Vintage Timex, Cuz…Why Not? I

So, I decided to enhance my watch collection to more than just sporty style (diver, digital, etc) and try dress watch. Unfortunately most of the so-called dress watch is not my cup of tea. Most that I can afford (still jobless 😅) is Quartz (not that is a bad thing but automatic watch is already taken my heart & soul) or the brand is not “iconic” enough for me (Daniel Wellington, Guess, etc that didn’t make their own movement). Probably I became a snob or something he he.

So I decided to jump into vintage territory. Why? Because it’s cheap ha ha. I once bought a vintage Ginsbo for just Rp 300.000,- (approximately $20) in a good condition. And my dad snatched it from me ha ha.

So I was inspired by TGV love for his vintage Timex. I found a good site about vintage Timex that’s very informative really encourage me to try vintage Timex.

Honestly, it’s not my first time using Timex. I’ve been quite a fan of them since high school days. I once have a Timex expedition & Weekender, both are, in their own terms & jargon, worn “well” he he. I sold them after heavy abuse and it still sold in a good price.

Most watch snob probably knows Timex for many reasons; affordable, great legacy, beater watch, etc. But me personally remember my time with Timex for 3 reasons, it ticks “loudly” (seriously, I have to put it on drawer just to eliminate the sound) and the light or illumination if the dial is really helpful especially in the dark and lastly, meh water resistant he he (around 30 or 50 ATM).

It ain’t a deal-breaker though, Timex provides a great looking, reliable and feel-good watch. I always preferred them than most dress watches that I mentioned before. That’s why I’m not hesitated to buy a vintage one.

First thing first if you buying a vintage is, please realize that you buying an old (but not obsolete) watch so don’t expecting a tiptoe condition or even performance. My Ginsbo (that my father snatched😅) is conditionally & performance-ly OK (minus water resistant). But I always feel the need to be delicate and gentle. That’s probably I’m kinda OK when my dad snatched it because I needed a beater watch, the one that could withstand my idiocy and recklessness ha ha. Probably the only reason I buying vintage Timex is because I need a true formal watch, dress watch that can be wear in formal occasion (that & my fond memories with Timex in the old days).

So I browse the web here & there till I found the “one” (kinda bummer that it still has date complications but it is “good” though). So here is my vintage Timex ladies & gents.

My first impression is…it’s kinda small, 35 diameter & 18mm lug width. And it’s very light to the point I almost forgot I wear a watch. Oh the “signature” loud tick still there ha ha.

From the site that I mentioned before, this Timex produced in 1972 (cool, older than me) and the movement is…hard to read 22 probably ha ha.

The condition isn’t pristine or tiptoe to be expected but still I feel kinda overpriced for Rp 600.000,- (approximately $42). Look at the defections I found: scratches on the glass, tint on the dial, rust on the hands, but overall I really love this watch.I already mentioned how light it is, so I decided to put it on a bracelet, not a strap. But it never accidentally opened or fall from my wrist. That’s how light this watch is.

To sum it all, it’s a very good watch, even with all the defects. If it’s in brand new watch, I bought it in a heartbeat. Imagine if Timex produce an automatic watch, in a weekender body or expedition body. Add some good water resistant (100 ATM at the very least), they could conquer the entry level or affordable market.

About vintage watch, give it a try. Don’t expect a beater watch but rather a delicate object that could satisfy you ha ha. Maybe I’ll try another vintage one another day, or maybe my dad give back my Ginsbo again ha ha.


SKX009, Cuz 007 Is Too Mainstream 😅

As you’re aware, a hobby is sometimes an in-fathomable well of wasting money ha ha. Just like my watch hobby. It’s worse due to the fact that I’m still jobless at the moment after I resign from my previous job. But the thirst of trying new watch is hard quenched or satisfied. And also paying bills he he.

So a man gotta do what a man gotta do in emergency, do whatever he can with whatever he got at the moment. Since not all of us privileged enough to fight with the best equipments, some of us only have what we already have and make the most of it. In my case, I need to sell my most precious watch just to make ends meet he he. So I sold my Deep Blue and Seiko 5 to survive.

