If You Can’t Say Something Nice, Say Nothing At All

In Indonesia recently the police is try to make a new rule that give the authority the right to arrest someone for hate speech. Of course this makes an uproar and fuzz in Indonesian. Our nation is still young to handle free speech since reformation era in 1998. Most of people also still new to internet and social media, that’s why most post in social media filled with mundane daily activity or even inner circle talks (like gossip, rumor or even slander and backstabbing conversation). This act might get the prison over populated ha ha.

Sadly, this ain't 1984, this is
Sadly, this ain’t 1984, this is “democracy”

Or some of you may remember Charlie Hebdo incident where some fanatical of some religion (Islam in this case) commits an attack on that media office and killed some people in the process (including an officer who happens to be Moslem). This incident starts a debate about freedom of speech and how Islam is viewed as ancient rules that can’t adapt to modernity and free speech and information, too dogmatic and stiff (kind of my previous blog about people thinks that religion is not updated and relic of the past).

Honestly not everyone can differentiate free speech, hate speech or even opinion. I’m not talking about Indonesia, but people in general. With social media & easier internet access, everyone can speak their mind, share their view, promote their ideal and we are overflowed by gazillion of so-called information, whether it’s opinion, fact, news, gossip, etc. To make matter worse, since internet access become more accessible, we can choose what information that we want to know (not what we need to know) and usually that type of information is bias. So I guess most people fighting over what they called “truth” but not fact just opinion or even gossip.

IMG_4876Other thing that make internet is more “harsh” is the fact that internet give everyone the chance to speak their mind, regarding what they want to talk about is important or not, the truth or not. Internet also give everyone to be what they want in form of avatar, no wonder some people act like tough guy or activist in the internet but in reality they just regular guy, slave to the wage and corporate robot. Funny how you can be anyone in the internet but most people choose to be @$$hole.

Seriously, have you ever try online gaming? It’s filled with kids with language of a sailor or how somehow they manage to f#*k your mom. No wonder I prefer closed group / mailing list or even play offline for the sake of the story or filtered valid information.

IMG_4639I guess what prophet Muhammad said was true, “Speak a good word or remain silent” but I guess today’s competitive world can’t appreciate the value of remain silent in order to bring peace. People always have to have the last say as if it’s a competition and who have the last say (or laugh) is the winner. We feel the urge to speak everything even if it meant that it can tear apart peace, family, etc. That does why internet is a war zone full of people try to speak their mind uncontrollably.

It’s funny that most people think that if it’s written in internet it must be true. I can put a text in random picture and some people will say it’s true even if what I wrote is pure crap.

So, I guess this new law regarding hate speech is probably for the best, to educate people that there are rules in this world. Some line, a manner in order to communicate like creature with intellect not a savage barbarian like the internet today. But the line between hate speech and free speech must be drawn in thick line, or else, most Indonesian will spent most of their time in jail. Also I guess what prophet Muhammad said, also my mom used to say, if you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all.



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