Upgrading Your Watch

Recently, I saw a channel on YouTube by Alpha M or known by his real name Aaron Marino, check his channel, very good & informative. His channel mostly consists of how to groom yourself, how to pick a good fashion, shoe, etc. But I stumble on his channel talking about watch straps. Thanks to him I know some types of strap like Nato, Perlon, Zulu, not just leather or plastic. He showed me that a watch is a magnificent accessory that can transform into something new by just replacing the strap.

Original form

First things first, I love watches but due to the fact that I’m not rich I don’t have enough watch as wanted to. So I just make the most of what I already got. One of my favorite watch is my cheap Casio MTP-1183 Quartz watch (I bought it on the bargain for Rp. 200.000,- or approximately 15 $), it’s a classic style watch that is so cheap that the original strap (faux leather) is worn out and basically dead. After watching Aaron’s channel, I realize that I could change the strap to make it more personal. Thus makes my personal favorite alive & kicking again.

Replaced with fake CK leather Strap. Uncomfortable to say the least ^_^

So, I bought quite a lot of strap for this watch (also I will use it to swap strap with my other watch he he). I bought Nato, Perlon, leather (faux though) and of course spring-driver to replacing strap. So, without further due, this is my “new” Casio MTP-1183 that making a great comeback he he. All the straps is from ebay so this is cheap knock off one but hey, this is bang for the buck ^_^

gears of war he he

With Perlon strap :


Slip through style, easy to replace
Feels like new ^_^

With Nylon Strap :


Still a slip through model
Just like a new watch ^_^

With (Faux)Leather strap

I admit the leather looked cheap ^_^
Every strap I choose is slip through he he
Looked and felt good though

Well, this is a great way to upgrade your favorite watch. Maybe not all watch can be treated this way. Do check if your watch compatible or looks good using variable straps. For me this is bang for the buck, worth every freaking penny he he. This will totally looks good on my other wacth ^_^.

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