Xender, Nice App to Transfer Data & Maintain Your Device Memory, Even on iOS

I update this on 29th of January 2016 because there’s a substantial update to the app.

Most iPhone user usually facing the same dilemma, their phone memory is running out of space, especially if they install social media or chat app, those apps really consuming phone memory fast. Oh, don’t forget Google’s chrome, that darn app is eating RAM like wildfire burning down the whole forest. Unfortunately, iPhone doesn’t have external memory, and to make things worse, it’s hard to transfer data on iOS device, even between iOS device. I guess iOS is a very self contained device that limited what the user can share (even to get image, video or music iOS user have to use itunes) or made it’s user have to use other means of transferring data. iOS even don’t have USB on the go (USB OTG) option to save our memory ha ha.

Many apps and developer tried to overcome this issue. Some take the extreme way, jailbreak their iPhone, which is if you ask me, once you try to jailbreak you’ll realize iPhone full potential that IMHO, better than android (because all the restriction is taken off. You can download YouTube right on the spot, play mp3 or video straight from the media player, without using itunes, use gesture such as tap to wake, etc). But some people like me like to play safe, we just hoping that someone will find a way to make iPhone more “open” to transfering data and play media.

Not practical to say the least
Not practical to say the least

Recently, some developer finds a way to save iPhone memory with some hybrid USB OTG for iOS device. Unfortunately, this isn’t the same USB OTG experience as in android device, you have to install an app in order to find the media you to transfer, even some file or media can only be played in that app (like music and video played by quicktime player). And don’t forget the price, for an USB OTG it’s damn expensive (compared to android that can be bought for $1, bootleg though, but it works ^_^).

Some people will ask, do we really need USB OTG or external media if we just use iPhone simply as a phone and social media app? Maybe they don’t but transfer data via itunes is tiresome. Me personally, I need something to transfer photos that I take with my trusted Olympus PEN E-PL1, an old camera with no modern means of transferring data, no bluetooth, NFC or Wi-Fi, just old reliable USB cable. In case I was on a photo hunt or holiday and bring my camera, I can’t directly transfer my photos. I guess I was doomed.

This is on iPhone, limited but still awesome
This is on iPhone, limited but still awesome
Open the App on android, see how many options there!!
Open the App on android, see how many options there!!

But then something hits me, people use iPhone and Go Pro all this time. iPhone can connect with Go Pro as a viewfinder or remote control, even transferring data (with an app that is), hence the idea there has to be an app to transferring iPhone data. After small research I found there are 2 apps that able to do this (there are more but thiese 2 have more good review on the net), Fotoswipe and Xender or Zapya. I dismiss fotoswipe since the name imply that it can only transfer photo (I don’t dig deep into it) so I install xender, and it works like a charm. So I don’t try Zapya because the app size is bigger than xender.

Believe it or not, using xender is almost the same as using USB OTG for iPhone, you candirectly transfer image but to play media or data you only can play it on the app. It’s still more comfortable than having USB OTG stuck on your iPhone just to hear music he he.

They're connected and ready to send some data
They’re connected and ready to send some data
Just connect it to iPhone via Wi-Fi tethering
Just connect it to iPhone via Wi-Fi tethering

So now I just have to buy bootleg USB OTG for android, transfer my camera’s photo there and transfer the data from my android phone. Seems tiresome? It’s still easier than have to use itunes he he. I highly recommended this app. Try it. If you’re an android user, it can even transfer app to other phone, folder, even zipped one, and best of all, it doesn’t consume your internet data or quota, it’s free. I use my Xpera ZL android as standby phone (with no internet connection, 2G mode) and connected it with iPhone 5s and I’m totally satisfied with this “temporary” solution (hopefully later on iPhone can be as open as android or at lest have lesser restriction to transfer data).

image, video, song, pdf, you can send it & use it right on the app
image, video, song, pdf, you can send it & use it right on the app
Playing song on the app. Can't be moved to itunes sadly
Playing song on the app. Can’t be moved to itunes sadly

Here I attached some image of files that can be received by xender. As I mentioned before, you can received any kind of file but due to apple restrictions, so far only image file that can be directly sent to photo album. Other image such as video, music, office file (xls, doc, pdf, ppt, etc) can only be seen on the app it self. Still kinda cool though, knowing my iPhone is becoming more “friendly” & opened to sent & received data from other phone. I highly recommended it, simple and easy and it’s free ^_^.

Recently, there’s an update of Xender in the iTunes that make a very substantial improvement for this app. Now you can open browser right from Xender app, it has options such as, Google, Yahoo mail, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, YouTube or any other file that usually you can only do in android (such as downloading illegal mp3, downloading video, yes including porn in 3gp if you prefer that). Basically this makes iPhone almost as open as android. So again, I highly recommended this app for everyone that wants to share data / document with others.

Touch the globe on bottom right
And save EVERYTHING on iPhone



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