Trying Fake @$$ Rolex

Following my previous blog about how I really enjoy my built your own Vostok amphibian zissou. I always wonder if Vostok its cheap price tag can stand toe to toe with giants like Rolex, Omega, SEIKO, etc. What if cheap automatic watch from China is actually good and could also held their ground compares to the giants?
Sure people already try to compare it and the verdict is always the same; don’t wasting your time and money for fake watch, save some money buy the real one. It’s cheaper on long term and it is an investment, unless you probably just need the fake watch for parts or something.
But the itch to taste those cheap watches is so tempting because of the prize. I mean, my Vostok is only 289 K (approximately $24) but it was made in the 90’s. The cost to face lift it into Zissou amphibian cost me (plus the price of the watch) 459 K (approximately $43). The most famous Chinese watch is Parnis, and their dive style (5 bar water resistant, 50m) it cost just like my face lift Vostok. And there are other Chinese watches that even way cheaper like SOKI, Winner or Sewor with $15-$20 price tag.
I manage to make my friend buy a fake Rolex for 169 K ($14), that’s even cheaper than SOKI, Sewor, etc! Could you believe it? Well, the watch came and we unbox it (yes it came with a box, Rolex box, cheap though) and IMHO, this watch has the same quality as cheap SOKI, Sewor, etc. How did they manage to sell it cheaper than those brands? Because it is actually slapped Rolex on it? That’s actually makes people more interested though.

Cheap box
Well, the watch feels cheap, has water resistant though (probably 3 ATM or something), has functioned bezel (unidirectional), has awful steel strap (even Seiko SKX stainless steel strap is cheap though). 

The transparent back case reveals the cheapness 😅
Compared to my old Seiko, the shining chrome on the fake only makes it worse

All in all, I think you should spend more time with affordable but original stuff rather than this cheap fake one. Honestly, it might be better if you even buy SOKI, Sewor, etc rather than this one. At least it has the dignity to be themselves rather than claiming as other brands he he.

As cool as it may looks. I won’t wearing it ha ha

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