Another Bootleg (Sort Of) Watch Experience

So, just when I thought that I was done with bootleg watch, suddenly I found something interesting, a weird looking watch. An Omega Seamasters look-a-like. And the curiosity lit within me like Christmas tree set on fire 😅.

Courtesy of Vintagenoid Instagram

So, looking at the fact that I still has extra cash to burn. I decision to give it a shot and bought it. Regardless the warning within me about my last experience with bootleg product, I can’t help to try ha ha.

Seriously, this thing is like a genius attempt at the so-called bootleg. The watch is borderline homage rather than a bootleg. The body is a copy of the beloved Omega Seamasters but the cheap looks (especially the dial is different with Chinese words in it). There’s little info about it. Even the seller only said Chinese diver style watch.

There’s something interesting about something that doesn’t shy away from being copycat. It’s like looking at the abyss and when the abyss look back at you. You smile and embrace it he he. No wonder this watch intrigued me. So I can’t wait for it.

The watch came and the strap already aged and decayed he he. So I immediately changed it.

Clasp strap though

With my Seiko’s nato strap

The bar already dented though

Honestly, the watch is bad in every possible way. The dial is bland, uninspired and looks cheap (kinda like sterile dial with stickers). The hands looks OK, the lume died long ago sadly. The back case revealed the watch brand (probably) Chang Cheng…which is suck. The name doesn’t have any charisma or magic in it he he.

Oh, it’s a big watch. 45mm diameter and with body that resembling Seamasters, this is a showstopper for watch aficionado. Until they realized the strange details he he.

Kinda lame

Well, I’ve been wearing it for days and gladly the power reserve still good, approximately 40 hours. The machine probably Asian or Chinese movements but it serves it purpose. Water resistant is…I haven’t tested it with swimming but for ablution, washing hand or bath still works, probably 3ATM. At least as a watch it’s good (kinda).

So, will I recommend this watch to someone else? It depends on the individual. If you use this watch for its novelty and have a good laugh when people thought that what you wear is Seamasters, this is for you. A one of a kind watch that probably others won’t have (or willing to have).

But if people came at you and you ashamed, this isn’t for you. The watch ain’t a spitting image of its inspiration, the Seamasters. It’s more like you spit at someone and they evaded then beat the crap out of you then spit at you ha ha. That’s how “cheap” this watch is.

I guess “the price did not lie” is true. But for the novelty and the fact it’s one of a kind watch, this watch fit the bill.


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