I Probably Forgot What You Said or Did, But I Never Forget The Way You Make Me Feel


Out of curiosity, when I visited my parent home I decided to play my PSX again (while my wife handling my parent ^_^) & this bad boy still works! (play it for 5 minute more or less though, don’t know if it would last longer or not). After all this years this baby never let me down ha ha. Well, blast from the past & nostalgic feeling is in the air but then something hits me. Something that I never thought I say, things don’t change, at least in PSX world.

This once state of the art
This once state of the art

I mean, I realize that PSX world, to be exact the game I play, Crash Bandicoot, the graphic didn’t change (somehow it still withstood the test time, still decent by today’s standard), the game-play still awesome, it’s me that change. As I grow older, my point of view also changes. Maybe I get jaded, maybe I become grumpy or maybe being grown up isn’t half as fun as growing up ^_^. That’s why I didn’t enjoy the things that I love when I was little (like playing in the rain, bugging neighbor dog, etc), thus somehow one of my best game of all time become just another regular game somehow.

Wow, how time flies. Time takes away everything, the good & the bad. Time will tell what the most important thing is for us in the end (different for each people though). It’s kinda sad to know that everything is changing. I always thought that I will never change, I always be “me” (no matter how weird the definition of me is) but I guess even when the world didn’t change, I will change. It is strange to look at the old photograph & saying “Is that me? Wow, never in a million years I thought I could be like that”

Along with time that passing us by, along with the changes, we probably forgot who we were, who we wanted to be, we are changing, we forgot things. That’s when I realize the important of a journal, a blog, a picture album, or in my case, a video game console. They never change, they are small reminder that the past is real. Like my blog a long time ago, the picture never lies.

My old PSX also tells me that I probably will forget how the game looks, how awesome the game-play is, how kick ass the graphic (especially compared with today’s standard), I even forget the dialogue that made me quotes them & fell in love with it in the first place but one thing never change, how the game makes me feel at that time It tattooed on my mind. I never forget the first time I saw Street Fighter III and how I emptied my bank account to buy my Dream Cast and also the feeling of despair to know that I have to sell my Dream Cast in order to buy PS2 (R.I.P. dear friend, I will never forget & will cherish our time together).

People changes, this world changes, everything changes, even ourselves changes (even if we denied it). But somehow, the more things change the more they stay the same. Like video game, even in the next generation, the game-play still doesn’t evolve that much (the last big overhaul is the switch from 2D to 3D with the big difference is only bigger area to explore). Game-play still only reaches to point A to point B (with a bumpy ride, distraction & not straight line A to B), catch the flag, or sandbox game play (GTA type to go anywhere do anything kinda of game), etc. It’s all simple but somehow we just complicated things (probably we love to sounds sophisticated rather than just plain simple, it seems more classy that way ha ha).

I also once wrote how our memory screwed up or how brain tends to add a little “drama” regarding our memories (just like how some girls from the memory lane looks fantastically beautiful to you but all your friends thinking vice versa) or even play make believe story that actually happened but with a twist of awesomeness (like how you must endure such pain to gain something while actually you just save some money & don’t hangout at weekend) but nonetheless it is always fun to look at the past & have that warm, reassuring soothing feeling remembering the good old days where everything is simple (probably just our perception that yesterday is simple due to the fact that we are a different more experience person then our old self). That’s why we need to remembering the past, we could learn something from it, especially to realize how funny it is to realize that we probably have more regrets about things we didn’t do rather than stupid things that we did (I don’t regret all the stupid things I did, for me it making me awesome, a legend in the making ^_^). The catch is, we have to remember it intact & uncorrupted.


That’s why just testing my old PSX really intrigued me. I guess sometimes it’s OK to look back to the past where everything frozen in time (hopefully our memory still keeps it intact or unharmed) just to see how far we’ve come, how far we’ve strayed from our dream or maybe to see how much progress we already did. We may not remember it correctly but one thing for sure, we probably forgot what other said or did, but we never forget the way they make us feel. It’s not accurate but sometimes it’s all that matter. Like the first time we saw our crush, the rush when they smile or talk at us, the time we saw that sunset, all that other small things that makes life worthwhile. I Guess that in a way, impression do matter, maybe first impression do really matter since like I mentioned “I Probably Forgot What You Said or Did, But I Never Forget The Way You Make Me Feel” he he


Biggest Mistake? Really? Is Square-Enix is Out of Their Mind?

