Who Needs Manual? We Just Go With It ^_^

Syrian refugee issue is kind of hot in the past few months, I bet most of you already aware of this issue but I don’t want to go there since it’s a grey area, but I want to go something even more grayer than refugee issue, religion. As you all know, most of the refugee is Moslem (Syria is an Islamic state) but in order to receive permission to enter western country some of them converting to another religion.

As to the answers why did they converting their faith are what is interesting. Like I mentioned before, some of them converting in order to ensure their acceptance in the new country or even as a reason not to returned to their native country, in some Islamic country converting into another faith, especially from Islam into another faith, is considered as “crime” with severe punishment, even death sentence sometimes.

Another reason, maybe this is what they really believe in, the religion that “more suitable” for them. Lets be honest, some of us embrace the religion that our parents believe, not that we believe, and our parent did the same like we do. These immigrants just have the chance to convert their faith without have to be afraid of the consequences, they have nothing left to lose, and they already lose everything.

In Indonesia, once there was a case where some celebrity “making fun” of religion (I won;t tell name but I will attach their before after picture just for the fun of it, sarcasm hinted). The couple (different faith) married in Islam way and the male converted to Islam in order to make their marriage legal. Then the male switched back to his previous faith after they marriage. Since they are celebrities, a public uproar is happened, some Ulama (some sort of priest in Islam) claim that their marriage is considered not legal or never happen because in Islam, Moslem women can’t marry man with different faith (but Moslem guy can, so…yeah that’s something I guess). Dude, their marriage never happened? They already married, the girls not virgin anymore (don’t know whether she still virgin or not when they married though ^_^), the dude having no problem I guess, doesn’t matter, had sex! So then the girl converting her faith into Christianity in order to keep the marriage intact.

Before after
Before after

I’m OK with that, it’s their right to do every means necessary to keep their marriage. What makes me say they “making fun” of religion is the fact that after the girl converting her faith the video of her bragging how Christianity is better than her previous religion is “leaked”. This is really intriguing since the female is known as a good Muslimah, sometimes showing her wearing hijab or promote Islamic product, I guess this kind of “hypocrisy” is making me feel offended. I guess all those year of studying Islam and tell people how a good Moslem you are is not enough for you to fight for your faith. My concern is, if you can betray or cheat God that once you worshiped, how can we trust that you won’t do the same thing to other people?

Sorry if I’m judging, but I guess that’s how I feel. I mean, if you’re not religious I guess it’s OK. You found God in another faith, that’s good for you. But all the facts that shows in this case shows the otherwise of founding a God, but I guess a “win” is a win, even if you cheat or something.

So, that’s for the opening and to just to be clear, I’m not a religious guy. Yes I consider that religion is very important for our guideline or manual for life but I’m the type who acknowledged that each and every religion meant to make their worshipper a better person (pluralism, something that in my religion, or I guess in every religion is kind of sensitive). Every religion claim their teaching is the best, that’s the point, every system, every platform, every club, or everyone believe that what is their or what they choose is the best. It’s natural I guess. So I guess pluralism considered as “sin” for some people.

Ok, to offense everyone, here what I think about religion; it’s like your penis. It’s OK to be proud of it, but it’s not OK to showing around, swing it for everyone to see, or to shove it to everyone’s mouth or to expect that everyone will admire it. Sorry if it’s to blunt or crazy, but I’m fed up with people showing how religious they are but their attitude didn’t show it.

I won’t write about religion because I already wrote about it. It is just…funny how I mentioned religion as a manual, I mean, almost everyone I know never read manual. When they buy new product, they just use it and only read manual if they encounter problems. Seriously, kind of like religion that works as last resort when everything fails, as if God only exist when we needed ha ha.

I’m not religious but it is sickening to see how the world works today. Adultery, public display of affection (borderline sex exhibitionist), sexual comments, foul or inappropriate content considered as common thing, normal. Just like coitus, you can do anything you want, anal, gang bang, bestiality, etc, or even having sex in public, everything is OK as long it’s mutual or common consent. I guess the so-called “human rights” is getting way out of hand. People tend to forget that their so-called human rights is only as important as others human right, not an absolute thing that should be enforced, just like my version of religion ^_^.

If you ask me, there should be rules of engagement for everything in this world. Even in chaos there are some sort of pattern (there’s a thing called chaos theory for a reason, or Murphy’s Law for all that matter). Some say rules are made to be broken, but some rules are meant to make things more “organized” or “civilized”. Unfortunately, people tend to think that they are above the law, or maybe because religion taught them that human is the most perfect being equipped with free will, we tend to abuse our so-called privileged. Or maybe we think that the rules that were made by our ancestor, which some people called as religion, are too demanding or not suitable for modern world.

Sometimes I wonder if the rules or culture that can’t adapt to the modern world or the modern world that promising more excitement outside the boundary of the rules. It’s like when people say that you have to try something in order that you can have competencies to say something is good or not, like try drugs, narcotics, free sex, gay sex, etc. If you ask me, the so-called modern world is like to push beyond boundary in the name of curiosity, pleasure, or even science. This progress somehow deemed rules, value or religion can’t adapt to new discovery.

Sadly, most devoted religion worshiper tends to hard headed, dogmatic, and militant people that are hard to get dialogue with. They put blind faith and close their eyes, ear and even heart to every new discovery. This kind of attitude lead others to disrespect, hate or even ignoring rules, value, religion, etc.

I guess it’s OK if people try to ignore it completely, or make their own version of religion, like the history of Catholic – Christianity – protestant, at the very least they identify themselves as new religion. The problem is some people just want their religion to adapt with their preference, like how USA legalize gay marriage although it against major religion in USA. Maybe most people will say that at least those gay is good people that try to live their live or try to repent their way, I agree, but at least if you want to repent, don’t show your gay pride in such bravado and annoy others, especially the straight and hard line. That’s why most people became secular ha ha.

Aaaach, this blog is going nowhere!!! I guess just like my title said, who needs manual he he. We just do things like dog chasing car. We don’t really know what to do anyway ha ha. I guess in some way this is natural selection. Or we brought apocalypse with our own hand ha ha. Personally, I need manual, that’s why I still need religion I guess.


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