Batman Beyond 3.75 Figure

Finally I got my hands on DC Comics Multiverse Batman Beyond 3.75 inch figure!!! Courtesy of a friend of mine from Facebook (search “Saung Mainan Kerjain”, higly recommended seller). I got this for Rp. 250.000,- (approximately $20-$23). Not cheap but it way cheaper than bought it on ebay, this line didn’t purchased by retailer in Indonesia so we have to import it.

Courtesy of

So, without further due, here’s a lame review of it, probably just a babbling and pictures, if you want a better review try this link (Indonesian language though), or this, etc. Those who click that link probably said, hey that’s a different figure, it’s not Batman Beyond! Guess what? All the Batman figures in this line are basically the same mold, same articulation. It’s just a different paint job and little differentiation here and there (I guess we all keeps buying it just because we’re Batman fans ha ha). I’m here just to share the excitement I have toward playing with this figure ha ha.



So, there’s a possibility this is a knock off figures, but since the paint job in this line is rarely good so I don’t care, I got the box anyway (though I’m gonna tear it and throw away anyway). First thing first, this figure is based on Batman Arkham video game, not Batman Beyond the animated that most people loves, that’s why Batman is bulkier here. This is Bruce not Terry. Though the glue is kinda suck, the paint job is adequate.

The paint job is good though

If you collect 3.75 inch figure, you’ll know that different manufacturer have different size so some line can’t really compares to other line. This is still the case with this figure. Even though this is Bruce, his height making he looks like the younger Terry in height department.

Same size with Kylo Ren
Same size with Cyclops gashapon

What is the worst part of this line? No accessories for most of them. This figure comes with nothing! Even if his right hand have open fist to hold something. So I just put a batarang there he he

Surprisingly I have so much fun playing with this figure

So, despite all the flaws, this figure is a good figure. The simplistic paint job makes it better than the other Batman figures in Multiverse. If you’re Batman Beyond fans (like me ^_^), this is the best we can get for this scale. This ain’t perfect but nothing is he he. I highly recommended this figure if you can find it.


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