Gundam Barbatos Lupus 1/144. Worth Every Penny of it!!!

So, I always have a soft spot for Gundam. But those figures are damn expensive and takes time to built. So all of my Gundam is their cheapest one, the 1/144 scale. And I lost interest in modern Gundam. I stopped watching Gundam after Gundam Wing (too many pretty boys with lame story). I tried Gundam SeeD but that series is kinda…not my cup of tea to be polite. And Turn A Gundam is…a blasphemy or insult IMHO.

My last Gundam figure that I bought is Gundam Astray Red frame, the first one with that big Samurai sword. I love it, even paid someone to painted it ha ha. After that, I have a long hiatus of buying Gundam figures (and also the favt that Zeta Gundam is nowhere to be seen, I don’t have any bucket list left).

 But, last week I stumbled a Gundam is bargain bin, this Gundam, Barbatos Lupus. For Rp 200k. Very cheap for a Gundam figure. And it has a big damn sword. So I just bought it ha ha

Damn cheap!!?

And it’s even got further reductions. So the price is actually Rp 150k. WOW!!! I honestly don’t have any expectations but even if the figure turned out disappointing, I won’t have any regrets ha ha.

So yesterday I just built it. And see how it goes.

Standard features so far

But as the figures reached it final form. I just realized how long I was  away from Gundam figures that I just shocked to see how detailed they’ve become. Even in 1/144 figures.

Wow, no paint or glued required but the details…

The finished figure is so awesome, it didn’t looked like an assembled figure if you don’t look at it closely. A damn good manufactured figure.

Look at this beauty!!!
And that humongous sword

Damn. Even if the foot is looked weak and wobbly. It managed to stay stable, even posing it with its humongous sword.

Don’t a need a posing stand

Wow. This figure makes me want to buy more Gundam figures ha ha. Just to see how far they’ve come in assembling plastic into such a great figures. And this Barbatos is also a great figure. Buy it just to taste how great and satisfying to build and play with Gundam figures he he.

Oh, sorry for the $hitty image. I just so excited that I posted this immediately he he


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