So, I decided to make the most of my leftovers from selling my precious and decided to buy another watch, but I have a strict policy this time since I lost my awesome Deep Blue (300m water resistant!!!), so it’s gotta be a diver. A damn good one. But with little less money, my options are limited. And probably a Japanese since they made a great diver watch for an affordable price (besides Vostok he he).

So I choose SKX he he (since I keep my Orient Mako). Honestly I tried to find SKX007 but it’s too mainstream so I decided its sibling, the “blonde” twin SKX009 he he. It’s a certified diver with great bargain price. But as a broke man, I need to dig deeper to the unknown territory, the second hand market.

If you live in Indonesia, you’ll know that as an emerging market, secondhand, especially online market is a wild wild west where there are no laws that protect consumers, it’s every man for himself. Too make things worse, Seiko as a very well known brand (affordable, reliable, robust, value for money, etc) is the prime target for counterfeit product. Almost every watch that were sell in the market is either original, defected (from the factory or from usage of the seller), mod & franken (from the Frankenstein monster), or to sum it all, have issues he he.

So, I do a little gambling. I bought a secondhand Seiko SKX009, because 007 is too mainstream & I thought the vintage look on Pepsi bezel is better than black & white bezel. I bought from a guy that describe that he is bored with his 009. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s always risky to buy secondhand from unknown strangers on the internet. This seller is from out of town, so no cash on delivery. I have to rely on guts to buy SKX…or maybe I just love to live dangerously or I just try to…

If you watch Spongebob you know what I mean 😅.

Then it arrived, in a package that somehow kinda good, wooden package, but the watch itself is kinda…how to put it mildly, used or abused. The seller sold it because he is “bored” and it was a gift from his brother. Honestly it’s more like he didn’t like it or maybe it’s too “vintage” he he. It arrived on silicone strap, watch only condition. And the strap is stiff, not comfortable and felt cheap (even for cheapskate like me😅).

Ok, let’s review this piece, because I already review SKX007 on my previous blog and my opinion still the same and SKX009 is basically the same watch, but this piece is different he he. The strap is very hard to remove due to the fact that I was given a fat lug but different size (24mm lug on 22mm watch). After I removed it, I could give a better look at it. It’s kinda good though. But one weird thing that I found is the bezel insert seems “younger” than the rest of the watch (new bezel insert???). At least the lume still good though.

Behold the SKX009 in a glorious leather strap.

You may not see it because the photo suck but not only the back case, the glass is also full of scratches and the crown is damn hard to open (maybe the watch was dropped and the crown stuck????😓). Oh the bezel rotation is also stiff. I have to open the bezel and oiled it just to make it smoother.

So yeah, different lug, stiff crown, new bezel insert, full scratches, either this is a broken watch restored or franken watch, or worse a fake. But I was curious to bathe it, take a swim with it and do other stupid stuff (playing with my son on the beach, sun bath on the park playing ball, driving carelessly with motorcycle, etc). Why? Because I love living dangerously and I love to…

And the watch is survived. Maybe this watch is a genuine but a watch & wound piece that wears with honor (or stupidity & recklessly of the previous owner 😁). It makes me honor it more he he. This thing passed on my daily requirements of reckless use.

But still I love to compare it with my other watch (that I still have though 😓). Here’s a comparison with my old trusty Orient Mako.

Weird how that “new” bezel standout. But you can see that SKX009 still have that “tool & utilitarian” design. Still can’t match with the formal classy looks of Orient Mako (especially the newer one, without that “tumor” on 2 o’clock position, unlike mine).

Still like what I reviewed with SKX007, I loathed the fat-chubby side view of SKX, though some would consider it as “organic” unlike other watch with sharp streamlined side.

But yeah, SKX is a beauty if you just look it from the above or wristwatch check point if view. Also SKX, especially this one, SKX009 is a versatile watch. You could use it just as a tool or tailored it as formal watch. The pepsi bezel is versatile, even in other variants with color dial. This watch is good for multi purpose.

