Over-thinking Things


Recently, a radio announcer in one of my favorite radio station Trax FM, Cia Wardana said that she have a life motto “be stupid be happy” which is very interesting if you ask me. As I getting older I realize that I became more & grumpier to the point that I’m afraid that I’ll turn into a grumpy old man someday. I became more & more agitated by many things, even the most unimportant tiny details.

Every time I read news I became more frustrated than enlighten by the news. When I drive around in my car I always angry at other driver and assume everyone else is idiot behind the wheel (maybe they also thinking the same idea ha ha). Or try to working at group project, you’ll realize why Batman works alone, you can’t rely on anyone else but you ha ha. Maybe that’s why some people prefer to be alone once in awhile.

After watching Iron Man, I always think that the (hidden) message of the movie is that the terrorist (which in the movie is the group that kidnap Stark) is not waging war in the name of religion or something. It’s all about power & domination, people just sugarcoating it with religion to justify their action. Or in Iron Man 3, where the terrorist actually just a decoy, a scapegoat by corporation to wage war & gain profit from it while blaming middle east country.

Come to think of it, probably why X-Men is my favorite comic is due to the fact that it tell a story of bunch of misfit that just try to live in this world while the world is hating them just because who they are, mutants. This is a perfect story that almost all exiled, outsider, LGBT any people that can’t fit into society can relate to. Even the main villain Magneto is not a bad person per se. He were a victim of the consequences, he is a mutant and holocaust survivor. He saw how evil human can be, and most likely will be. In the eye of fellow mutant he is a hero that stands for the mutant cause. He makes me realize another point of view, like watching when King Kong I can relate to the “monster” that was killed by circumstances rather than actually being evil.

Just like why Batman is my favorite Hero, because he is an idea, a symbol, not a figure. As a figure or person, he can be corrupted, killed, etc. But as an idea or symbol, he is immortal, he can withstand anything. He represents the struggle of every man to stand up for themselves in the face of adversary, to take matter by our own hand and to proves that everyone can be a hero, at least for themselves. He is one of us, with all the fragility, loneliness, frustration and even delusional personality. What separates us from Batman is the will to act, regardless the consequences or the result, he choose to act.

I guess it’s my delusional tendency or something, but I love these hidden contexts within “mere” entertainment that intriguing and give us second thought, another point of view to see things. It makes us thinking deeper and give food to our thought I guess.

Over-thinking things ^_^

Maybe that’s why I get fed up with today’s entertainment, or even news that somehow seems so shallow, all in the name of entertainment, rating or hit number. I don’t know whether we all too fed up with reality so we need escapade, distraction or entertainment in the form of quick, shallow, unhealthy-like-junk food, style over substance.

Great music, attitude & lyric

But that’s how today’s entertainment is. In the flood of information, people too tired for something that deep or time consuming. We need something, some sort of distraction that would make us forget the bitter reality, something that fun, mindless and shallow I guess. I hate today’s music where most the lyric is about party, sex, hedonism, etc. I prefer the gloomy 90’s where we all are pessimistic bastard but at least we try to think deeper, hell even when we abused drugs, the music we create is much better today (Nirvana, Slank post sober, etc), in term of lyric (deeper and meaningful lyric), music (more variation and less machine, electronic-synth sound, etc).

Maybe I’m over-thinking things, maybe this is how the world is, and it’s the fact and time changes. Maybe old idea and old people like me should give way to the future, no matter how bleak, dark or gloomy it is. We can’t stop the time, the changes, we have to give way to the next generation. Let time tell whether our way is better or not. I guess I believe that classic will never die, maybe my 90’s generation will be resurrected one day or be the model of ideal or something. For now, just let it be I guess.

Back to Cia statement, I guess what she said might be true. Stupid people are happier than the so called intelligence people because they don’t over-thinking things. They just let it be. Live for today, let tomorrow problem to be handle by our tomorrow self and deal with it tomorrow not today. I always think that these train of thought is stupid because we never know what will happen tomorrow and we might be caught by surprise when bad things happen but I guess there’s also a chances that that bad thing won’t happened. Ignorant is a bliss I guess.

Maybe I shouldn’t over-thinking things. Just let it ride, let it slide. Live for the moment and see what happened later. Just watch today’s generation live their life, it’s their time anyway. Just sit back, grab a popcorn, enjoy the ride he he.



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