“We have Sony and Microsoft talking about this generation lasting seven, eight, nine or even 10 years and it’s the biggest mistake they’ve ever made,”

Julien Merceron- Square Enix’s worldwide technology director

 Probably just my gamer side, which is hidden for a long time finally showed up out of nowhere, though its not actually out of nowhere since what I about to write will provoke much of console gamer. A statement by Square Enix’s worldwide technology director, Julien Merceron that said the length of the current console generation is “the biggest mistake [Sony and Microsoft] ever made”.

Really? I mean, isn’t that what’s draw the difference between console & PC? The

This was once considered as best graphic

length or the lasting years of console is what are drawing gamer into console, besides some exclusive game. With nowadays standard, console price ain’t cheap, so of course we were happy if some console can last for more than 5 years. Well, history told us that in the beginning, PC was created only for sole purpose of works, so they didn’t support kick @$$ graphic processor (Macintosh is a different story though) & console gaming such as Atari 2600, Nintendo & other created specifically for gaming purpose so they are supported by graphic processor. But as time goes by we’ll see that PC is used not only for works but also video & audio & since the parts can be replaced easily, PC is leaving console in processor racing.

I mean, since Microsoft joined the console war, what I fear is came true. It’s the war on raw power that defines the era, well to be honest since Sony Playstation joined the bandwagon I also fear that video game will become a profit oriented industry & the “magic” will be lost. Nowadays video game is not the niche market it once thought it would be, it’s a big industry and everyone wanna take a bite in it. Video game is an industry that is on a par with or even bigger than movie industry.

The other thing that scares me when Sony & Microsoft joined the freak show is that it turned the console wars that once dominated by SEGA & Nintendo with its game-wars into a raw power or who’s got the best raw power in processor or something. When Sony first came at least it pushed 3D & still left some break-through in gaming industry (they still have some quirky games like Parappa the Rapper, “Tail of the Sun, etc) but when Microsoft came I wonder what differentiate console & PC games? Well X box still has some quirky games but what makes them so big is the genre that I hate the most, FPS. It’s not I hate it or something, its just that it genre makes all of them are identical so the only difference is the graphic getting better, the landscape is getting wider & the effect is more awesome, to sum it all that its kinda like style without substance (though it is not but I fed up since I already played this genre since Castle Wolfenstein era).

I feel I played this game before…oh yeah, like any OTHER FPS!!!

Look at the state of gaming now, the most selling title is FPS like Halo, Call of Duty, non exclusive games, which also available in PC. Of course from technical specification console is beaten by PC, since PC can be upgraded like every time U wants to, that is the biggest point that makes me decides to be console gamer, I don’t need to suits the specification in order to play some game, the game suits the console. Period.

PS2 Got Snake. HAH!

To console defense, the limitation is what makes the developer creative & pushing console to its maximum capability. Remember when Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater or Final Fantasy XII release that it shocked gaming community knowing that Playstation 2 still can compete with superior graphic processor such as X Box & even PC (at that time). Even if we take a look back, the winner of console war post 128 bit era is Nintendo Wii (with its back dated graphic, par with Nintendo Gamecube), not the superior Playstation 3 or X Box 360. Or when Playstation sets the standard on RPG in 197 with Final Fantasy VII (which some considered as the best in the series), the biggest selling game is Pokemon on Gameboy.

It’s sad knowing that everyone said that the only reason to play console is

Looks stupid he he

gimmick such as Microsoft Kinect or Playstation Move (Japanese or Asian people ingenuity I guess he he). Then Square-Enix the once supporter & console exclusive moves to PC, mobile phone gaming saying that the biggest mistake Sony & Microsoft or in this case, console is the length of the machine/console. I mean, Square-Enix once proves that console limitation is not an issue to create great game. They proves it when Final Fantasy XII or Valkyrie Profile Silmeria that despite the aging console (the game released circa 2007-2008) it still a beautiful graphic on any console or PC (at that time).

