GO-jek vs Ojek, Deeper Analogy than what we thought

GO-jek is forbid in this place warning

In Indonesia there’s a new conflict arise from the grass root area, a schism between traditional ojek (just like informal taxi but with motorcycle, no standard fare but based on bargain) and GO-jek (ojek on demand, internet order via application with standardized fare ojek). GO-jek is quite a sensation because it breaks the barrier and stigma about ojek. The once informal and unsafe mode of transportation is now accessible for people with smart phone (middle to high class people).

Of course people prefer to use GO-jek than traditional ojek. With GO-jek, people doesn’t have to put their wit to the test when bargaining with ojek driver (usually ojek driver rip off people knowing that people usually use ojek as last resort or in an urgent situation that need to be somewhere fast, due to the traffic people choose motorbike for it’s mobility & agility). Not just any people, but middle to high class people who is tech-savy, use smart phone and of course buck-loaded.

The schism went so far that traditional ojek driver even beating up GO-jek driver if they ever came to their “base” (usually a complex, mall or office but still informally). Unfortunately this act of violence only spreading awareness of GO-jek or any other modern ojek existence, thus making people curious and love it even more.

Some people probably just consider it some normal issue about how some people can’t handle the fact that their source of income is being stolen by newer, better, cheaper competitor. But if you look it at another point of view, this is a classic case of sudden shift of wind of change. Sounds like I’m talking nonsense? Let me try to break down my point of view.

I once wrote about adapt or die on my previous blog, about how everything is changing so of we don’t adapt, we will be left behind and left for dead, basic combat triage. This GO-jek thing is a classic example of how people afraid of something they don’t know, fear of changes, fear of being left out. My blog conclusion is somehow it’s OK to not change as long as you embrace the changes, adapt but do not lose our identity. I guess it’s time to review that conclusion, is it withstood the test of time or not.

As everything in life, there are always 2 sides of every story, as if everything in this world created to have it owns counterpart. Night & day, male & female, old & new, life & death, etc. The catch is, either two counterpart will complete each other or destroy each other, just like God of destruction & creation, as if there can be only one or become one, life is not about competition, it’s a full fledge all-out war, kill or be killed, dog eat dog world.

Old vs new are bigger, deeper than most people realize. It’s a symbolic fight between the old established force vs new emerging power. It’s a symbol of change vs the resistance of it, symbol of power & political warfare. Just like when a new religion emerge, the established always feel threatened because they knew people are always longing for something new, that’s why they waging war (and who dare questioned God, or in this case, religion and all of it’s priest).

That’s the case in Gaza, it’s not pure religious reason that Israel & Palestine war and fight each other to claim the right of the holy land. What once a religious reason that can be solved with peace treaty is corrupted by politic, money, etc. Religion is just icing the cake in this war, some people claim that in holy Quran mentioned that this war will never end until the end of days. This is a worst case of old vs new.

Talk about Islam in old vs new case, in Europe there are rising tension and Islam-phobia. Though it happened because most Europe doesn’t understand or know anything about Islam. Islam is portrayed as terrorist, unfortunately ISIS movement encouraged this brand. In my country, Indonesia, Islam is also more & more portrayed as intolerance, violence & filled with bunch of moron worshipper. This moron thinks that in order to be true Islam, they need to destroy local value, create new society while demolish the establish culture. The rising of Islam worshipper, along with portrayal of this “fraction” of Islam worshipper of course makes people scared & threatened.

If you ask me, if you want to know which religion is good for you, read their bible, their book or transcript. Don’t judge or learn religion from their worshipper. Most people argue & fight about religion but using their ego & self comprehension, they just disguise & masquerade it with religion reason to make it more “reasonable”.

This deadly train of thought is unfortunately how the world works, and regarding to changes, either you evolved or die. But honestly, life itself is a bigger laboratory and sometimes, there are always other options, if you just want to seek it. But for now unfortunately we have to settle with this point of view, especially old vs new.

History taught us that trend (in this case, the old vs new) is bound to be repeated itself. That’s why most people keep their old stuff, deep down they know that what once considered as stupid could’ve been cool in another era (like video game, boyband, vinyl, vintage shirt, etc). Or time will tell which one is better or not, at least for you.

Back to GO-jek situation, the consumer will decide which one is better, ojek on demand but have to using application on smart phone or traditional one that you can use anytime you want without extra effort (at least when you saw one on the street ^_^). Me? I prefer GO-jek since I’m not good at bargaining with people, I tend to be abused by them, so standardized fare is better for me, even if I have to do extra effort for it.


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