Another Wearable Devices. Are We Really Need Fitness Tracker?

Funny things happened to me recently, while I was walking down the bus stop shelter I found a coin size thing that at first I don’t know what it is but then a friend of mine tried to pair it with his phone and then we know it’s something called UP MOVE. Google research shows that it’s actually a fitness tracker. This thing drop from it clipped cover.

Finders keepers I guess
Finders keepers I guess

After I announce on my social media about whether somebody might losing this thing and no one replied, I guess finders keepers he he. So I just use this baby for couple of days just to found out why every developer tried so hard to shove to us wearable devices that mostly a fitness tracker, or to be sarcastic, a glorified pedometer.

It supposed to look like this

I once reviewed iPod nano 6, sort of wearable device that also has pedometer and fitness tracker, which I don’t even use that feature, at all. For me it’s just a waste of memory and time. I mean, modern day already killed so much of our time, interest and it provide us with comfort that make us lazy. I guess the only reason that I think why every wearable device has fitness tracker is so company can make us live longer and healthier and buying more of their crap ^_^. So maybe it was fate that brought this thing to me in order to give a second chance to wearable device such as this.

So, first thing first, like I mentioned earlier, this fitness tracker supposed to have a clip to be put on pants, shirt, etc. Since what I found only the tracker it self, I put it on my pocket of my pants, works though. It counts my activity and sleep (but you have to set it manually). To be blunt, I can’t review this objectively, so here is the best review of this gadget, the Jawbone UP MOVE here and here he he.

My first week with this device is actually fun. I really surprised how I grow interest in this little tracker, I mean I actually sell it to a friend of mine but after I got the strap. It feels cheap to sell just the tracker ha ha. Even if I just found it on the street and I take advantage and profit of it, I guess I still have a little decency to give my friend a better product than what I found in the first place he he.

With that said, I just want to mentions my impression of this little tracker that somehow intriguing me. I admit its fun to see my progress using this gadget, what make the experience better is the app itself is so robust, the developer itself is also have a very good skills in customer maintenance. They kept me updated of my achievement through my email. Explaining how to use the tracker in the right way, how to maximize it features (though is actually very limited). The best feature I found very useful is…it tells time ha ha. In a very limited way, it could tell time somehow (which is not actually useful due to the lack of its precision to tell time).

7 o’clock according to the device

Does it makes me healthier and makes me wants to works out? No it doesn’t sadly. But it makes me interested to maximize wearable devices. I have my eyes on Xiaomi’s Mi band though. Basically the same feature but it has notification and alarm feature that this device has. So, are we really need fitness tracker? My friend who is quite active actually needs it. Me? I’m not. My only interest to Xiaomi’s is mainly because it tells notification through pulse vibration ha ha. Hope my friend who bought it for me find it more useful than me ^_^.

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