Know everyone said that console gaming will be extinct, even David Jaffe (the guy who creates God of War series & one of the many people who I worshiped as God) said that. The future of gaming is non console, a PC with cloud as infrastructure. You don’t need a high tech machine, just internet connection. But then again, I also has this rant for internet gaming, I think it will kill the gaming industry. Why or ho? Simple cuz internet gaming such as, Everquest, Counter Strike (FPS!!!!), etc is only needs a patch to make the gaming better or different, thus people won’t buy new game, they just played that one game, patch it. Over & over & over again. Kinda kills the creativity for creating new genre though.

I guess I finally know why I’m not a gamer anymore. I lost the “fire” the enthusiast for gaming. I used to jumping like crazy when a new RPG released but now, too many game on the market? Too many good games? Hell, am I a dying species who still playing console just for the sake of playing game (PC is using for many things such as watching DVD, office, etc) or am I the only one who hates Square-Enix just for the fact that they said that console length is the biggest mistake of them all? Hell, all I could do is dusting of my Genesis, Playstation & Playstation 2 & playing good games. Hell!!! Good games is good games, period. That’s what makes the industry, not the stupid specification! Square-Enix is out of their f%#ing mind!

I Can Accept Defeat, Not Surrender..Still

I’ve crossed the last line / From where I can’t return  / Where every step I took in faith / Betrayed me / And led me from my home /Sweet surrender / Is all that I have to give

Sarah McLachlan – Sweet Surrender

It just crosses my mind somehow, after I have a weird dream. I remember the time (circa 1998) when Germany lost to Croatia in World Cup, or also in any other sport events where I was in the loser team, I was devastated. Somehow I remember the feeling of…lost, when u feels at the bottom of the abyss. That sense of helplessness, hopeless, devastated.

That was the time we realize that even sometimes no matter how hard we try, sometimes we just can’t get what we want. Well, some people will refuse this & defy fate, or any other form of denial that U prefers. But that’s how life goes, U win some U lose some.

I remember when I was in my early high school & I’m still active member of soccer team, we was lost to another school in a match that we coulda-woulda-shoulda win but we’re not. It taught me that winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing ^_^. Harsh but true. It’s natural selection at its best. Thousands, even zillions of competitors but there can be only one winner.

Guess what? I know we all hate losing, but sometimes we face a loosing battle & we have to accept the fact that we lost, maybe its some sort of rite of passage, $hit happens, something must go that way sometimes. I learn it the hard way & I don’t know if this helps or not, even if I’m lost, I could still held my head up high if I know I give my best, even if technically I’m still a loser. Bottom-line, I can accept defeat but not surrender.

But come to think about, I just realize when I saw this picture on my gallery folder, that if U R a religious guy, after all the struggle, all the fight, in the end we have to “surrender” to God, to leave everything in the hand of fate. This picture also haunts me cuz recently I lost my iPhone to a God-damn-@$$hole-f*#in’-cunt pick pocket, after all the rant, rage, swearing, scream, all I can do is just “surrender” & just let go.

So, do I just have to accept that we have to surrender? Well, I still believe that we have to fight & give our best before we decided to surrender he he. Just like McReady said at the end of  “The Thing” that after he survived, battling and somehow “prevail” (man he is one truly die hard bastard he he. Love this movie) all he can say is Why don’t we just…Wait here for a little while…See what happens…Maybe there is something called sweet surrender ha ha (maybe if we falling in love we could say it’s a sweet surrender ha ha ha).

