Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name), An Almost Perfect Movie IMHO

So yeah, it’s been late but I finally watch Kimi No Nawa or Your Name in english translation, a 2016 surprise hit of Japanese animation that created such a fuzz in the otaku world and even gain positive reviews by westerner reviewer such as Rotten Tomatoes and even Chris Stuckman, a YouTuber that gain my respect and approval for reviewing movies. This movie even also aired in Indonesia in CGV Blitz (a cinema franchise that usually more “indie” than 21 cineplex, another franchise that focused on Hollywood blockbuster). Seeing all the hype, this movie should be good right?
Well, to make it short. YES!!!! This is a movie that I would call almost perfect or flawless IMHO. It’s been a while since I saw a movie that makes me appreciate the details. I love the animation, the soundtrack, the background music, the pace, the simple yet convoluted plot, the bittersweet story and the very generic Japanese themes that somehow manage to stay interested from the beginning to the end. Damn this movie is really something and even if someone read this stupid review, it will be just like preaching to the choir, you’ll agree with how great this movie is he he.
If this is a review, where would I begin? Well the story started kind of familiar if you love Japanese animation, especially romantic love story. The plot, to make it simple is the story about a boy & a girl that somehow gets their body swapped for some period of time, hence they learn about each other, their life, their town and finally falls in love with each other. Sounds simple and so Japanese right? Well there’s a plot twist that makes me wondering how this movie should end he he.
Seriously, Japanese story is well-known for the “consequences” in their story. Their so called happy ending usually had the protagonist sacrifice something, or in order to gain means to an end, usually there is a high price they should pay. That’s why I mentioned the bittersweet story but man oh man you have to see this movie to appreciate the simple things in life, the coming of age, stupid youth story that you’re going to tell your offspring. This movie plot made me shed my manly tears and appreciates the simple things ha ha.

The story itself is already good (based on novel that Makoto Shinkai wrote before the movie & released before the movie), but the animation is so good but not topnotch. The graphic is a combination of traditional hand drawn and (probably) cell-shaded background that seamlessly makes the animation so beautiful. You can appreciate the beauty of nature when the story takes place in the girl hometown but also wowed by the ambience of modern Tokyo. And they say this movie is kind of low budget indie movie? Seriously?! The graphic is AWESOME!!!!!!

Beautiful graphic

The music also worthy of praised. The soundtrack by the band RADWIMPS created specifically for the movie, which makes the soundtrack itself worth to buy (even if the music that contains lyric is only 4 song, there’s actually 5 songs but another 1 is another version of one of the 4 song). The music blend beautifully with the dialogue, not as annoying like some movies where the soundtrack kicks in and the dialogue doesn’t seem important (even when the music contains lyric). I’ll guarantee you’ll be humming the song even if you don’t know the lyric he he. This movie ignites my old love to Japanese band after a long hiatus and no new J-rock band catch my attention.
The voice acting is good, just like any other Japanese animation you’d expect. Japanese had their own level regarding the voice acting, even if someone not accustomed to Japanese animation might find the voice or how they reacts is too cute or comical sometimes. But I guess no complains here. 
Well (I use many “well” in this review somehow), what can I say? Just watch it. It’s a good movie that you’ll remember for years to come. I have a blast watching it, even if I watch it in my office while work and using earphones and small screen to avoid suspicions. I’ll watch it again & again & again that’s for sure & that’s how I love this movie so much. I hope when I watch it again with my wife she’ll appreciate it as much as I do. This movie is almost perfect IMHO. I love everything about it. Give it a chance & I’ll bet even if you swore you hate Japanese animation, you’ll either smile a little or even shed a little tear watching this movie.


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