Batman V Superman, Is It Really That Bad?

Finally, Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice finally released & I saw it with my wife. And my first impression is, they crammed too many stories rather than try to tell a single story & it will be confusing for non fan to watch it. That’s why most critiques brand this movie as “under achiever” but this movie is pure fan service, you’ll be happy if you’re a fan but casual viewer will left with more questions than answers.

With that as the main review, is this movie bad? Well honestly it’s not. I enjoyed this movie, even if I’m not a fan I still say the movie is watch-able or even enjoyable. As a 2,5 hour movie, I never bored to be honest. The visual is awesome (kinda darkish like other Zack Snyder movies), the battle is very good, the casting is good (only a couple of miscast IMHO, like Lex Luthor), sure the story is too packed with many things to come, like a bridge for others movie rather than a complete story. If I have to give this movie a score, I give it B- I guess he he.

So, this is couples of issues I found after watching Batman v Superman :

  1. Story

Well, like I mentioned before, they crammed too much story rather than tell a whole story. This movie is like a bridge or promotional teaser for the next movie (or another franchise likes Aquaman or the Flash, etc). I guess that’s how Superhero movie these days, a bridge for another movie. The main reason why Deadpool is very entertaining is the fact that it’s a stand-alone movie that tells the origin and how Deadpool operates without any hint for another movie (besides it sequel), also that’s why Iron Man 2 isn’t as good as the first one, too many hint for another movie (or maybe origin story is more compelling than the next chapter?). That’s also why Captain America, especially Winter Soldier IMHO is the best Marvel story so far, a grounded, focused and deep story without bridging to another movie.

Non comic reader will be left wondering about many things, like Batman nightmare sequence. That’s actually a vision where Darkeseid (from the Omega logo in the ground and the Parademon attack that wing creatures) came and recruit Superman into his army. Or how The Flash came from the future to warned Batman about future possibility. That is so DC, and some people won’t get it or appreciate the effort to connect the movie to the next one. Non fan will left the movie is incomplete or full of plot hole.

Darkseid Was Here autograph

There’s also the weird fact about how the story progress, the first 30 minutes is awesome! The buildup, the character development, all of it is good (maybe because it focuses on Batman). But after that it’s a rollercoaster of good and bad. Many weird things happens, like why it took 2 years for Batman to challenged Superman, how come Superman never knew Batman exist until his paper mentioned it, how Batman never knew other Meta-human exist and Luthor knew it (he is world greatest detective people!) or the fact that Luthor actually knew the real identity of Superman and Batman. So many weird things in the movie.

The weirdest thing is the fact that Superman with super hearing, super vision, super speed can’t find his mother and have to fight Batman to save her (how dumb is that?) and their fight is over just because Superman said that Batman needs to save Martha (actually his mother but due to the fact that their mothers shares the same name) Batman decided to help him (and he finds Superman mother with ease ha ha. It would be better if Luthor use kryptonite to control Superman and makes him fighting Batman that would be more ideal, or when Wonder Woman came and rescue Batman and Superman ask “Is she with you?” then Batman replied “I thought she was with you”, seriously? Batman just email her and flirting with her and she act like he don’t know her?

Seriously people?

Most people aid that the movie is too dark, but this is DC people, it’s not Marvel with all the quips and one-liner also lighter tone. Critics said the movie is too dark, not enough humor, what do you expect? Light hearted comedy? Marvel and DC is different and it’s OK with that. Actually, this is exactly what critics said about Watchmen, too dark. Watchmen is a faithful adaptation and the comic won several awards for literature yet critics panned it. Bottom-line the story is OK although not good, but it shouldn’t be rated lower than Daredevil (that movie is sucks big time). Oh, if you ask me, the suitable title should be “Batman ft Superman and awesome cameo of Wonder Woman. Rushed to Justice League”.


  1. Batman

Wow, what can I say…probably the best depiction of Batman so far, in term of physical and fighting ability. Ben Affleck really nails the Bad @$$ery of Batman. Imagine that after his tank-like almost invincible Batmobile “destroyed” and slide away into explosion, then Superman rip away the driver hood and threat you to resign from being vigilante, Batman said that awesome line, “Tell me, do you bleed? You WILL” ha ha. Awesome dude! Batman fights scenes also awesome. It looks like that the Zack Snyder playing Arkham game and decides that the fight should be like that exactly.

The bad side of Batman is…he kills. A lot. Which if you ask me is a sacrilege for the character. Sure there are times when he kills in the comic, his first appearance and “indirect” killing. Besides the killing part, this Batman got my seal of approval he he

Best Batman so far


  1. Superman

I’m biased on this one, I hate Superman. He is a lazy boring character that gains the upper hand without even try. Kryptonian is so strong because they are an alien race that have different atmosphere than Earth, somehow can shoot laser beam form eyes and every super senses (super hearing, super speed, etc). Probably the best thing I can say is if you enjoy him in Man of Steel you probably love him.

But in this movie, Superman is not very bright and more like a pawn for the story rather than a character.

Not much of a character
  1. Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot portrayal is amazing. When she came to action in Doomsday fight, I can hear people cheers he he. Wonder Woman screen time is not much but she manages to steal or share the spotlight. Kudos for Diana.



  1. Lex Luthor


I don’t know about this, is this Lex Luthor for millennial? His body gesture is more like a Joker than Lex, kinda like ADHD person ormsomething, but I admit his lines are awesome and insightful. But as Lex Luthor, the guy who portrayed as Superman nemesis…I guess the casting isn’t “suitable”. Maybe if the movie is more focused on him then the character might works. But for now it’s kinda off the mark.

This is Lex Luthor, with confidence and pride not the ADHD one


  1. Alfred Pennyworth

Most people will dislike the portrayal of Alfred in this movie and even calls him old Tony Stark, but I personally love him. Alfred is look bad @$$ as former MI6 agent. Resourceful, loyal (but with sarcastic comments here and there) and plays well as guardian and assistant of the dark knight. Jeremy iron is great.

Great cast


  1. Doomsday

If you read comic, you’ll be pissed with Doomsday origin here. This is more like a Bizzaro or Superboy went south rather than Doomsday (kryptonian with the mix of Luthor’s blood). His only purpose for existance is only as a tool to (SPOILER) kills Superman and turned the public to support Superheroes.

Kinda like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle right?


  1. Zack Snyder

There’s an attempts in the internet to make Zack off the DC universe, due to the fact that people thinks that Man of Steel and Batman v Superman isn’t good enough. Is it really necessary? Zack is a great story adapter and the dark tone came from the source material. All of his comic adaptation is dark dingy gloomy story. Watchmen and 300 is a faithful adaptation that makes comic reader smile with grin. He literally moves the page into movie. He even manages to adapt Watchmen, the comic that deem not adaptable into a movie. Maybe he is not a good story teller or director, but he is a good adapter. If the movie is sucks, it’s not his fault, it’s the script writer!


So, I think how people and critics panned this movie is way out of the context. It’s not a great movie, but it is still a good movie in my opinion.


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