About the lug, like I mentioned before, 22mm lug is the perfect size for most people. True because my 22mm strap is the best one, especially for perlon Strap. The size is perfect for fitting size on your wrist. Look at this comparison (though probably the reason why 18 & 20mm perlon strap sucks because I bought the cheapest one 😅).

SKX is known for mod haven. You could change almost everything in it, from the look or even it’s internal (machine). This watch is for those of you who prefers to personalize their watch. And that’s bring us back to the main issue of buying a secondhand SKX. Brace yourself for impure SKX (not original parts).

But yeah, in the end there’s a reason why SKX is the most legendary affordable diver watch, the versatility. Even as a proud Orient Mako fan I admit this watch is a better deal for most people.

For this specific piece of watch, I think it’s a keeper. I’m gonna bust this watch and abused it ha ha. It’s not a watch you gonna give to your son or grandson. This is the watch you use to do stupid, dangerous and silly stuff (maybe coup deta a government or extreme sports 😅). Or to…

Come to think of it, I admit I have a type or soft spot for a watch that could take a beating. That’s why most of the watch I keep is a heavy duty watch full of battle scars (and the fact that it’s hard to sell one of those he he). So yeah, SKX009 is very good watch for almost every occasion. Bought it, abused it. Have fun with it!

Seiko 5 SNZH53, Blancpain Fifty Fathoms On A Budgets

Out of nowhere, OK while I’m scrolling through some shopping website for secondhand stuff I stumbled a watch that was my favorite due to the fact that it resembles an uncanny lookalikes with Blancpain Fifty Fathoms (one of the or probably the first diver watch in the world that still have that iconic uncanny style), the Seiko 5 SNZH. I found the blue one, SNZH53 and because the price kinda “affordable” I impulsively bought it he he.

So yeah, this is the watch. And it’s glorious he he. To make things short & simple, buy it if you have the chance. Any type whether it’s the gold one, the blue ome or the black one. This watch is really pretty and it has Seiko brand to add to the value. Oh, a Seiko 5 to make a bold statement as an affordable watch. But really, this watch is beautiful and to know it’s affordable is only an icing to the top of a really delicious cake. A secondhand watch with a complete package (minus extra strap😁).

Honestly, most people adored this watch just for the lookalike factor and a Seiko brand to justify that this is not “just” an homage but a Seiko. Most people will mod it with Fifty Five Fathom style probably. But to me, I bought the blue one because it’s an elegant, formal and beautiful watch in its own way. I’m not gonna mod it or something, just put a nato or something he he.

This ain’t an homage or replica like my shiny Parnis (still loves it though), it has style of its own like I mentioned before. Look at the dial, the hands (although kinda like Blancpain), and of course the bezel, with all the similarities, it still stands on its own style. That’s why I won’t mod it into Fifty Five Fathom style, I’ll take it as it is.

So let’s take a look the watch as it is. First thing I realized is the strap. Don’t know why but IMHO Seiko 5 have a better steel strap than SKX. I once review the Sea Urchin, the Bond on a budget, and all the pros applied here also. From the style (formal, classy), water resistant (100m that good enough for casual person), and Strap (that somehow better than SKX). This watch is really good.

Look at the clasp on strap, the heft. It’s very good and better than jubilee bracelet on SKX. The only minus that the strap had a tendency to make a noise. A weird rattling sound that worries me that it might be worn off or cut by accident.

The glass back, the signature of Seiko 5, is always a plus for me. It’s always a delight to see the movement in motion he he. That oldie but goodie automatic movements that Seiko 5 always use still a good engine.

The case, it’s a streamlined, beautiful body. A combination of rounded case and streamlined. I really dig it.

The hands, like I mentioned earlier, have a similar design with Blancpain. It’s a classy sword style, put on a blue dial that creates an aura of coolness, classic and formal style. It’s a kind of watch that you proudly take to a party. I really love the blue dial. It’s mesmerizing 😍.

