibilities, either the job is too much or he don’t have the capacity to do his job, but at my company, overtime is aligned with achievement).


So, maybe I don’t have what it takes to be a director or CEO (at least at my current company) but I don’t mind. I prefer to be a mediocre at job, not rich enough for some people but I have enough time for myself, my family and enjoy life. I guess I prefer to middle class worker but I have the privilege to see my son grew to be a man, to hear his first word, his first step, or to see how happy my wife to see him doing all the thing that make us happy ha ha. It’s a magical moment that can happen only once and I’m afraid I might miss it.

Come to think of it, that magical moment (even how personal it may be and differ from others) is what truly matters to me. That moment is the greatness that I wanted or even needed. Maybe I’m not destined for greatness in society’s standard but at least I know that moment meant everything to me. Maybe I realize that my life (hopefully everyone’s life) is made of every little, tiny, petty, sometimes underrated things that made life worthwhile, like singing in the rain, eating tasty food, finishing video game, or even trip with family. I don’t care if I can’t touch the sky or something if I can see my son happy I’m happy and that might feel more than touch the sky. I guess that tiny victories made life worthwhile. Not everyone is destined for greatness, and it’s OK. I guess the time my son was born, I know that my time is about to enter “dusk” and I have to prepare my son for what the future has in it’s store for him. Like passing a torch to him on relay race marathon.

All my hope, dream & everything is for you now ^_^
All my hope, dream & everything is for you now ^_^

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