Suicide Squad 3.75 inch Joker Figure from Funko

So, I recently won a bid on ebay about quite a rare figure, 3.75 inch The Joker from Suicide Squad. Last time I checked this figure only available if you buy the whole legion of collector package, along with others suicide squad accessories.


As a 3.75 inch collector, also as Batman fan, I have to get my hands on this figure somehow, to complete my Batman figures. So they have an enemy to combat ha ha. Also because DC 3.75 inch line, the Multiverse in switching their focus on 6 inch, so this might be the last Joker or something. But as fast as I open this figure, somehow I was kinda disappointed. Maybe my expectation is too high, though Multiverse line proves that the articulation is plain…dull but maybe it happened because the figure it self doesn’t portrayed Joker’s craziness, crazy grin or menacing appearance or something.

Kinda dull somehow

The basic mold of this figure is somehow reminds me of old G.I. Joe line or something. With the articulation limited only on 9 points that somehow being limited or constricted by the cloth he wears. The swivel thighs and swivel knees can’t bend too much because of the robe design, ball jointed head somehow limited by his hair, the elbows and shoulders somehow limited by…something I don’t know. Bottom line, it’s not a good figure to pose, just to display as standing figure.

That’s all folks
The boxing robe limited his legs movement
This is as far as he can pose without “pushed” the joint into the limit sadly

So yeah, to me I’m disappointed by this one. I think I’m gonna sell it ha ha. Hopefully later on DC manage to create 3.75 line that can compete with Marvel. Their 6 inch line is good, why can’t they make a good 3.75 line!


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