The Imperfection Makes It Perfect


If you’re a watch aficionado, probably you already heard Russian (even Soviet) watch called Vostok, just Google it and see their rich history and how tough this watch is, especially amphibian line. Out of curiosity, I bought a Vostok from ebay, unfortunately this is Komanderskie type not amphibian, even when the watch didn’t have a strap, have rust all over it and others imperfection.



Amphibia line is known for it’s toughness and durability, also an affordable diver watch, while the one I have the Komanderskie is more casual and less tough but still have kick ass durability. Mine came after almost a month and just like the seller described, it’s like this watch a war veteran or something. Worn & wound, but still refuse to die.

This watch has “cheap” written all over it, rust, and it sometimes stopped then moving again. I don’t know why but I just so into it. There’s like a novelty or some excitement with it. I guess this is why many people recommend this watch as “must have”, It makes me want to buy another one, an amphibian ha ha.

I put another watch’s strap for it & somehow instantly fell in love with it. I also buy a faux leather strap for it. Oh, one funny thing is, the strap is 18mm but the body is big enough to be compared with 22mm strap watch.


If you check in internet, most people bought Vostok just to customize it anyway you like. With the cheap prize, no wonder people love this watch. This watch is like my experiment playground, I open the case, tinkering with it. Damn I love this watch ha ha. All of the imperfection makes it perfect, at least for me though. It doesn’t matter what peoples say if you’re happy with it.



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