Last photo of my iPhone. God rest his soul & damned that @$$hole, shall U rott in hell

The Real Major Bad @$$ (One of the Most That Is ^_^)

So, out of curiosity & with nothing have to do 2 in the morning, I read my old gaming magazine circa 1996-1998, the golden age for gaming but also the time where video game entering the major market & sucked dry every part of it (previously video game is for niche market and gamer is considered as dork & geek, nowadays hipster is the one who plays it). Like it or not, Sony, specifically playstation (or PSX to be short), change the whole landscape. Their foray to video game brings awareness that video game is a big market, not niche like all people thinks & now everyone wanna piece of that cake.

The changes of landscape makes the oldskool player, e.g. Nintendo (with Nintendo 64) & SEGA (with their SEGA Saturn), cornered. PSX is the reigning king of 32 & 64 bit era, acclimated. As an avid SEGA hardcore fans, I was kinda ashamed to the fact that I bought PSX cuz the software is cheaper (then I realized that all software in Indonesia is bootleg version, still PSX is cheaper somehow ^_^). PSX change the whole gaming horizon with giving what the big market wants, 3D graphic and other bonanza that makes the market g gaga, though some oldskooler would thinks that most PSX games are style with no substance (which somehow makes the oldskooler, the once niche market cornered and wondering, who is this major market anyway? How did they somehow controlled and shifted the gaming trend).

SEGA specifically, is in the bring of their demise, cuz unlike Nintendo who is kids friendly & also makes “fun” game still survived and makes it to 2nd position in console race (SEGA on third but the market margin is very thin, approximately 15% of market share). SEGA is known for it’s oldskool game play heavy orientation (they even still using 2D graphic as their strongest selling point) and according to me, is too quirky, edgy or maybe too old for these new breed of gamer. Most of SEGA greatest hits are came from Japan (which somehow didn’t resonance well with western market), like my reason to bough Saturn Guardian Heroes, Nights Into Dream, Virtua Fighter (grand daddy  of all 3D fighting game that somehow never achieved the level success of it’s predecessors such as Tekken, etc) or any other Japanese RPG game.

All over the world SEGA is facing a loosing battle, only in Japan SEGA (with

Bad @$$

Saturn console) could withstand PSX invasion. Maybe a little exaggerated, but it’s one man that makes the difference, it’s not the gaming master/guru Yu Suzuki or Yuji Naka or any other person, it’s a fictional character named Segata Sanshiro, the real major Bad @$$ that makes SEGA enthusiast stand tall & proud shakes the heaven. He is starring most TV commercial of SEGA Saturn software & most of the commercial is so freakin’ awesome that most people grows mustache when they see it, most pregnant women having contraction, & other completely ethereal out of this world phenomenon occurred when this commercial aired. To sum it all, he is SEGA best campaign marketer, ever (I think this could apply not only in video game) that made SEGA Saturn survive till 1998 (in the rest part of the world, Saturn died at 1997).

Sega Stan-Shiro!!!

U probably think, who the hell is Segata Sanshiro (if U too lazy in this modern internet age, click here)? Segata Sanshiro is a hermit who also a martial art masters who digs video game, especially SEGA Saturn. This guy is a purist hard core of SEGA Saturn that he perfected the way of playing SEGA Saturn (he trains in the mountain using ridiculous huge SEGA Saturn console. Even his name is a pun, for his loves for SEGA Saturn, he usually shouts battle cry “Segata Sanshiro”, which somehow sounds like “SEGA Satan – Shiro” or SEGA Saturn white in Japan pronunciation, which also (thanx to Japan pun play it self) sounds like “U must play SEGA Saturn”. He shall punish those who didn’t play video game or wasting their time by not playing video game

Seriously, U should see how he beat the crap out of little-small-tiny-micro kids who decides to playing softball rather than video game (Awesome!!!!), or how he beat the crap out of youngster-hipster who rather clubbing rather than playing video game (hilarious!!!!), or other video where he throws an opponent & that guy blows like atom bomb (super cool!!!!!) or how he should be crowned coach of the millennium when he made the Japanese team win at world cup (horrendously magnificent!!!!).  There are lots of his other commercial that shown how bad @$$ this motha’ f*#ka is (check youtube, keyword Segata Sanshiro).

