PK, Good Movie With Anti-Religion Idea?

Kinda like gay movie ha ha

I always despise Indian movie due to the fact they always singing & dancing and the movie duration is way to long for my taste. That’s why I miss or didn’t watch PK back in 2014, even if the hype is so huge, critically acclaimed, etc. Boy, I glad I have the chance to see this movie. I say it forward, this is a very good movie, thought provoking and maybe considered as blasphemy for some people & religion, although it’s still consisting singing & dancing (which is tolerable) and long duration (3 hours more or less).

The last Indian movie that I saw and recommended is 3 idiots, which is also starred by Aamir Khan and created by the same director, this movie is also very good because it gives another point of view about education system, specifically in India and in general through out the world. Where education institute is testing our memory rather than understanding the topic, heavily emphasis on grade rather than knowledge, etc. A bit naïve but gives us second thought about education. PK also gives us second thought about another, rather sensitive subject, religion. This blog may contain spoilers, so let me just say, watch this movie, then read this unimportant blog if you want ha ha.

PK is an alien that “stranded” in India (just watch the movie, it’s a good movie & I won’t spoil it because it’s not a review per se) and learned about humanity. His remote control (shaped as an amulet) to contact his ship was stolen by stranger, so he searches here & there for it. On his quest he found out that many people said he against all odds and only God can help him. So he asks God(s) for help while learning the religions in India. Oh, people called him PK because people say that he is peekay or drunk in Indian, due to the way he questioned god(s), weird attitude (he never blink and have weird posture), etc.

This is his default mimic ha ha

This is where the interesting part is, he learned that human worship many gods, human are divided by religions, believes, etc. He tried many religions, doing the prayers, deeds, etc. He concluded that God is missing because his prayer aren’t answered, he even give fliers to everyone asking if they’ve seen God(s) he he.

He is exposed by a journalist (which have bad experience regarding inter-faith love relationship that makes her concluded that Pakistani and Moslem in general are jerk) into mainstream media. He shared his thought on TV and created pros and cons among people in India.

He concluded that people themselves that dividing themselves from others by “creating” god, religion, etc. The only way we can tell if a person is a specific religion worshiper is only by the way they dress or accessories they wear, which we can replaced easily, we just pretending to be different he concluded.  We just loves if we are (ourselves and people that shares the same idea) different, superior or just better than others.

God(s) has many managers (religious clerk, Ulama, reverend, monk, bishop, etc) and many corporations (religion) that each of them has their own rules, procedures that trying to separates human from another human being by making us feel more superior, special, etc. This is also our way to makes us different or better than others.

He even concluded that religion is marketing fear as the most effective product. People are afraid to go to hell if they don’t do religious teachings or what they were commanded to do. People even do “bribery” to God(s) in order to get what they want (passed the test, be successful, won a match, etc) by doing religious teaching. We do good deeds not because it’s the right thing to do, but because we try to please God(s) or even bribe him in order to get what we want or to go to heaven.

What I found very interesting is the part that he also concluded that God(s) manager is calling the wrong number. Their call (prayer, etc) didn’t connect to God(s) because their methods are wrong, such as if God(s) loves his, or, her or whatever, why he makes it hard for his children to contact him? Many methods that make it hard to become a good worshiper, in the movie the example is when a person asked religious clerk what he should do in order to make his ill wife healed. The clerk said that he should pray at specific temple located 500 km from where he lives and then sacrificed something. PK said that this is wrong number, thus the person shouldn’t do it. God(s) as the most merciful won’t make his worshiper to do things beyond their limit or ability.

His action sparks the same movement all over India. People reporting and mentioned this “wrong number” act. Some people report that some Christian priest claimed that he can go to heaven if he embraced the teaching and faith of Christ, but the man thinking and said if God loves him, he would’ve been born in Christian family not Hindu, he concluded that this is “wrong number”. Other said that some temple claimed that in order for their prays to be answered, they should “sacrificed” specific amount of money, thus this is “wrong number”, etc.


PK then asked to do debate with a temple priest live on TV, in this movie the priest a very respectful that holds his amulet. The priest said if he can prove him wrong, PK can have his amulet. This debate is interesting, especially when the priest ask if PK didn’t believe in God because his action somehow creates a movement to bust or shaming some religion. PK answers the question beautifully and, also if you’re sensitive or something, sharp to the point of offensive; he believes in God that creates us all, but not the one the priest or other man created, which is in someway…most of modern day religion ha ha.

Wow, this is a very good movie with a very open to interpretation by our very own understanding message, or a hidden agenda if you’re too sensitive or something. I highly recommended this movie for everyone, so we can give more thoughts about religion. Not because I despise religion, but for us to give second thought before justifying our act in the name of religion or something. Please do watch this movie just to give you idea about religion. Yes they are different from one another, or even similar in some way but that’s the point, why can’t we all get along he he.


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