Human Deep Dark Secret Lessons from Trump’s Victory

Any objections?

Well, probably people still wonder how on earth that Donald Trump won the US presidential Election. Did he cheat? Or there something wrong in the system? A glitch or something? Etc, etc. But the fact is, he won. Fair & square with margin difference that you can’t deny. So, seeing this, I personally found something to be learned here. Oh, this is a point of view from non US Citizen that loves watching a commotion or accident waiting to happen he he. Also I’m not a Trump supporter so this is a weird point of view of someone that fascinated by his victory.Trump’s victory revealed some of human deep dark secret that many people deny or pretends never existed. Especially those who believes in equality, liberty & all that jazz. Here is some that I found he he.

1. Silent majority

Say what you want but the fact that Trump won at large margin show that the majority of US citizen prefer him rather than Hillary. Sure most celebrity bitching about how bad & awful he is. But probably know we know that those celebrity probably minority that received out of proportion highlight by the media or some hidden agenda promoted by the media that have common interest?

We all know that media hates Trump, celebrity hated Trump, and IT mogul hates Trump. Almost everyone hates Trump, everyone that supposed to “matter” prefer Hillary than him. But wow, how the table has turned & the silent majority decided that Trump is better than Hillary.

Or the lesson here is, for everyone who thinks that they are “influential” people or celebrity or anything, this is a wake up call that maybe you’re not that influential, people just love to see you do some $hit that entertaining for them, not impacted or something. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your content or mapping your viewer or follower he he.

2. Social Media

This is interesting, because like I mentioned on point number 1, influential people doesn’t have a significant impact on the voters. Even though mainstream media, makes Trump a target, reporting every “mistakes” or bad behaviors, he still wins.

Some people blame social media such as facebook or twitter that “allegedly” giving false information about Trump. Though honestly information on social media is almost always misleading or bias depends on the point of view of the people that post the information. People somehow attracted to the information on social media that showing different point of view about Trump that was shown in majority media (that describing Trump as the bad guy). And isn’t “influential” people is the one that use or even abuse social media as their tool to promote anti-Trump agenda?

3. Backfire Attack

This is in conjunction with point number 2 where majority of media describing Trump as the bad guy or suggesting people to vote the other contender, bold moves that probably make the voter fed up with this “unethical” move by media or even social media. This is probably why voter tend to disbelief what major media told them to do.

Either people fed up with Trump “antiquity” or this is basic human psychology that tends to do the opposite that they are supposed to do or tell to do ha ha. Either way, these are a major back-fire or slap in the face for everyone that abuse media & social media for their own personal agenda.

4. Xenophobia

This is probably where we dive into most people deep dark fear, the unknown. People always afraid what they don’t know or understand, and it’s very human to do that. Not everyone can welcome changes that easily, or to adapt changes. This is where Trump wins. He “ensures” the status quo won’t change.

Honestly, this is also what happens with Brexit. British people think that immigrant or open boarder like E.U. is hurting their economy. Foreign people stealing their jobs, tax, etc. It’s better to shut themselves or put a barrier or wall to protect them from the danger or harm that “might be” just occurred in their mind. This is “us against them” train of thought at its core.

5. Power

This one is also interesting and also in conjunction with point number 4, about power or the upper hand. Voters are tired, fed up with feeling of powerlessness from the danger or harm that “might be” just occurred in their mind (immigrant, authority, tax, etc) and they think that Trump will turned the table into their favor.

Trump also, showing the tendency to bully others, being jerk or something, which some people somehow judge as aggressive, self confidence or powerful. To have that kind of figure on their side is probably makes them feel save.

The feeling of being powerful or gained the upper hand is always tempting. That’s why people say power tends to corrupt, that’s why it needs to be checked. But power is so tempting so most people just go with it. IMHO, that is what happens in Israel-Palestine conflict, the war for power, land and gaining authority with religion mixed in the bag so the conflict will be justifiable.

6. Economy

Obama’s reign doesn’t have any significant impact on US economy most people said, and so they decided to choose Trump, a non democrat party candidate. Also his xenophobic view ensures them that Trump will prefer domestic economy rather than spending money elsewhere.

Well, no matter how great you are for the rest of the world, it doesn’t matter if the people that are closest to you didn’t approved or enjoy the benefit. Like it or not, what’s in it for me is the most important question, even if the answer won’t be the answer that people expected to be. Take note everyone, please do good to people around you first, after that you can do whatever you want as long as the people closest to you is already provided he he.

7. Hypocrisy

Despite what everyone said about bully, it will never disappear or vanish. It’s natural to bully someone that is different, weaker or anything unlike you (different), or probably just the spitting image of everything you despise or wanted to be but you can’t. Even the act of bully could be viewed as a show force, to show dominance or something. Or just picture this, bully or jocks will always be the alpha male of some community right? At least being the center of attention.

One funny thing is, Trump came out of nowhere and suddenly won the election. Some people probably curious to see how far he will come and give him a chance, until they realize that the “monster” they create is too big to be stopped at the moment ha ha. Just like some people curious about Brexit, they freaked out when they realize the act of curiosity become reality ha ha.

Another act of hypocrisy is when the party or group that against Trump, that pointed that Trump is a bully, sexist, violent, etc, is becoming that bully, sexist, etc person themselves. They march on, strike, and even wreak havoc because they can’t accept the fact that Trump won in the system that they “believe” in. Ironic really, but also funny at the same time. Some states even threaten to leave U.S. and became independent state if Trump is officially crowned. They just can’t accept defeat or did this what happened if those “majority” (influential people) somehow become minority. They can’t accept if things went not the way they wanted.

8. The voice of people is the voice of God?

Last but not least, the most important question I always ask that nobody could give me a satisfaction answer: is the voice of people is the voice of God? I’ll be straight forward to say that I agree when Steve Jobs said that people don’t know what they want or needed unless you show them. Being majority doesn’t mean you’re right, it’s just like “just because you hurt too, doesn’t make you right” or the “greater good” is always the better option.

People are dumb sometimes, people tend to follow the flock / herd even if the mobs are wrong. Even people considered confidents as traits of righteous people. And that’s why the majority isn’t always right. Sometimes it’s the crazy people / the outsider that will change the world. Because they look at things in different point of view. Loves changes and like to try something new he he


Well, that’s what I learn from Trump’s victory and little bit of human deep dark secret. Most people will worry that Trump will make things go bad. But I like to see whether Trump will do all those atrocious, bombastic, crazy rhetorical campaign or he became pragmatic knowing that everything he do could effect everything ha ha. I mean, he isn’t the first of its kind. We have Hitler, Mussolini, Ahmadinejad or other “outstanding” leader of the nation & it’s alright with the world anyway.


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