Pleasure, Leisure and Boredom, Agents of Changes

IMG_2219Recently, I found an USB lying on the ground at Rawa Buntu Train Station, 16 GB USB drive. I picked up at the knick of time when my train will be leaving the station, thus I can’t give that USB to the security or anyone in charge (I give it to the officer after I went home), maybe someone else in dire need of what inside it. Out of curiosity, I checked what inside that USB, just to see how important that is (I know it’s not right but it’s tempting ^_^).

Well, first thing first, when the product, USB first came out, I only use it a container to doing my paper work, thus I only need 128 MB but as time goes on I realize that I love to copy song from my friend thus I need a bigger drive, and then I love saving movie thus I need more bigger drive to share and save movie. That’s the idea but guess what, not everyone share the same idea. Most people, or in this case male user, use bigger drive to use it for one purpose only, sex, or in this case porn! And that’s exactly what this 16 GB drive I found filled with, almost 6 GB of HD porn ha ha. I can’t wait to see if there’s actually a person who want this USB back and tell the officer that he lost his USB that filled with porn ^_^.

Hardcore baby ^_^
Hardcore baby ^_^

This also makes me realize, or have this conspiracy theory that sex or porn is the main reason why cell phone is getting bigger and bigger. I mean, cell phone used to race to minimize their size but now, bigger phone sells better. I guess when people realize that we can watch porn, do kinky web chat or even internet sex, or selfie, they need bigger screen, thus bigger phone ha ha.

Mobile+phone+evolution_a275d2_5543210People say that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world, that’s almost legitimized how powerful sex really is. Sex sells! Just like humor, if you watch TV or see people all around us, you’ll notice how powerful sex is. Men & Women try to look sexy, there’s a word sex in it. It really sells.

Porn also an early adopter of any advances in technology, especially in leisure and cinematography. Don’t believe it? When action camera is booming (Go Pro, Xiaomi Yi, etc) porn already tested it in their movie, or when drone is launched, porn is one of the early adopter to use it to shoot porn. Even nowadays there’s a kickstarter funding to shoot porn in outer space. Google it if you don’t believe it. Porn is literally an agent of changes.

So, how come porn become agent of changes? Honestly, it’s not like human is such a sex addict that craving for porn (maybe though ^_^) but rather than human basic need and instinct to simplify or make things easier for them, sort of pursuit of happiness is what drives mankind into something (either it’s good or bad we should let history to decide).

That’s also why people in Indonesia say that people from Bandung usually more creative than other city like Jakarta, Medan, etc but in this case I’d like to compare it specifically to Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia. Arguably, Bandung is smaller in size compared to Jakarta therefore people don’t waste their life at the road, thus they have more time for themselves, the cold weather also brings the ambience for people to contemplating, to think about their life, or they just have more free time to do something out of routine.

Maybe that’s why the so-called artist usually live an unique way of living (according to normal/standard norm). They need to think outside of the box, or maybe thinking without any box whatsoever. That’s why most agent of changes came from these typical state of mind, either they are bored with something, want to please their self more and more (pleasure seeker), and looking for something to simplified their life (leisure). They won’t settle because they know, or at least they wonder “what if” something better is on the way if they do something differently (even if in reality it may go the other way). So, next time you feel something like pleasure, leisure or boredom, it’s your brain try to tell you that you should do something about it.


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