So Is Spaghetti Till It’s Wet

Well, I write this again due to the fact that my blog about my view regarding LGBT somehow “erased” (by something that since I don’t have enough proof all I can say that my post is deleted by accident or system failure or maybe it was considered as hate speech?), and since LGBT issue also is so hot right now I guess it’s appropriate to write about it again. I mean, when our vice president complaints to UNDP due to the fact they spent a lot of money to support LGBT in Indonesia, the biggest Moslem country in the world, you know that LGBT movement is well funded, supported, massive, crafty and somehow seems trying to hard to be acknowledge in Indonesia or even looks like an attempt to overthrow/tilted/switched the religious beliefs in Indonesia.

First thing first, I’m not homophobic or anti LGBT individual, I have gay friends, lesbian, and I against the idea that LGBT person is being persecuted, hunted or beaten like some sort of which hunt. I against LGBT movement to make such ‘anomaly’ as legal or even normal with playing victim or human rights reason (which if you ask me, their human rights is threatening my human rights also my son human rights to grow ‘normally). It against my religious belief (then again, what religion approves LGBT?), it against my culture and called me old fashioned, but my primal instinct as parent won’t tolerate if my son is “effected’ by LGBT movement or something like that.

You probably think, dude, if you scared your son to be LGBT, than probably you’re one of them, it takes one to know one wouldn’t it? Well, if you ask me, everyone has the potential to be gay, lesbian or bi (the transgender is something out of my comprehension though), especially in today’s hedonistic (sexual) pleasure seeker world we live in. As free sex become more & more acceptable, people tends to push sex beyond the normal term, that’s why when they bored of normal sex they try homo sex and guess what, if masturbation can satisfy you, so does same sex, fetish sex, or any kind of sex. It’s not something like genetically or something. There’s even a research that resulted that woman is either bisexual or gay but never straight, and I guess it could be applied to man also.

And don’t pull that genetically crap reason if you’re just addicted to sexual drives, there are those with “weird” genetic but it’s so small, yet LGBT makes it so big deal to justified their sexual preference. Just like any other addiction (cocaine, smoke, drugs, etc), its hard and painful to be sober. If you see drugs rehab person you can tell how hurt it is to be sober or clean, that’s why the path people taken to make LGBT straight is also painful (and also probably not medically approved). But people loves the easy way, or thinking it’s already to far why would go back, just move forward. That’s OK, but don’t try to make other people turned into one or push the boundary further into dark, sick area.

You think I’m paranoid with LGBT legalization would open the door for other “weird” fetish or taste? There’s already people try to legalize incest, necrophilia. Sure it sounds weird and probably laughable at the moment. But did you realize there are already crazy relationship happened already? There’s a guy in Japan who married a game character or even other crazy things. There has to be a rule or boundary for this or the abuse of so-called human rights will go into downward spiral of craziness.


Also, what I despise from LGBT person is their tendency to bring others, even straight people to join them, as if they going to hell but they want to bring other people with them. There’s a slang word called spaghetti girl, to describe straight girl that didn’t know or never try homosexual relationship before. This type of girl is the object to be converted into lesbian or at least bisexual, and it’s common in western country. The justification this homosexual hunter / converter is the title of my blog, ”So is spaghetti till it’s wet” which hinted that everyone can turned into LGBT if he/she discovered the pleasure of it? My wife had a friend who knew this type of lesbian that loves to comforting straight girl who have problems with her boyfriend and while the victim in fragile state she will convert her.


Just like some forum I once visit, which is somehow I can’t find again, tells a weird experience among women whose been raped. They all tells that they are having orgasm while they were raped, which somehow they never experienced with their husband or boyfriend. I mean really? You can’t tell that your body is doing self defense and producing lubricant to protect yourself from friction? I guess since sex is so common that raped, using foreign object (no matter how weird it is) to masturbate or LGBT sex is OK, as long as there’s mutual consent between partners. Oh, I also read a weird story once about a show in one hotel where a girl having sex with many guys while being watch by people in most gruesome & grotesque way possible, but no one complaint because everyone is agree with it. Sick!!!!

Sigh, that’s what happens when people are too hedonistic. Love not necessarily having sex, I guess if LGBT people just use their feeling, it’s kind of OK. I guess people tend to forget that sex before marriage considered as sin in some religion. In the old days, sex is for married couple for the purpose and intention for maintenance the survival of the species, for reproduction. But I guess the value of sex is degraded into an mere act, a mundane activity just for pleasure.

Some people claimed that LGBT is not natural but then again animal also have it, so LGBT people claim that their behavior is natural, but like I mentioned before that there should be a rule or boundary for it (like religion, norm, value, etc) or else we all just like animal where, murder, incest, rape, stealing, etc is normal (that happens in animal world you know). In my religion Islam, taught that everything in this world has it counterpart or partner, day & night, man & woman, good & evil, etc. Then again, what kind of religion approves LGBT?

Somehow LGBT people pictured themselves as a good worshiper, which is might be true in the ethic or behavior way. But in religion you have to accept or embrace the teaching as a whole or comprehensively, not just the part that suits your preference. This is not buffet meal, but rather a happy meal that you must accept even if you dislike one part of it. I even give more respect to the people who once started a comedic religion called, The Flying Spaghetti monster, started as an act to protest theory of creationism, which nowadays officially acknowledged as new religion ^_^. Maybe this is a spoof of scientology?

Or in science case, LGBT people loves to dismiss religion with science, a magnet could only “become one and positive met the negative, not positive with positive or negative with negative. That’s why as a Moslem (though not a good and obedient one) I don’t approve LGBT.

To sum it all, this is not a hate speech, this is just my thought about LGBT. If people attacking LGBT person, I will against it. It against humanity and also my religion, which acknowledges them as astray and need to be “fixed” or at least to show compassion. But if they try to legalize LGBT, I against it because it against my religion and beliefs (norm, value, etc).

Funny eh?

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