How To Be A Good Photographer Or Any Other Photo Social Media Savvy On A Budget

Ever since smart phone became a must have gadget for everyone, the rise the so-called photographer, who use cell phone as gadget of choice, is sky-rocketed. The access to instantly share and edit the picture also makes this trend so tempting for everyone. The once elite and niche hobby of photography somehow is accessible for everyone with the help of smart phone.
The problem is, the quality of camera of every smart phone is so variable, from good to bad or even ugly. Sure some photographer is challenged to take great picture with shitty camera but having a better camera in our smart phone is always better and easier logical choices. After all, if you have to work hard to take picture with smart phone, why don’t you use real camera to begin with, but I guess DSLR still out of reach for some people he he.
Believe it or not, even if you have Samsung Galaxy S 600 Edge plus Alpha edition EX Curved Quad Ultra HD (sorry for the sarcasm but I guess you got the idea), smart phone sensor still smaller than compact camera (at the moment this blog published I guess). True that people say that nowadays smart phone camera can match DSLR, but in good lighting. In low light almost every smart phone having a hard time to generate a good low noise image, that’s a testament to why compact camera is still “better” than most smart phone, also why compact camera market still alive till today (though the market is getting smaller and smaller).
Well, through some observation, testing and first hand experience, here are some tips to be a good photographer or any other photo social media savvy on a budget :

  1. Have a smart phone

Buy any kind of smart phone, even a budget one like android one, or buy older iPhone like 4 or 4S or even Windows phone for all that matter, buy anything that can support your bragging rights as good photographer he he. Low spec doesn’t matter if you can manage the memory well (like delete image or file after being used or use external memory or even transfer data via USB OTG), what matter is your connection to the internet.

  1. Buy a compact camera

Like I mentioned earlier, compact camera has a benefit of bigger sensor, low light capability and sometimes, better image. So, just buy the cheapest one, but not the cheap & cheesy china / bootleg product. Buy a compact that have wi-fi so you can transfer your photo via wi-fi directly through your phone, or use USB OTG (on the go), most android support USB OTG. My recommendation is something like Canon IXUS, or Casio Exilim or Fuji Film FinePix, bare bone basic compact camera but it has good image quality (for auto shot that is).

It' called compact for a reason
It’ called compact for a reason

And don’t forget, good image is easier to edit than shitty image. Good image can be filtered all you want till you get the tone you want while shitty image options is just damaged it to the point it became vintage or abstract he he.

only Rp. 15.000,-
only Rp. 15.000,-
  1. Transfer it to your phone

Like I mentioned on point 2, transfer your image to your phone. Use every means necessary. If your camera has wi-fi, use wi-fi, if not use USB OTG. It’s simple and also effective. You have a better image quality than regular smart phone camera. If you use iPhone but your camera don’t have wi-fi, but you have an android that you don’t use? Try using transfer data application like Xender (which I use & review before), photowsipe or any other apps. Use any means necessary.

  1. Edit it

No matter how good a photo is, a little extra touch won’t hurt. Even nowadays it seems that vintage touch is all the rage. Instagram even became the place to be with all that vintage filter everywhere. Kinda funny knowing that camera developer trying so hard to improve image quality but most people prefer vintage or “damaged” image ha ha.


  1. Share, brag or showcase what you made

After all the effort you put through to make your image “better” (or more vintage or damage depending to your preference), all that’s left is to share your image with the world, in exchange of number of “likes”, “heart” or any other currency that will lift your low self esteem into stratosphere.

Hope those tips are helpful to you, in order to live among holy omnipotent deity in Valhalla of hollow shallow likes/heart in Instagram or any kind of social media he he.


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