Why Do You Still Wear a (Dumb) Watch in This Day & Age?

Maybe it’s just me or something, but I found less & less people wearing watch these days. People even use their cell phone for checking time rather than use their watch (even when they wear a watch ^_^). I guess this so-called trend cemented in that movie, “The Internship” where the main character realized that their job as watch salesman is over due to that trend and their acknowledgement that wearing a watch is dying breed.
I’m glad that somehow I manage to “infected” my friend to became watch aficionado he he. Even if it means that they just buy one watch, the fact that they happy with their watch is, at least for me, the sign that watch is not going to died and disappeared. Maybe it became a niche or cliché market but it will survive. There are lots of watch club out there, and the fact that Google, apple, etc try to made smart-watch is undeniable fact that watch is here to stay.
Honestly, I don’t see the importance of using smart-watch, or even android gear, or any kind smart-accessories. Well, I’m not a fitness buff but I don’t see any benefit for an accessories that drain your phone battery (connected via Bluetooth), doesn’t stand alone (even if it’s stand alone, limited function) and also poor battery performance, besides it probably looks cool or show how rich you are he he. Maybe smart-watch is in premature state or something that will be better in the future, but I don’t need a distraction from my phone if my phone could do it all anyway (that’s why people look at their phone rather than watch, why not use it also for notifications, or use their phone for fitness applications).
I guess this is why I’m wondering, why did I still used (dumb) watch in this day & age. So far, this is top reasons why:
1. Time reminder or checker

This is the basic function that works just right. A watch is a machine that exactly tells you what time is it. Even if some people would say that the definition of time it self is only a concept that was created by men to coop with changes of sun or moon movement, or just to standardized daily schedule, but that is the point, a machine that tells you what time is it.
Sure people would say that a watch, analog watch to be exact, the automatic machine, tends to be faster or slower within weeks or months, thus it’s inaccurate. True, but that’s what I enjoyed from using automatic or even hand winding watch, set the time early in the morning before activity. If you want accuracy, you should used quartz watch or digital watch. Problem solved he he.
2. The good old days

Ah, the good old days, what I mean with this is the fact that in the good old days, you don’t need to do everything, just do one thing good and it’s good enough, or even a job well done. That’s what a watch really is, a machine to tell time, everything else is an extra or added value.
This is also why I don’t jump into smart-watch bandwagon, that thing trying too hard to do or to be everything. They should focus into a watch first and everything else later instead of try to do everything, that’s why the only smart watch so far that I recommended is only pebble.
3. The history, prestige and all that jazz

This is the extra and added value of a watch (besides the number 4 below, style) that the wearer can get benefit from. Wearing a watch isn’t really just wearing a watch for watch aficionado. You should know the history of the manufacturer, the type of movement, water resistant, material, etc. Because a watch isn’t really a watch for people who really like watch. It’s a culmination of human engineering, seriously, just look at automatic or manual winding watch and you’ll realize how damn ingenuity human really is. You’ll appreciate the history of the manufacturer or the progress they made in conjunction with the method of modern days watch.
If you buy a cheap watch and then buy an expensive one (even not Rolex or Omega but something like Seiko or Orient) you’ll realize how fancy, authentic, and luxurious those watch compared to the cheap one. That’s why the prestige of wearing luxury watch sometimes can’t be compared by using smart-watch or affordable watch.
Wearing watch also shows your preference or in some level shows what kind of person you are. If you prefer automatic watch, you’re the type that loves hassle free or simple things. You don’t need or don’t bother yourself to change battery. Vice versa if you prefer quartz, you’re also a simple man that might not be devoted because you can change your watch without the hassle of setting the watch when the power reserve is done. If you love digital watch, you might be a highly adaptable person that embrace changes and loves technology. Sure this preference might be biased, but it might be an indicator, just like in your preference of shoes, women, etc.
4. Style

Ah, this is also an added value or extra, but for some people this is the most important stuff. A watch is a versatile accessory that could easily adapt to your style whenever you needed it. Even small modification like changing strap can really change the watch into something else entirely different. That’s why sometimes people could only use one watch but different straps just suit it with the occasions.
5. Battery life

Smart watch, at the moment I wrote this, had a maximum battery life of 6 months (but with normal battery not li-on). The li-on maximum life is approximately 7 days. That’s why wearing them is such a hassle, at least for me that is. Wearing a dumb watch doesn’t required the mundane charge your battery activity in order to use it. My automatic watch only need date and day setting after inactive, my manual winding just like that but need a simple winding (but if you wear it as daily driver, you just need winding and then it’ all system go, quartz watch can withstand 5 years of battery cycle (my G-shock last for 10 years!).
So yeah, maybe I’m old school, and my love for watch is probably a sign that I’m remnant or relic of the past. But I don’t think watch is going to be dead & forgotten. Smart-watch is the answer to the question whether wearing watch is a dying breed. Just like wearing shoe, or choose a car or cell phone, what type of music we listens, a watch showing what kind of person we really are I guess. And as long as people have their unique traits or ability, I guess watch will always be needed.


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