In Search of Alternative Wake Button for iPhone

I’m not apple fanboy but I really love my iPhone. You can tell me I’m an isheep or anything, or never try how wonderful android is. But you know what? I already using iPhone since iPhone 4 (I forgot what version of iOS) and I already using android since 2.1 and still using until now (I use xperia ZL running on android 5.1.1). So I already use android from the day android was poor man iPhone until it’s now a buttery smooth OS. But still I prefer iPhone (I use iPhone 5s now).

What makes me love my iPhone is the simplicity of it, the closed and personal phone (you can’t easily share data). I think android phone is for you who loves to experimenting, who loves sharing or transfering data / document, who loves rooting their phone and use their phone as external memory to get connected to the internet. I simply use my android as standby phone (no internet access) to listen to radio (something iPhone lack of) and MP3 and playing offline game. My iPhone is for phone and social media only.

With all the pros & cons, I use my iPhone for my daily “smart” phone (though I’m not using it in a smart way by definition of smart). I can live without radio (I use my android) and the easy transfer data thing (I’m a rather secluded guy) but what I miss from my iPhone is a proper wake up button. My android don’t have double tape to wake pre-installed also, I have to install apk for it and it’s a hit or miss but at the very least it works (after couple of try though). My iPhone didn’t have that feature (unless you jailbreak it) and I’m afraid my excessive use could broke the power button / home button.

One day I found out that you can wake up your iPhone (my iPhone 5s though, my friend iPhone 4 didn’t wake up) by plugging the earphone. It starts the YouTube connection on my iPhone, thus I concluded you have to install YouTube or music player in order to use it but since my friend didn’t want to install it I leave at that, at least it works for me.

When I put the earphone it wakes up with YouTube icon on it0

Maybe if I have something ear-jack plug maybe I can use it to wake up my phone. Unfortunately it didn’t work on plastic ear-jack plug so I decided to buy the infamous pressy the almighty android key, in my case I buy the knock off Chinese bootleg of smart key (which is probably a knock off version of pressy). I bought it for Rp. 9.000,- (approximately less than a dollar), and it works!!!

Unfortunately it only works with metal plug

Funny thing about smart key is, when i purchase mine & try it on my Xperia, it recognized as smart key and asked is it smart key or earphone while on my friend Asus Zenfone it kick start music player. What even funnier is, you can install almost any app about smart key and it works most of the time, really makes me think how absurd to buy the original “Pressy” the almighty android key (which start at $27).

I’d rather buy the bootleg rather than overprice Pressy
Use any smart key install any app and mostly works
Use the smart key (the cheap one ^_^), and it works

If you use this kind of “smart key” you realize that once it put on, it’s hard to take it off from the ear jack. Some people even break the key, like me for instance. Mine brike after I tried to unplug it from my friend’s iPhone 4. It’s even harder to use the key if you use cover on your phone.

And in my iPhone the downside is it went mute due to the fact the key being recognized as earphone. And that’s when I realize you don’t have to put the key all the way in, you just have to put it halfway or until the screen wake up then just take it off slowly (or if you use cover like me, put the key hanging on the plug but not all the way in he he. It takes practice but when you get the method you probably use it just like me, it’s second nature and save your power button / home button

But all in all, this is the summary of using smart key as wake up button on iPhone :



Cheap (unless you buy the original) Mute your phone
Light and doesn’t add weight Easy to lose & break
Can be use in android phone Classy (I guess)
Doesn’t need app for iPhone (probably YouTube though) Easy to break (hey, it’s cheap. Unless you buy the original)

It’s not perfect, it’s not for everyone but I highly recommended everyone with an iPhone to give it a try and it will save your power / home button.


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