Casio MMA-200 W, Diver Watch…On A Very Tight Budget


If you’re a watch aficionado, you must know that diver watch is a very popular watch, to a degree where you must have a diver watch if you claimed to be a watch fan. Me myself, is a very big fan of diver watch, I never know why but my wife said probably because it looks very manly ha ha (probably my superhero taste of the 90’s, the big, bulky steroid induced guy subliminally makes me loves diver watch, and also G Shock). So, I decided to sell all the watch I put in this blog before and started collecting diver watches.

In my search of finding the one (or two probably, diver watch is awesome, better to have more than one I guess), I stumble various brands and I adore them all. Of course if I could I’d buy the legendary Seiko SKX007 or Orient Mako, but unfortunately for me, those “affordable” dive watch is still not affordable for me. So I search for an alternative for my chosen diver watch, I look other brands that affordable for me (funny thing about alternative, let’s say you want a dog and your parent bought a cat instead…it’s still not a dog ha ha. So I guess alternative is not a best word to use).

I was lucky to found this old (I don’t know if we could called this watch vintage) watch by Casio. Produced in the 80’s, use Pepsi bezel, quartz operated, 100m water resistant (though so far I only use it for ablution and bath, not swim or snorkeling, not yet he he) good condition (worn & wound but still a good looking watch nonetheless), this Casio MMA-200 W is, IMHO, a good looking diver watch. I admit it’s kinda like Seiko, but then again, Seiko looks like Rolex or Sea Master or any other dive watch he he.

Good looking watch eh?


Still in good condition


The original strap is silicon like strap, probably already broke due to the age, so I found this watch in faux leather strap. The strap is 22mm, just like Seiko or Orient that I adore. But just like any other dive watch, this watch is suits any other strap (I bought perlon and nato for this baby and its looks great). Man this watch is awesome. Probably my best beater watch so far.

There are 2 complains about this great watch, the fact that the date and day dial is broken (I have to set it “manually” straight from circuit board ha ha) and the crown position is awkward, positioned in the middle of 3 and 4 dial, which makes it hard to replace the machine (the date and day dial broke like I mentioned before) with others watch that might suited the shell.

Weird crown position

Well, so far I really satisfied with this watch, until the battery runs out and have to set it manually again and maybe the water resistant isn’t 100m when I take it swim he he. But again, diver watch is expensive, I guess this one will do for a while. Honestly I bought Vostok watch (also vintage one) just to see if the Soviet engineering could really withstand the test of time and be my true beater watch (since the price I bought is cheaper than this Casio). Hell, maybe I will bought Seiko or Orient one day ha ha.


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