About the lume…well it’s kinda weak. Sure it glows in the hands, but the dial lume is weak. Maybe this is where they cutting cost he he. Gladly the glows still a beautiful radiant

But yeah, the strap with that rattling tendencies (maybe mine was defected or something) made me switch it with nato. The comfort of strap make this watch a great day to day watch or weekend beater watch. You can’t go wrong with this one.

To end this weird rumbling blog, let’s just say that I highly recommend this watch to everyone. A beautiful, cool and awesome watch for almost every occasion.

It also tells a story of how you can be inspired by others but still maintain the style of your own. Without trapped as copycat or something he he. This watch, though heavily inspired by Blancpain, held a style of its own.

Parenting 101

Being a parent wasn’t just about bearing a child. It was about bearing witness to its life

jodi Picoult

So, recently I have the opportunity to learn something new, parenting. Sure it sounds either weird or dumb but somehow it opened my eyes and showed me how wrong I am all this time. I realized that I’m being a parent for myself, not my son. I hope that I could make things right, or at the very least, make my son a better person. I decided to write somethings that I learned in this course.

For 2 days I learned something new that I hope I can share. Sure, some of it have religious elements but it could be applied by everyone, even some of the participants aren’t Moslem. The speaker is Abah Ihsan, here are some of his social media accounts in case you wanna check his “words” he he. He were famous for his 18-21 program, where parents unplugged all their gadgets (TV, phone, radio, etc) and focus to spending quality time with their children (playing, studying, etc).

I just realized that all this time I’m being a parent for me, not for my son. I failed to realize that it’s in a children’s nature to play, run, jump and go wild. It’s their way to learn, which I failed to realize and recognized as “naughty”, demand attention or anything else. Like the time I take my 2 years 8 month old son to do Friday mass or prayer in mosque, I always ask him to be quiet or don’t move. It’s against their nature. I’m terribly sorry for my son. And yes the reason I upset is because I don’t focus on him, but I do multitasking such as playing gadget while accompanying him, that’s why I kinda angry when he do outrageous things he he. It’s his nature and way to learn.

Some parents failed to realize that children are gift not a burden. That’s why some parents “angry” to their children, to the point some couples wanted to get married but without having children, sure it’s OK but kinda stray from human nature in order to survive and sustain our species he he. Sure most of us ready to be married but not prepared to be parents, so most of us relying on 2 things: trial (& error) and heritage upbringing. So yeah I’m kinda happy to learn something that really useful.

Oh, also I always thought that words are just empty, hollow or pointless. But for children, words are everything. Even the slightest word of mishaps can have a deep impact for them. No wonder most children (especially teenagers) have their self-esteem destroyed in their house. Such words like “why can’t you be like…” or “is it that hard just to…” or even any other can inflict such wounds to out children. Just like what was taught in Islam, be careful of your words, it might came true, it’s some sort of prayer and once it said it cannot be take back. So yeah I will keep in mind that some people are so weak that mere words hurt them (if they are grownup though 😅).

The so-called advice (an abundance or non-stop advices) could also shattered their self-esteem. Please be careful. Just like a glass, once it full, it cannot be filled with more water. Let them have what their saying, let them express their ideas. Remember that even prophet Abraham (Ibrahim in Islamic) asked his son permission and consent when God ask him to sacrifice his son. Let their opinions be heard and make them feels “matter” for their own good.

If our children self-esteem aren’t “fulfilled” in our house, they will seek acknowledgement elsewhere, or worse, to “fulfill” their needs they will bully others or break the rule / norm (to make their self-esteem worthy or above others).

So, if your children is an @$$hole or jerk or stupid (or some people say LGBT and all that jazz), don’t look elsewhere because it’s your fault as parents. You’re failed to become a worthy parent, a guide or guardian for them. Don’t blame your children (they are the product of your “teaching”), your children friends (they spend more time with you from the beginning), History or genes (even an identical twin have different path or fate) or even God. Here are percentages of influences of a person:

  • 100% influences at age 0-12 years. This is where parents need to guide them
  • 60% influences at age 13-15 years. They become interested in other value such as friends, etc.
  • 40% influences at age 16-18 years. Teenagers he he. Rebel phase or experiment phase.
  • 10% influences at age above 19 year because they are adults now. They have their own life.