Lots of heroes/anti-heroes try to be bad @$$ but restrain themselves with

Last game for Saturn

stupid rule that bound them from being pure awesome bad @$$ & instead turned them into generic anti-heroes, a troubled past individual who act tough but deep inside they are whiny (such as never killed children or women or elderly people, etc). Not with Segata, he is a full fledge bad @$$. He beat the crap out of everything that didn’t honored the way of SEGA Saturn. He even have his own theme song, an epic marching/battle song that U could download & see here (see how hardcore the lyric is, this is a true gamer in all sense. My true inspiration of how being a true gamer). He even died protecting the company that he love, even he have a game which happens to be the last “official” game for SEGA Saturn (cuz after 1998, there’s still software game for Saturn but by small company & officially SEGA announce that they stop the production of Saturn & let 3rd party released game for Saturn if they want to).

Bottom-line this is the most dangerous bad @$$ man alive, PERIOD (OK, besides Batman, Cyclops, Nicholas D wolfwood & others but way damn close to be the one ^_^). Segata makes any other pretender or wannabe seems like bunch of shenanigans, pussy, chicken or any other form of insult that suit other who is weak in front oh the majestic grandeur that is Segata Sanshiro. Such a pity only handful of people see his awesomeness. Maybe if his commercial went world wide, the table will turned & SEGA will still in the console market, instead of turned into 3rd party developer who makes $hity game for other console (or this is SEGA way to salute other with middle finger so other console taste bad & awful game?).

Revolution? Hardly My Friend

Revolution eh?


Last week, 27th and 28th of November 2010, in Mall Kelapa Gading Jakarta, Sony Computer Entertainment held an electronic expo. What’s so special about it it’s the promotion of Playstation Move. Sony’s very own Nintendo Wii rip off that somehow they are very proud in some way, which is weird, it’s a rip off dude!


Separated @ birth?

Well, just like the image attached above, Sony claims that Playstation move is The Revolution (really?) in term of gameplay, leaving controller based technology with motion sensing controller. I mean, look at this image I attached and tell me that it’s not a rip off! It’s exactly just like Nintendo Wii controller (even the game also look a like).


Remember the history, its like Sony and Microsoft greatest defeat against Nintendo. While Sony and Nintendo goes head 2 head with raw power and who got the most muscle to crunched polygons, Nintendo went the other way with motion sensing controller and limited 128 bit (and a little extra polygons) graphic. And Nintendo won the battle, it’s really a triumph for gameplay rather than graphic (which brings smile 2 my face though I not Nintendo fan-boy, I’m a militant SEGA fan-boy).


So, it’s true what they said, “if U can’t beat them, join them” and that’s what Sony and Microsoft exactly do (Microsoft also produce Microsoft Kinect, motion sensing technology for X Box 360). Though honestly Microsoft Kinect is twist the rip off with the fact that Kinect doesn’t use any controller at all, kinda like “Minority Report” eh? Maybe this is what the mass wanted, some game that can be played by everyone from the get-go (even non gamer can enjoyed it).

Another rip off, with a twist


Final thought, don’t bluff yourself with others idea and technology Sony (U 2 Microsoft)! You just rip someone else idea and make some minor improvement here (imagine Wii game with Sony muscle and U get the idea). Don’t get yourself over excited! Cuz the reason why I chose Playstation rather than X Box or Wii cuz U guys provide old skool gameplay (and Japanese exclusive title) rather than fun for everyone, non gamer included like Nintendo or PC version of console gaming like X Box. U guys just hurt my heart and believe Sony (and I might not be the only one who feels the way I do) and this could be a backfired move Sony. Oh’ and claims about Revolution? Hardly my friend. Someone else started it first, even Microsoft add something exciting with Kinect rather than some blatant rip off.

Best Fighting Game of All Time Part II, History and Finale

You already saw the previous part, now the sequel, the finale and some history lesson. Maybe some of you will be surprised by the list but hey, it’s my list, and I can do pretty much everything a I want bout it (you could shit your pant in public and I still didn’t even give a smallest damn about it he he). Let’s cut the delay, here we go :

5. King of Fighter / Fatal Fury (Nintendo, SEGA, Playstation, X Box, and every console there is)

2D fighting game at it finest. Deep and thinking-man SNK style game. Awesome character design and awesome soundtrack, wide selection of character. Simply put, one of the best 2D fighting game, PERIOD.

