Things You Learn From The So-Called Tragedy

Recently, 14th of January 2016 to be exact. A “Terrorist” attack happened in Jakarta. Right in Central of Jakarta at Sarinah Street / Thamrin at Cakrawala Building. The news is wide spread probably. And if you wondering why I use quotation on the word terrorist are because the attack is never really claimed by any terrorist, police said ISIS but it could be just a scapegoat and conspiracy theorist said that the attack is a diversion from Freeport issue or KPK operation some, it’s low explosive thus not life threatening, etc.

Well, I don’t want to speculate and it’s not my place to judge and I sent my best regard and condolences for each & every victim that fell that day. So I just want to highlight what happened that day, I just want to make some list of what I could learn that day :

  1. You can die at any given moment

The incident happened in broad daylight, at the heart of Jakarta where everything almost happens. So I guess when your times come, you can’t avoid it. Better be safe than sorry. Be a good person so when the time comes, when you religious you’ll went to heaven, when you’re not, people will remember you as the good guy.

  1. Usually when something big happens and media cover / overexpose it there’s usually there’s something fishy

Like I mentioned before, something happens when this incident occurred. Freeport, KPK, operations, our vice president coming to corruption trial, etc. All of it was “diverted” by this.


  1. Rumors, gossip & social media it’s not a reliable sources

After the 6th bomb, there’s a rumor that the attack happened in 4 point in Jakarta which isn’t true. 3 TV and radio reputation were scarred by this false information. This incident happened near my office and all I can say we just have to wait and see until the smoke is clear to see what really went down.

Body count, victim and what really happened also vary & confusing. Stick to the official statement when something like this happen guys.


  1. Police in our country is not that bad

Usually when we talk about police, the general consent is they are bunch of fat, lazy, incompetent bastard. But that day show us our cop is could be relied on. When the first bomb explodes, almost every available officer came to the crime scene, and the first who counter the attack is recess officer in civilian suit or no bullet-vest / combat gear prepared. Nevertheless they charge in and response. I guess that’s what will happens if you attack central heart of the nation where all officer is mostly posted and operated. Great job officer.

All available officer gathering

Oh, some of the people also fit and slim and they show bravery when they try to contain the incident. Funny thing is the bomb disposal unit is late 2 hours because the heavy traffic, but that’s so Jakarta ha ha.

  1. We are ruthless, tough & brave nation



Live in Jakarta in particular and Indonesia in general is hard. We have to wake early go home late and that’s won’t be enough for adequate living. Even when the terror happens, food vendor still sell their food. People even watch the incident like it’s a movie shooting or something ha ha. I guess we are more afraid to be poor or missing out rather than death. Or maybe people died in daily basis and the number of the death is small compares to other incident.

We even show the terror didn’t work with hash tag, making fun of the terror even. In matter of minutes after the terrorist attack over we all back to business as usual as if nothing important happens.


  1. Despite the harsh violent environment, we all good people


When the attack occurred, not only official or security that helping people and victims. Almost everyone take care of each other, you can see this picture where online Ojek driver helping one of the victim to safe ground. Faith on people restored. Awesome job fellow Jakartans ^_^.

  1. We always found a way to look at positive side and even making fun of something

Like what I mentioned earlier, we making fun of the attack, we even pay more attention to how dandy our police are. Their looks, how people react. We are so hardcore I guess


All available officer gathering
  1. Curiosity will killed us rather than terrorist attack

When the firefight happened on the street, police is take cover from the attack while people just watch it likes it’s some sort of spectacle. Even when the first bomb explode and police shout don’t get to close, we all just keep coming and curious what happens without showing any sign of panic. I guess curiosity will most likely kill us rather than the real terrorist attack ha ha.



Well, I guess you can say that I’m really proud of this nation. If this is really terrorist attack then they failed to spread the terror and this incident show how tough people here also our money market didn’t really effected by the incident. Good job everyone.


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