Orient Mako XL, The Best Affordable Diver (For Me)

So, I decided to buy “diver” watch, the affordable one according to watch fan around the world, an Orient Mako. And to make it more obvious, I say it forward, I LOVE THIS WATCH!!!! And I will tell you why.

Pros :

  • Big, bulky, robust, luxurious
  • Beautiful display, even more beautiful than Seiko SKX
  • Better steel strap than Seiko
  • Reliable movement and power reserve

Cons :

  • Doesn’t have certification for 200m water resistant
  • Weak lume
  • Bezel doesn’t have pinpoint arrow and not as smooth as Seiko

When people asked what is the best affordable diver watch, majority will say, Seiko SKX007 (or SKX009). It’s a great watch, certified 200mm for diving, robust and reliable. BUT, the price tag is still not affordable for me. The cheapest one is 2,3 million Rupiah (approximately $ 220). Also, Seiko SKX series are known for its notorious wobbly, wonky, cheap steel strap. Thus I look for another alternative.


That’s where I found Orient, another Japanese brand that also deemed affordable, especially the Mako line. Somehow I found that my Mako XL (bigger in diameter than another Mako or even Seiko SKX series) is the cheapest one available (available for 1,6 million Rupiah or approximately $ 150). So I bought it in a heartbeat, without reviewing the pros & cons. pure impulse action I might say.

Then it arrives, with stainless steel strap. Bulky, robust, heavy and luxurious, yeah Orient is more “formal” than Seiko somehow. Somehow this watch is manlier than SKX series and with a better steel strap than Seiko. But it looks too bulky for me, so I swapped the strap immediately. Sure Mako XL feels too big for some, but not for me. The 22mm strap looks proportional with this 45mm (approximately) beast. Even some people say that Orient own movement is more reliable than Seiko

Bigger, more luxurious & IMHO, better than my friend’s SKX007
No starting point, just big “60”

If there are things that I don’t like is the bezel. Not because it’s only 60 clicks (Seiko 120 clicks, hence smoother bezel rotation) or because the bezel is sturdier than Seiko (it’s a man watch, I’ll use my manly strength to turned it ^_^), but because Mako XL doesn’t have pinpoint arrow for the starting point in the bezel. I’m not a diver but I use the bezel for other stuffs like boiling egg, tell me how many minutes passed from a speech, etc.

Another one cons is the lume, which in my case is weak compared to Seiko, I don’t know is it because my watch is ex-display or something ha ha. But it’s kinda hard to see the display in the dark, the display is more beautiful and luxurious than Seiko SKX.

What about 200m non certified water resistant? Well, if you’re not a diver, it doesn’t matter. I use it for bath, swim, etc and it’s resist water just fine (if not fantastic).

Bottom line, this is the best affordable diver I ever bought (so far that is). This is for you who have big wrist, or man enough to wear such a bold statement watch. This watch is looks more expensive than the price tag it wear. This baby could be use as formal dress companion or as a beater watch. Highly recommended. If you think this watch is too big, buy Orient Mako (not the XL) or Orient Raven. Smaller but looks better than Seiko SKX IMHO.

Highly versatile & adaptable for any situation
Luxurious from bottom to the top
My best watch so far



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