Fatal Fury SNK first fighting installment sets the bar of modern fighting game before the release of Street Fighter II, even Fatal Fury had a multi layer or platform, a ring out and thinking-man gameplay that suits for hard-core gamer to suck their teeth into. No other series in SNK could topple this, not even ART OF FIGHTING or World Heroes could dethrone the first King of Fighter. (I’ll soon tell you why I called this series “King of Fighter”).

Fatal Fury Series, peaked with it’s final installment Mark of The Wolves, before SNK bankrupted, is the crème de la crème of fighting game. Awesome! A MUST PLAY

After long year fight for supremacy with CAPCOM (and it’s Street Fighter series), SNK takes an avant garde approach, a series that start an “all-star phenomenon”, The King of Fighter series. This series mashed up Fatal Fury, ART OF FIGHTING, and other game, even non fighting game (Athena from Athena series, or Ikari Warior, Heidern, Ralf, Leona, etc from Ikari Warior, a Contra-style adventure game, etc). Also, this game bring nationality or chauvinism to the next level. SNK defy gravity and history by replacing Terry Bogard, the true, the first King of Fighter and replaced it with a whiny, snobbish, stupid, gay Japanese named Kyo Kusanagi (I tell it more when the history part came in).

In 2001, SNK announced their demise, bankruptcy. I cried like a 2 dollar whore begging to get f*cked at the time, but worry not my friend. SNK was bought by a Korean company (who I didn’t give a damn what their name is) thus SNK reborn as SNK Playmore (hurray!!!!!!). The only notable different between the old and new SNK? Well, SNK tried the 3D and Korean team (Kim Kaphwan and the gang get’s an up-graded or major over haul in the movement ^^). Still I think it’s a tie between Fatal Fury and King of Fighter series.

Ah, the notorious 3D, decent foray but ain’t the level the 2D sets the bar with
SNK return with a vengeance, with new name and new owner SNK Playmore. King of Fighter series is back whether it’s 3D or 2D (2D still the best)

So, why didn’t it grade higher than it’s supposed to? Well, it’s the question of originality my friend, here some history lessons :

Before Street Fighter released (especially Street Fighter II), fighting game is a dull game enjoyed by numb skull and retarded (remember Karate from MS DOS?), then without a warning, at 1990, Japanese game developer called CAPCOM (named after it’s early game Captain Commando, a classic beat ‘em up, even the Captain Commando himself gain enough popularity to be included in Marvel VS CAPCOM series) released Street Fighter, a 2D fighting game that allow you to chose between Ryu (player 1) or Ken (Player 2), this choices somehow managed to pull both east (those who likes Ryu) and west (those who likes Ken) and creating a game that approachable by eastern and western, though east prefer it most, even by CAPCOM himself.

This game create a ripple in history of gaming and created countless of copy cat and wannabe and the earliest is SNK (stands for Shin Nihon Kikaku Incorporation or New Japan product inc if I’m not mistaken), SNK takes different approach, at 1991, they preferred western and create a fighting game called Fatal Fury (or Garou series in Japan), a 2D fighting game with it’s western main character called Terry Bogard (my favorite character, even out-beat Ryu Hoshi from Street Fighter).

Beginning of an era, noted that the cap written King of Fighter, but due to nationality issue, the writes replaced by Fatal Fury. Terry is the first King of Fighter before replaced by Kyo Kusanagi, a bimbo highschool just cuz Terry ain’t Japanese. Stupid SNK)

This game also upgrading what Street Fighter had to offer. If in Street Fighter you only had 2 choices, Ryu or Ken, in Fatal Fury you have 3 choices, be Terry Bogard, his idiotic brother Andy Bogard and one of my personal favorite, the Muay Thai boxer Joe Higashi, even after you beat the game, there’s a code that enable you to play as the bosses, oh and Fatal Fury graphic is better than Street Fighter. Fatal Fury gave Street Fighter a run for it’s money so CAPCOM released Street Fighter II in 1991 (shortly after Fatal Fury released).

