Schleich Batman vs The Joker

I always love the 3.75 inch figures. Don’t know why but there’s something good in that scale that makes the figure small enough to enter the pocket and brought anywhere probably. But at the recent state, 3.75 figures is a dying breed. Most manufacturers left this scale and moving to 6 inch figures. Even if they still manufactured 3.75 figures, most of them are sucks (in term of articulation, paint job, design, molds and even the highest offender is the soaring high prize).
Thank God that Japan manufacturers sometimes provide us with awesome alternative for 3.75 figures in the form of Gashapon or trading figure. They usually have great mold and paint job but with zero articulation (with the exception of Micro Man line from Takara). So, basically Japanese figures is a static figure or mini statue, but a great addition for 3.75 figures collector like me.
Recently, a German manufacture Schleich gain a rights to produce DC (and Marvel) statue and this makes me very happy because Schleich is known for a quality figure, even though most of what they do is animal or medieval figures. I already purchased some of them and review one (The armored Batman) and shows my Flash Figure in one my review (Batman Beyond 3.75 figure review). Basically Shcleich is a hit or miss sometimes because the paint job in the facial area is either…ugly he he.
But since a decent 3.75 Joker figure is nowhere to be sighted, I decided to buy Schleich Batman vs Joker figure, even if my concern regarding facial paint job is worrying me. Batman is probably OK since his mask hides the facial expression, but what about Joker? Well, since his image on the product catalogue is good (compared to the God awful Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot and comic figure on the catalogue), I just go with it.
Then the figure came and I’m…quite happy with it. Let’s proceed with the review.

Kinda dull package

Out of the box. Front shot

Back shot

Look at those smile

The facial is…suck on Batman

Constipated face. He needs to go the bat(h)room

To sum it all, I’m quite happy with this figure(s), especially The Joker. The grin menacing smile is intact and looks devilish in the prince clown of Gotham. The Batman is what makes me kinda…not disappointed, just “whelmed” (not under or overwhelmed) if I could quoted Robin from Young Justice. But all in all, this is a good figure(s) that completed your 3.75 inch figure collection.

With my Wonder Woman KFC figure

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