So it parents job to give them “default” value as a guide for the rest of their life. If they “stray” or changed on some way, it’s your fault because the time you have 100% influences didn’t maximized by you. Just hope they stray or change to be a better person (hopefully you are suck but they become better 😁). Some insight is, treat your 0-7 years child as a king (this is where they study and explore), treat your 7-14 year child as soldier (tell then what to do) and treat your 15 & above child as an “equal” to preparing them as an adult.

Also there are homework that I must applied in order that I won’t forget the things I learned on this course. So, I just break it down the homework assigned for every parent attending the course:

  1. Starting today I will take care of my children from Hell fire, started with providing time for my children everyday. If I have time to face to face I will applied 18-21 program (time out from all gadgets and focus only interaction with our children. Playing, talking and studying) or any other time as replacement (3 hour minimum). Starting when our children 10 years old, give our children private time with them at least once a month, like road-trip, watching movies, traveling.
  2. Starting today I will give freedom to my children. For their own sake as long as : Didn’t bring harm to themselves; Didn’t hurt or bothering others; Didn’t against religion or all kinds of law
  3. If I forbid them, I’ll make sure that restriction isn’t the necessity but the abundance or excess of it.
  4. Starting today I will train myself to be a strict parent but not rude, kind parent but not soft, have an authority to control my children but not dictatorship. I’ll do it with more action less talk. Making strong boundaries and consequences. And punish my children with consequences that already talked and agreed before. I won’t be defeated by : Cry; Whine; Shout; Rage; Threat; Rude words; Physical attack; Any other denials and resistance whatsoever. It’s all because no one is ever freed from boundaries or law, but don’t forget for every boundaries or law there are also freedom to do other things as long as it didn’t against the boundaries or law.
  5. Starting today I will try not to say negative words about my children before them. I’ll won’t accept if my children self esteem become negative because of my negative words.
  6. Starting today I’ll make my children love kindness. Make them believe they are a good person, with pay attention when they do good deeds. I won’t be hesitant to : Prayed for my children and intentionally “heard” by them; Express my positive feelings towards them; Tell their kindness to the people they knew and intentionally “heard” by my children

So yeah, this parenting course is quite an eye opener. Hopefully I could be a worthy parent for my children and I could prepare them for all the things to come, also give them enough preparation to lead their own life.

The Notorious Parnis (GMT Batman version)

Well, if you’re a watch aficionado, you probably heard a brand called Parnis. Basically it’s a brand that “owned” by Chinese (don’t know government or some corporations) and produced in many factory with different quality control and materials (use different engine or machine or materials). Also they usually made homage watch (which by some considered as plagiarism or imitation he he, “Imitation is the sincerest [form] of flattery”).

So yeah it’s considered as junk or waste of time by some. But in another spectrum you also heard that for what it’s worth, Parnis is a good watch, best value for money, etc. Some say if you’re lucky you can get a high grade quality watch for a cheap price or get a completely junk. So yeah either you love it or hate it.

For me, I’m curious because I love Rolex GMT, especially the Batman bezel, but I feel stupid to waste that amount of money for a watch, I could buy a car for God sake ha ha. So I do what other broke people do, choose the alternative, even if it meant selling my soul to the devil or something ha ha.

So I ordered a Parnis GMT watch straight from China (free shipping) for approximately Rp. 1.000.000,- or $80-$90 USD. Expensive I know but what the hell, I already probably goes to hell anyway so why not add some extra baggage of list why I go to hell I guess ha ha.

Seriously, it’s better to buy a sterile dial, crown, etc rather than a knockoff fake Rolex ( I try my friend fake one, the cheapest one though, even the GMT is only a cosmetic). At least I’m not fooling myself & fully sober of what I dealing with ha ha. So I ordered the cheapest one I can find at the moment. Who can resist a beautiful watch with this specification:

  • Movement: Automatic (self-winding) 3804 movement (????)
  • Case: Brushed solid 316L stainless steel case with blue-black Rotating bezel
  • Case diameter 40mm without crown
  • Thickness: 13 mm
  • Dial: Black Dial
  • Strap : 20mm stainless steel strap
  • Glass: Sapphire glass (????)
  • Clasp type: Deployment Buckle
  • Luminous:YES (weak though)
  • Date at 3 o’clock

And the watch finally came, with a love letter from the seller he he. Check this seller in because he is a nice guy whatsoever 😁. I cried reading his love letter 🤣. But yeah, he have a goodwill and cooperative guy.

