My New Timex Easy Reader

Recently, I won a bid in ebay for Timex T28071 Easy Reader for Rp. 150.000,- (approximately $12), all in, shipping included. Sure it came without box and used item (the first time this watch came out back in 2004), but hey it’s in good condition. I’ll admit that what I looking for is Timex Weekender type, but this one is also good looking enough for me to join the auction (and won ^_^).

When it came, my first concern is the strap. You know how leather strap is, no matter how expensive or the brand is, if you don’t maintain it the “way it supposed to be” (like clean it with cotton bud, etc) it will worn out and look ugly. Surprisingly this Timex came with a good condition strap (maybe the previous owner changed it, but since it came from Latvia, I honestly don’t know).

great conditions

The watch works just fine, even the notorious Timex “tick” (the sound when the hour hand moves) is there. Some people said the sound is frustratingly annoying, but for me it’s manageable. The indiglo light is works, that’s the main reason I love Timex, classic analog that you can see in the dark he he (most useful feature, some watch, especially analog watch, became virtually useless in the dark).

Please don’t mind, it’s hard to find a dark place in my office ha ha

The brand Easy Read is there for a reason. This watch could be called, big. Big in term of size, and number. Sure some would say that this watch is meant for old people who have difficulty to read the number, but the size also makes this watch stands out from the rest. Just like a bold statement or just a classic accessory to complete your style he he.

This classic looking watch is just like my old former favorite Casio MTP-1183 (which I sold because now I have this one. I hope your new owner will take good care of you), so all the strap I used on my Casio works on this watch. I highly encourage you to custom the strap if you got this watch (also to make the original strap in a good shape. Use it only for special occasion).

Still cool with perlon
Even cooler with cheap, faux leather he he

To sum it all, I couldn’t be happier. Yeah it’s not Weekender but its Timex. It’s cheap (by comparison of other famous brand), built to last (its Timex believe me, I have one from 2000 that still works until someone stole it from me back in 2010). I highly recommended Timex is you want to buy a watch.


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