We Live In Grey World? Or We Just complicate It

People say we live in grey world. The line between wrong or right is getting blurry nowadays. It’s not as simple as black & white anymore. But is it really the case? I remember when I was smaller, things don’t get as complicated as today. There are guidelines and rule that works as simple as it get. Obey it, you’re fine but broken it, you’re wrong and there’s a consequence. As simple as that, so what went wrong? How come the world is filled with grey matters?
Probably people will said, the world isn’t as big as your house. There are different rules applied in different houses, in different families, even in different countries. And that’s where the problem lies IMHO. We try to applying too many rules or try too hard to please everyone.
Let me put it this way, in Indonesia, there’s an old saying “Di mana bumi di pijak disitu langit dijunjung” which means that we have to honor the culture or rules of the place where we are at the moment. If you’re in a place where Islamic culture is applied, dress yourself accordingly to the culture. If you’re a Moslem who came to other countries that don’t have the same culture as you (e.g. Germany with Beer culture or Chinese with pork food as a common thing), respect that culture! Avoid the things that doesn’t suit your culture (beer, alcohol, pork, etc) just be vegetarian or cook your own food, don’t force your so-called needs just to make a statement that yours is “needed to be heard” while what you’re doing is just bragging that yours is better than them.

So true

This difference among us should’ve taught us to respect others and unfortunately this is where people used the so-called self righteous or superior complex or whatever you called it to act above the local value and force that what they believe is the right one. I guess deep down we all just a self-righteous b@$tard he he.
Sometimes some group of people try to forcefully adapt foreign value that seems beneficially, or grant them permission to be “different”, the extreme sample is where LGBT try to make their way of life accepted in country that forbid them, especially in Islamic country or where the population is majority Moslem. The non extreme case is probably what we see in the social media right now, free sex, bragging rights, excessive life, etc.
This is where the so-called modern age makes things hard because in this digital age, internet, TV, makes the so-called border or boundary of some culture is, well vanished. My parents always wondering where did the good old fashioned value that once a well known traits of our country went into, probably just like “chivalry is dead” because we killed it. I hates when people thinks that my good manners is an act of flirt (if it’s the opposite sex) or try to licking someone’s @$$. Is it so hard to be a good person? Or we just accept the fact that we bound to be failed to be decent because these are an indecent time we living it? We were supposed to be the people that live in modesty, honest, back to nature or even well-known for hospitality. Right now I saw Indonesian as a culture that were swallowed by globalization and the clash between traditional & modernization (that not always compatible with our core value) is creating quite a schism.
Honestly, there are things called mere exposure effect that explains that if we are exposed to something for some period of time, we will be familiar to it & accept it. Like if we spent time with junkies, prostitute, killer, etc (without keeps in touch with other people that supposed to be the “normal”) we will “understand them or even agree with them. Like some twisted Stockholm Syndrome. That’s why Islamic countries very concerns with the depiction of free sex, liberal life or anything that doesn’t in-line with their believes, people tend to influenced by it (or corrupted in extreme way of saying it).
Either we abused the so-called empathy and human rights or something, but since we tried to understand why people do something (really bad) or maybe they just @$$hole, the thin line becoming more & more blurry as time goes in. Or probably people just wants to corrupt more people the way they are corrupted ha ha, as in misery loves company, the more the merrier. Or we just wants to have easy way to enjoy life, hedonistic is a human traits. This story about an Islam immigrant that exposed to American culture is a food for thought, I’m not saying he is wrong, but this is the mere exposure effect if you ask me he he. But that’s the tricky part about “justifying” things that you shouldn’t do, it leads to another he he.

Sure we have to be “open-minded” for new things, culture or everything, but I believe we have to maintain our identity, our core values or our default believes. After all, in order to judge something is better or not we need a comparison that in this case our default norm. Either we like it or not, we need someone else to judge or to asses or appraise ourselves. True we live in a grey world, but it’s because we complicate it with try to adapt with many things that sometimes doesn’t even compatible with us. Sometimes we just have to stick with what we believe, no matter what other people say, it may cost us some friend, but friend of anyone is friend of none if you ask me. If someone hates you, that means you stood for something he he, for better or worse.

Maybe though

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