Equality? Equity? Reality

Most of you probably heard the rumor that some African-American actor/actress is doing a protest and try to ban the Oscar for being racist, due to the fact only handful of African-American actor/actress nominated  & won the award. Really? Oscar being racist? I’m not an expert on movie but I guess if you compare black people (yes I would call them that, not nigger which is offensive but black since they call Caucasian as whitey) as leading actor or supporting cast, white people is quantitatively better than black. Also the story is somehow better. What black movie that is a must see last year? “Straight Outta Compton” is good but not Oscar movie if you ask me.


Oscar is always a strange award, they always somehow have way to choose movie that is not preferred by consumer or majority, as if they have class of their own. And it’s OK we don’t care anyway! There are other award such as Golden Globe, MTV award, hell even black people have BET award. And now they want equality? Based on what? Quantity of movie? Quality of it? Seriously, as if black people playing racist game to get the upper hand. NBA is dominated by black people but white people don’t banned NBA (sure at first there’s a resistance but now it’s not, I guess it takes time to accept). People accept the fact that most NBA MVP is black because the are better than white. Period.

Just like shooting incident, if white people shot black, the coverage are off the chart but if it’s vice versa? USA is always tried to claimed themselves as “freedom” country, country of merit, where American dream came true but I guess it’s people don’t prepared for the consequence of that “freedom” and the way black people protest and playing racist game is maybe the way they express their freedom…of expression.


Equality is a hard to achieve concept or situation, that’s why people try the concept of equity, where people get their “right” according to “fairness” or to be exact proper justice. It’s hard to tell the concept but I guess the image on the left tells it perfectly.

But it’s equity fair? It required the superior party consent to give the “weaker” one the upper hand and for some people it’s not fair, even sometimes the weaker party don’t agree with this. My handicapped friend always upset if someone treats him better just because he can’t see well. He demanded to be treated just like anyone else. Again, it proves the concept is hard to be implemented.

Just like the concept of censorship. You banned the whole community just because a few people can’t handle the thing that being censored (like explicit content, radical idea, etc). If you want take this in extreme way, it’s like prohibiting people from eating Steak because some people (baby, vegan, etc) can’t eat it. True that sometimes the minority people need to be protected or get the upper hand to be equal with other but then again, it won’t be fair for the majority. Equality and equity is double edge sword that will never satisfy everyone. There will be some people that would feel let down. That’s when authority needed to adjust the condition in order to get proper and “equality” for people, no matter how vague that justice is.

Equality and equity is strange concept because this world is unfair, that’s how the world works. I guess we live in such indecent time, and we try our best to be decent in the face of adversary, of harsh reality. But people try to be noble and just, to give everyone the same chance but I guess deep down we all know that not everyone destined for greatness, to be a star. Some of us destined to be supporting cast or even cameo. But I guess there’s a beauty in try to live to our ideal condition, even if the result is not satisfying or ended up in failure. We can always say at least we try.

The best thing we could do is to be the best version of ourselves, to be the best character, the hero in our own story. Even if it’s means that you can’t be the best by everyone standard, but that’s just the way it is. You can’t please everyone, there will be people that would feel let down. So at the very least don’t let that person that feel let down is you

Word of wisdom

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