Changes Are Inevitable, Resistance is Futile?

The bug forces the software to adapt, evolve into something new because of it. Work around it or work through it. No matter what, it changes. It becomes something new. The next version. The inevitable upgrade.

Mr. Robot

 As the LGBT issue exploding, I think hard about modern days living. How the comfort of modern living changes us, changes the way people connects or even changes people into something new entirely. LGBT is challenges the old value because it shows how the so-called freedom, IMHO, being over abused by us.

Most people nowadays take religion for granted, or even to be exact any kind of rule. Rules are made to be broken they say. Human right is the most important thing that somehow people forgot that as a social creature, our freedom is being limited by the freedom of others. We can only be total free if we’re the only creature living. We have to compromise in order to live along with others. Sure you can give no f*%k and live by your own rule. Lots of people doing that. We call people like them as @$$hole. If you could live with that, I guess it’s your choice.

But that’s kind of people is doing very well at the moment due to the social media where act of defiance being regards as cool or edgy. We live in a strange time where rock or punk musician write more honest deep love lyric than pop star. Seriously, it used to be rocker that do the notorious, outrageous or stupid act but nowadays you probably heard more pop, hip-hop R&B or any other mainstream artist do the stupid publicity stunt and being praised as original, edgy or out of the box.

Internet, social media makes the highlight of this people is easier to access. I won’t judge whether this is right or wrong, but like the quote above. It will changes things or the old value or established power.

In the more normal world, in business, the changes are already happened. People nowadays demand light news rather than deep, hard dark story. I guess Twitter revolutionized the way we consume information. We don’t care the source credibility, the validity, or even whether it’s important or not, we choose what we want to know and somehow it changes how media works.    Nowadays you can see any click bait, ad sense or any means necessary as long as the article being “hit”. That’s what is important. Media used to “decide” what is important but now the power is in people hand and for better or worse this is what we get, IMHO, uninteresting news he he.

Or in music industry, since internet, iTunes, downloaded single rules the industry. Album is irrelevant, and critics lose their power to drive the chart. That’s why today’s chart filled with bubblegum pop, or any kind of song that all I can say is not my cup of the (for better or worse). The “good” album sometimes left out of spotlight because it wasn’t “relevant” enough for kids today. Yeah, like it or not, the young people somehow drives what is important, what is good or what is you should hear. That’s why today’s chart isn’t what we supposed to know, an album that is good by critiques standard or you need to hear. Again for better or worse the people has spoken.

Another example of these changes is in uber case. Uber is being a force to be reckoned with in transportation. Their existence makes regular taxi loss their income. Transportation cartel all around the world protesting uber (or any other internet based transportation services based on private vehicle such as motor or car) because they can’t compete with it, and they say the cost of uber is lower because they didn’t pay taxes or maintenance for the vehicle, etc. Uber provides lower cost, easier access, etc. If consumer could choose probably uber is the winner, hands down. Especially transportation cartel is slow at adapting with social changes, cost changes, vehicle changes or even handling complaints from consumer. We still have to wait & see whether uber could prevail and consumer win, transportation cartel wins or other options.


There are others example of why we have to embrace changes. Just like they say, the only constant thing in this world is changes, everything changes. But if you think about it, do we have to change? I prefer the word adapt rather than change because adapt is still preserve who we really are, our identity and that’s what today’s people lack of. Most people try to find justification with saying “5 minutes after you’re born they decided your nationality, religion, sex, etc and you spend the rest of your life defending something you didn’t choose”. Beautiful words honestly, but rather shallow because those thing you get by default is your starter pack and also your identity that you can/could change as you grew up and realize things, BUT that doesn’t mean that the starter pack is wrong, or something. People talk big as if the ability to choose is everything, don’t forget your parents that choose that thing also have a choice to have aborts or kills you if they think you are an accident or don’t deserve to live. Life is a multiple choices, if it’s essay you probably don’t know what to write it. Don’t get to cocky.

People nowadays tend to throw away their identity for anything new, as if fear of missing out is something so important. This situation reminds me of how we sell our soul to the devil in exchange of being the hippest, the first one to know, etc. Old values, tradition, or even religion is irrelevant because it’s old, it’s ancient not up to date. But if you think about it, is it everything new is always better? In fashion industry there’s a cycle of trend where everything old became new again. Or as an old saying goes, classic never die. So I guess new thing doesn’t always mean its better.

Your grass root, your culture, your religion, even if you didn’t choose it will always be the first one people associates you with. Called it stereotypical or something but that’s how the world works. If you’re a Germany people will associate you with Beer, Nazi, etc. If you’re African probably Hip-Hop, Rap or something. You can deny it but that’s how the world works. When you were born, you are a blank paper that your parents upbringing will effect you (whether you realize it or not) for the rest of your life. So yeah, actually you are given the so called identity.

True that your identity can be changed, but just like I mentioned before that new things doesn’t mean better, don’t forget that all the things in the world (religion, system, OS, believe, etc) is only as good as the adopter or user. I prefer a dictatorship if it meant that the people needs (security, wealth, food, etc) can be supported rather than democracy filled with idiot people running the country. Or an atheist with good moral and compassion is way better than blinded faith fanatic religion that commits act of cruelty in the name of religion. Or maybe a Windows OS rather than android if using it mean you can be more productive. So I guess you can changed your believe based on new evidence but don’t lose your identity in doing so. Many people take their identity for granted.

Change, in some degree though

So I guess, in case of LGBT or any other changes for that matter, rather then completely change your identity, value, etc, adapt to the changes but don’t lose your identity or default pack. You can evolve your identity based on your experience, new learning but don’t lose it because even if changes are inevitable, you can deny it or refuse to change, it’s all depends on you. You can’t say it’s futile because like I mentioned earlier that trends have the tendency to repeat it self, so does changes, sometimes old become new again and only time will tell or history will judge if our resistance or acceptance is better. If you ask me, I prefer to adapt but not change. I prefer to stand on my believe because in the end, if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.


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