The Friendzone Myth, Justification for the Coward

Damn right
Damn right

I guess most of you who taste the internet knows the term “friendzone”, some sort of “myth” (or call it anything you want) that somehow became a common believe that if you’re nice, especially to girls or opposite sex, you’ll get into that zone, the notorious friendzone. Thus people believe in order to get the attention, or get laid, you have to be a douche or bitch. Is it true? I guess the image on the left tells you exactly how I felt about it.

You said it’s not fair? It’s not fair because you approach a girl in a friendly way but then that girl choose someone else who isn’t as friendly as you? Then you say that every girls in general attracted to jerk? First, this world is unfair, deal with it. That’s how the world works. If you expect the world is fair because you’re fair is like expecting the enemy soldier doesn’t kill you because you don’t kill him. Sometimes hard work doesn’t get paid, that’s why people say work smart not work hard.

Second, you came as a friend, that’s the main problem. Most people state their intention early on, they introduce their selves and that’s it, just so he/she know their existence and they try to approach either aggressively or play hard to get, not cowardly or play safe as being a friend because you’re afraid to get rejected. True some people met their “soul mate” through friendship but that is rare since some people will block you from the “options” since you state yourself as a “friend”. It’s your choice to play the obvious way (aggressive approach) or play “cowardly” and hope someday he/she will understand your feeling, all I can say that every worthy things in life doesn’t come easy and it requires high price and if you think you can handle it then go do your thing, high risk high return.

And in case you forgot, confidence is the quality that most people attracted into, even if that confidence actually shallow. It’s not what you say but how you say it. Most people is like a moth to a flame, almost blinded by that confidence, unfortunately that’s what is wrong with this world, it’s full of dumb people with confidence while smart people is full of doubt.

Third, if you do something nice, in this case being friendly, and you expect something in return, you’re not friendly, and you’re not sincere. You’re just like any hypocrites who do good deed in order to buying their way to heaven. You should do good deed because it’s the right thing to do!

Other thing that came to my mind when people mentioned they being “friendzone” because they are friendly is the fact that they unravel their true self, their needs to be rewarded, the insincere people he he. I guess you’re not friendly, you just loyal to the cause. When that person already fulfill their cause, you probably just throw them away, like some sort of social climber that do anything to get what their need.

I guess it all comes down to “you get what you give” and if you don’t get what you give? Just try to realize what you gave in order to get what you “want” (not need, but want). Maybe just like I mentioned earlier, you just play safe and give a little while hoping get something great in return. High risk high return, that’s what investor said. If you’re a Moslem, give everything you got but in the end, leave it all to God, if it’s meant for you, it will be yours, even if takes time, if it’s not meant for you, no matter how much you give will never do or enough. But then again, you’ll never know if you don’t go, go big or go home, get rich or die trying he he.


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