Schleich 3.75 Armored Batman

“Tell Me, do you bleed? You WILL!”

Batman – Batman v Superman The Dawn of Justice

 As the movie Batman v Superman is coming to theater next month (March if there’s no delay), I come to realization that the movie figure for Batman v Superman didn’t have 3.75 inch scale, my personal preference for collecting figure. Mattel seems to capitalize the movie by releasing 6 inch figure but with only 5 points of articulation (which is acceptable if it’s on 3.75 since the figure is small and most people don’t mind as long as the details are there), more profit for pricier figure? This is really terrifying for me, so I look & look & keep on looking for any chances for 3.75 figures but there won’t be any so far.

This one

But thanks to my OCD tendency, which probably just a little more obsessed and curious than other people, in Google 3rd page I found a Germany company called Schleich, which also hold DC’s license for DC character and one of their figure that were once reviewed on my blog (the 3.75 Flash figure on my Batman Beyond review), release Batman v Superman figure. I guess my answer was answered ^_^.

So after a brief research, I know they release 3 figures from Batman v Superman line, Armored Batman, Wonder Woman and 2 pack Batman & Superman. The downside is, the paint job on the face is rather…how I put it without being mean…ugly. Yes they are hand painted but the expression, especially the eyes are a bit off. Gladly the armored Batman didn’t have human eye but a shining eye with awesome scarred helmet. I instantly ordered that figure ha ha.

Damn the German do have punctual schedule, the package arrived right on time.

Right on schedule

Here’s the box





From the side
The 3 figures I mentioned before

So without further due, let’s unbox this baby.

Ta-Da!!! This bad boy is awesome
From the back

Damn, I need to put it & compares to my Schleich Flash (that I left on my house, I received this item on my office) but somehow I feel this figure is smaller than that but more inline with my other 3.75 figures.


Compares to my Li’l Batman, which is 4 inch to be exact
With my Cyclops Gashapon

Oh, there’s no articulation in this figure, Schleich is basically a mini statue. But since there’s no plan for 3.75 figure from Mattel, I already satisfied with this awesome figure!!!!



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