The first thing I realized is how heavy this watch is. It’s somehow screamed quality ha ha. The strap also good somehow. Just said for the first impression this watch nailed IMHO. The only thing I found “defect” is the bezel insert, especially the pointer where the arrow shaped paint kinda “broken” if that the right word for it. Also the cyclops kinda not well aligned. So yeah the quality control kind suck. Oh the GMT hands also works, kinda nicely he he (though some guys say it’s bad. It gets the job done).

Well, the steel strap is really good. The only complaint is it kinda stiff and the clasp is kinda flimsy or something…maybe not firmly closed when it snapped. If you’re into such stiff then this is it for you. I prefer something comfortable so that’s why I switch the strap with perlon or nato he he.

My next concern is the bezel rotation, it’s unidirectional with 120 click…for GMT watch 😓. If this is diver watch it makes sense but for a GMT watch it’s kinda useless ha ha (it should be bidirectional and 24 clicks so we can measure specific time). At least the clicks is really damn satisfying for a person who loves playing with bezel (like me😅).

Next thing I realized is somehow the watch have good water resistant. Some people say Parnis only have 3 ATM water resistant, so no swimming only splashy he he. But as a Moslem I forgot to take my watch off when I do ablution and pray. Somehow the watch is safe. So I use it when I take a bath, do number 1 & 2😅 and it still survives. So I take it to the next level, I wear it when I playing with my son in ocean park (local water park and swimming pool). Sure I’m not swimming (submerged in a long interval) but I play water slide (the extreme one), I also play in the waves pool and splash town, etc. And somehow this thing still survives. No moist, fog whatsoever. Awesome!!!!

Next is about lume…what can I say beside….suck ha ha. It’s weak and almost not useable, but at least it’s there. Also it’s only useable if you went outside under the sun. So no lume if you’re indoor somehow.

Oh, the engine also sounds…how do I describe it…loud. You can hear the rotor somehow when winding it (or try flip your body, or hand if you’re not athletic) but it’s only occasionally but yeah it’s not as loud or annoying as Timex (believe me that watch is my standard of loud ticking) but you can hear it somehow.

But to my horror, the bezel insert somehow is “ruined” by the water activity that I mentioned earlier somehow. Just look at how terrible the bezel insert after I take it to the water park, the numbers paint are “chopped-off”

But to sum it all, I really like this watch somehow. Sure it’s a blatant rip-off (almost a replica rather than a homage) but then again almost every GMT watch is inspired by Rolex GMT, even the lovely Steinhart GMT (google it). I never have a Rolex but people say Parnis is the exact replica of it, from the dimension, size, style, etc.

At the very least Parnis either put the word Parnis or put sterile version on their watch he he. I guess I’m gonna keep this and wear it with pride and making some obnoxious snob watch aficionados angry ha ha.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of this watch but this watch is good somehow. But if you ask me should someone spend their money for Parnis…I gotta say for the money I spent, I could get Vostok or Seiko 5 which is more a guarantee of quality. Parnis is kinda hit or miss category. Buy it but expect the worse or set your expectation low, maybe you can get as happy as I am with this watch 😅.

Vostok Amphibia? Another One Please!!!! (Updated With New Flaw)

So, I recently found out that Vostok Amphibia have a line that might suit my fetish for a watch with a form that suits my taste. FYI, I once have a ministry case Amphibia that didn’t grew on me so I sold it he he.

I found out there’s a Amphibia case with series 100 that have this form or looks that more streamlined to suits my taste. Just as I bought it, I mod it’s bezel with shark style and formal bezel insert he he. Oh, the dude came with fat lug, so that’s also a plus (don’t know if this is by default or the guy that sold mod it, but heck! It’s cool nonetheless). Behold my new amphibia 😍

Check from behind. The form is not as “fat” or rounded like ministry case.

