Either You’ll Get Used To It or…

I already wrote many pieces about changes in this blog. How hard it is to accept it or live with it. But then again, everything’s changes, even if we refuse to accept it and stick to the old ways, somehow something changes, even within us either we realize it or not. Everything changing though we probably felt the opposite of it.

Recently instagram change their iconic app into something new, suffice to say not everyone is happy with it. Me personally, I prefer the old icon app because it’s classic, like a vintage camera and somehow more stand out than the new one. But honestly the old icon is only suits the “old” instagram, when it was started on iPhone as an app to showcasing your square format photo with artsy image. Now instagram is becoming more than just a photo sharing app, it also shows video, and the artsy photo is majority replaced with selfie, narcisstic photo or even as market place (to display the item), that’s why I guess the new icon is more suitable IMHO he he.

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Kinda cheesy that new icon ha ha

One thing I salute is their guts to replace the iconic icon with something that totally new, not some modification or something, a new icon. Just like anything in life, not everyone will be happy for it. You can call it comfort zone or something, but not everyone is embracing changes with arms wide open. Not because we hate it (OK, some people hate it), but because its’ something new, something that we don’t know, and it’s natural to afraid of something we didn’t know.

I admit that I’m the guy who doesn’t accept changes easily, not because I’m afraid of it, but rather than I hate the extra money I’ll spend to catch up with the latest trend. That’s why I prefer console rather than PC. With console, I can play with the same hardware for more than 5 years, I even still play PS1 till this day. But you’ll know that everyone say the future of gaming is streaming, not console. All you need is a monitor and computer probably to play game. No system exclusive probably, everyone can play.

I always hates the idea of internet gaming. It demands time (always online), extra money (from streaming quota and advertising from the online) and the bloody DLC (download content). Since the birth of online gaming, game developer just becoming lazy & take everything for granted. They release half @$$ game for a full price. If there’s a bug or problem? They can give patch version, or worse, we have to pay more for DLC (such as extra character in Street Fighter V). Offline campaign or story mode is being traded for online competition or multiplayer. I realize there are people who play game for glory, but don’t forget there also playing for the story.

Or the recent issue where apple is thinking to stop itunes program because they think the future is in streaming music. Guess people nowadays just don’t love physical copy anymore, they think downloaded music is easier (true) and sometimes free (especially illegal downloading ^_^. Why pay if you can have it for free). Personally I prefer physical copy because it’s more authentic, like holding something in your hand, read the lyric, enjoy the artwork, or to make it blunt, it’s like boobs, it’s good to see it on the screen but it’s better to hold it for real ^_^.


I’m a bit of apple fanboy, but probably not the so called isheep. I use iphone from iphone 4 and macbook from 2008. I admire Steve Jobs vision & persistent. I’m the minority that prefers small phone rather than bigger screen (I prefer using tablet or something bigger rather than phone that hard to be held by one hand). And apple is one of those people (if we can classify apple as people) that forced its user or customer to adapt with the changes they deemed was needed. There was a popular story about how Steve Jobs reacts to Blackberry CEO when he showed his iphone prototype and Blackberry CEO said where’s the keyboard? People won’t use that! And Steve reply with a sentence that synonym with apple as innovator (though since Steve died, apple kinda loss its mojo. Still good but not as good as it used to) “They’ll get used to it”. Yeah we can say apple was, or is, agent of changes.

Not everything is new is better. 2015 shows that people prefer books rather than e-books. Lomography still alive at the moment, vinyl still have a place and becoming audiophile now. So I guess if you’re happy with the way thing are, just do what makes you happy. What if people don’t support or make fun of you? That’s life! You’re the one who live with it and making the most of it, people that judge it. Screw them! Do what makes you happy anyway, either you change or stay the way you are, as long as you maintain your identity. All I can say is, either you’ll get used to it…or stay where you are and see if the cycle of trend came full circle to what you love or people realize that the old way is probably better ha ha.


But then again, we can’t stop the changes. Either we’re part of it or stay where we are and become history, or forgotten in the sand of time. But if I realize one thing in my 30 something life, is that what matter most is our self, not what everyone else thinks about you. So if you’re comfortable with using the old ways, why bother to change? Maybe you can stick with the old ways and when the changes went the wrong direction, they came back for the old ways. Or you could modified or adapt the old ways to new technology without loosing your identity or ideology. Learn from Tetris, if you try to fit in, you have a tendency to disappear. Be sure not to lose your identity while try to fit in he he, or just be different and standout anyway ^_^


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