SKX007 vs. SNZF17, A Matter of Preference

So, most watch aficionado agree that Seiko SKX007 is one of the best, most affordable diver watch available. I wholeheartedly agree with that. SKX007 is a tool that built & designed for diving, and they even got certified for it. But there are reasons why I prefer to buy something else, like my Orient Mako Pepsi, besides the fact that it’s cheaper than SKX007^_^.

So, I once have the opportunity to buy new watch, which at first would like to be SKX007. But then all of a sudden I stumbled to another watch, also from Seiko, type SNZF17 with code name “Sea Urchin”. So, SKX007 priced at Rp. 2.700.000, – (approximately $200) while SNZF17 priced at Rp. 1.500.000, – (approximately $110). Of course I buy sea urchin without second thought. Don’t know why though.

But suddenly I realize why I bought SNZF17 rather than SKX007, I found the reasons when my friend bought SKX007 and I compared it with mine. So, the rest of this page will probably tell you why SKX007 isn’t my cup of tea. Not by all means it’s a bad watch (it’s one of the best I admit), it’s just a matter of preference I guess.

First, just like the reason I prefer Orient rather than Seiko, the elegance or luxury. Somehow SNZF17 shows more…formal or finesse than SKX007. Also the design of the body also shows that SNZF17 have more “streamlined” body (especially from the sides) and the dial also shows more elegance feel rather than SKX007. Let the pictures do the talking.

They both looked great from above

SKX007 side view kinda chubby
Crown position is depends on your preference
I love the glass back case on SNZF17

True, from technical standpoints, SKX007 beat the hell of SNZF17, the price tag doesn’t lie about that. SKX007 is a true diver with certified 200m water resistant while SNZF17 is only diver style watch with 100m water resistant (that mentions a lots). The rotating bezel also gives you the reason the price tag is a wide margins, SKX007 rotating bezel is silky smooth, sounds heavenly and almost effortless to rotate with 120 clicks (so damn satisfying) while SNZF17 rotating bezel is “hard” and the sound is “CLICKY” in a loud way.

Another best feature of SNZF17 is the fact that date and day dial is black with white numbers and letters. It’s a small feature that makes the display looks so much better and elegance. This realization also makes SNZF17 is even better than my Pepsi Mako he he (even the deep-oh-satisfying-blue dial can’t help) in terms of display somehow.

Black is awesome ^_^

But honestly, as a watch it self, I prefer SNZF17 somehow. Sure it’s “only” 100m water resistant, but it’s not like I’m a professional diver or something. It’s a great watch to swim in a pool or playing on the beach anyway. The elegance it shows makes SNZF17 the best bang for the buck, the beautiful body somehow certified this watch as “Bond in a budget” for regular Joe. You can brought this watch to a party. The price tag is even better than SKX007. A matter of preference anyway, but SNZ F17 makes it 2nd the best on my watch so far (the best is still my Vostok ha ha).

Best bang for the buck

4 thoughts on “SKX007 vs. SNZF17, A Matter of Preference

  1. Love the review.
    We share the same interest. I had been wearing my sea urchin for a year until I found a new heart, SNE435. Still I think the sea urchin looks tougher.

    • Thanks dude he he. Honestly it’s a matter of preference. SNE probably more accurate with its solar battery and more eye catching he he. Some people prefer automatic movements though

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