This is what it looks like but as you all know, the steel strap is not comfortable. Just switch it with anything else.

This is my Shark (yes I give him a nickname), compared to my favorite Amphibia, the mini-me (stupid name I know 😅).

It’s weird that this supposed to be bigger watch have the same bezel size with mine-me he he. Vostok always surprises me with the realization that watch size only matters in our mind. Yeah it’s bigger than mini-me (lug wise) but it’s not that thick. Check from another view. The bezel is what makes shark somehow thicker he he.

As far as the downside…if you like vostok than nothing wrong would it. It’s bigger form, it’s reliable (as a tool and as fashion if you wanted it), it’s Amphibia for someone who craves a bigger form. Buy it! No brainer.

But for me the downside is in my own mod he he. The bezel not “in-line” or “emerged” with the body. Look at this.

There’s a gap that I think might have an implication somehow. Maybe some water, dust or something that might popped off the bezel or makes the bezel unable to rotate ha ha. I mean just look at my mini-me, it’s so smooth, in-line and beautiful. No gap!

Hey, I can switch the bezel or something…but mini-me is perfect that I scared (kinda😅) that shark might dethroned it ha ha. So yeah, I leave it as it is. Also the bezel somehow give more protection to the glass, unlike mini-me with the pop-up glass he he.

Final word, shark is an awesome watch for the money and for the looks. Just a little flaw but still an awesome watch. This is definitely a keeper he he.

Updated 4th of March 2018:

So, my wife complains that the shark bezel is hurting her. We bumped accidentally and twice she was hurt by the bezel. So I decided to switch the bezel on mini-me to shark and somehow I found a new flaw with this watch…or all Amphibia with 22mm lug. Look at this (sorry for the quality of the picture cuz I take it at midnight with dim light).

See something wrong? The bezel seems kinda…small for the watch. Don’t believe it? Look at this side.

It’s hard to turned the bezel even if the bezel is loose (no click). I try to use the default bezel but the problem still exist. It’s kinda too small somehow.

I try another bezel from mini-me but again, not worked somehow.

So yeah, I have to use the shark bezel ha ha. Probably just stay away from my wife and son if I use this.

AP Boots Work & Play. Bang for the buck 😍

This one is different, I somehow purchased a boots because I saw the guy on my car washing shop use it and it makes me think “wow, I can use that without worrying my shoe get wet or scratches. Just beat it until it broke then buy another one he he”. And so I did 😅.

Yeah this is some sort of review for AP Boots, specifically Work & Play line. Just some brief introduction, AP Boots is a well known boots maker in Indonesia that have great reputation for their quality, endurance and affordable boots. Though their boots mostly made in rubber.

After some research, I found that my size (42) is kinda rare so I settled with the one cost Rp 62.000 (approximately less than $5) shipments included. And it’s finally arrived he he.

I’d like to show the unboxing but the box it came is already shred, I guess mine was an old stock or leftover he he. But nonetheless, the boots is in top condition.

ive it a run and use it without socks and played with my son. Initial review is…it's comforting but rather hot, I guess it's the rubber material. But for the price it's a winner. Please do ignore my horrible sense of fashion 😓.

I’ll admit I have to wear a jeans or long pants with it he he. But for the price…this Boots is bang for the buck. This Boots can take a beating. Being worn by the car washing guy for more than one year and still looks good.

This Boots is showing us the real value of shoes and boots, to protect our feet and take a beating for being worn and wound from our activity. I can see myself using this on rainy day or even to the mall just scrolling casually he he.

Most shoes and boots today is loosing their value as feet protector and more of a fashion statement, especially due to the price and exclusivity. This is a product for you that wear shoes or boots for what it is. For those who do things and mobile he he.

I think when my skechers is ruined, I’ll buy another type of AP Boots that have more casual style he he. Their sneakers style is kinda awesome and like I mentioned earlier, build to take a beating he he.