You Got Exactly What You “Want” In Life

I found this image on the internet and it got me thinking, this is probably right. We got exactly what we “want” in life. The problem is, that “want” is a very loose term that can’t be generated to everyone’s standard or even normal standard. Just read the image attached below.

Got the point? Sometimes we don’t know what we really “want” or to be exact, we thought that what we want is what we need. We even justified it with that stupid quote “never regret what you wanted, because at one point, that is exactly what you wanted”. What if what I really wanted once was to kill someone or to get “some” with someone else that I don’t supposed to like others wife, celebrity or imagination character? Seriously, Steve Jobs is right when he mentioned that people never know what they want until we showed them.
So, we’re supposed to find what we “want”? As simple as that really? Well, that’s the tricky part, a want is not a need, I always said that, but to make things worst, the “want” is usually temporary or just a phase like that hot girl from high school that you lusted and would do anything for…until you realize that she’s not worth it because one thing or another.
That “want” is, sometimes though, isn’t strong enough or to be more honest, not worth it, either you realize it or not ha ha. OK, to make that statement clear, I’m going to put it this way. In this modern age, where technology makes life easier, somehow it makes us more…weak I guess. I mean, we’re supposed to be the king of the food chain, Khalifah, the most dangerous predator of all time he he. But look at us know, victory has made us weak, too lazy to work out etc. Well, that’s an exaggerated but I hope you see through the sarcasm or stupid analogy of it.
We live in the world where we could get what we want instantly. This is a double edge sword depends on how you perceive it. It makes the process easier or we just don’t appreciate the process anymore. We don’t care about the details, the ups & down, as long as the result is in our favor. To make matter worse, we’ve seen how some people gain their 15 minutes of fame and somehow able to maintain it, even if some would say, it’s our fault to make stupid people famous or something, but the fact that they sill around is a sign that this is what “majority” likes, or even worship.
I’m sick to see how people treat Kardashians as if they are the best, most talented people or something. Or how people adored Korean celebrity for their “beauty” even if the fact that plastic surgery is so common, even a culture there. Or how today’s celebrity is the individual that sell controversy rather than achievement or work of art (even if art it self is also depends on the eye or ear of the beholder). As if what matter is the style, over the substance. These celebrities justified their reckless, stupid and dumb act in the name of be yourself, being honest, etc. No wonder today’s youth is become more & more like @$$Hole. They were “taught” that it’s cool to be promiscuous, to be a gangster or ghetto, etc.

True that those people I mentioned also maybe work hard to get to what they are today. But unfortunately this type of people gave the young generation a weird understanding on how to become success or how to behave. They seek the fastest way to became famous, or as if people acknowledgement or approval is important for them (sure it’s important, but not the goal, but byproduct or the result of the effort).
But then again, maybe this is the new era or something and I’m just the relic from the past. So, I guess people today should just stop complaining if their life isn’t the way that they “want” to. Because, just like the story of the image, if you want that life, earn it, work hard for it. If in the process you got distracted by social media, chasing fun or etc. Then I guess that “want” isn’t strong enough for you to be committed to it. You got the exactly what you “want” in life, be a slacker I guess ^_^.


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