Street Fighter II provides gamer with the ability to choice a wide selection from character, not only Ryu and Ken but also the bosses and enemy (they copied it from Fatal Fury, but without have to beat the game). This is a milestone in gaming history, a giant step for mankind in fighting game. But again, SNK modified this formula and CAPCOM fightback again, and so on, and so on, until the battle become ruthless and CAPCOM felt offended by SNK game called ART OF FIGHTING, CAPCOM felt that SNK copied their Ken Master (from Street Fighter) character when they design Ryo Sakazaki (a more eastern preferred approach by SNK to broaden it’s market and gain popularity in Japan).

See? The resemblance between them is uncanny. Incase you didn’t know, left is Ken right is Ryo

Of course CAPCOM fights back with a crazier idea, they created a character so stupid, so outrageous (it even wear a pink costume) to mocked Ryo and Robert at the same time, it became favorite and comic relief by corrupting one of ART OF FIGHTING main character Robert Garcia, thus Dan Hibiki was born.

Not look a like eh? Except the pony tail. But watch the later explanation

Here’s another proof how serious CAPCOM to mock SNK, specifically Ryo and Robert :

CAPCOM thought that Ryo’s Kyokugenryu style is lame so they decided to show SNK how lame it can be

That’s why, although I prefer SNK than CAPCOM, Fatal Fury and King of Fighter always stands below the shadow of CAPCOM Street Fighter (if only they came first, SIGH).

Nice fan service, still didn't hit the spot like the original game though

Well, they try to reconcile and create a fan service game called CAPCOM VS SNK (CAPCOM version) or SNK VS CAPCOM (SNK version). Both are decent game but still can’t topple the original game.

4. Soul Edge / Soul Calibur (Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Dreamcast, Gamecube, X Box, X Box 360)

In 1997, this nerd dude thinks to him self “after Star Gladiator (CAPCOM first foray into 3D fighting game, it even a weapon based game which is kinda cool but an obvious Star Wars rip-off), can the graphic be any beter? After Tekken 2, could CG be any grander?” Then Namco slap me in the face with Soul Edge (Soul Blade in USA). With it’s awesome graphic and even more awesome (awesomer?) CG opening in Soul Edge is so awesome I wet my pants every time I saw it, even now!

Fast gameplay, balance and depth, and better with every sequel make this series shines

Soul Edge / Soul Blade or Soul Calibur series is considered to be the best 3D weapon based game and somehow I can’t argue with it. Sure the depth, 8-way movement game and fast tempo, beautiful graphic and awesome FMV helps, but the balance and mechanic make the game shines. Look at other 3D weapon based, they offer much the same of Soul Calibur offer but somehow broken mechanic reduce the fun factor

one of the early 3D weapon based combat game, Battle Arena Toshinden, my personal favorite, never gets the fame it should (whose to blame but TAKARA, the game dev it self, after Toshinden 3 the series is free falling to the pit of oblivion

Soul series also known for it’s fan service (besides the beautiful girls), Soul series re-define the term exclusive with the exclusive character for each platform the soul series appear. When Soul Calibur 2 released, Playstation gets Heihachi Mishima from Tekken series (LAME!!!!), Nintendo’s Game Cube gets Link from Zelda series (awesome charater that plays like mashed up between Mitsurugi and Hwang), the coolest is X Box that gets Spawn (Al-Simone him self). When non X Box gamer complained, Namco said X Box gets Spawn cuz X Box is American and Spawn is American (WTF!!!!). West 1 – 0 East.

Kinda makes me want to bought X Box at the time

Well, at least Soul Calibur 4 released, Namco decided Playstation 3 gets Darth Vader (cuz PS3 is black) and X Box 360 gets Yoda (cuz X Box is white), both from Star Wars series, ha!!! West 1 – 1 East. In the PSP platform, Playstation gamer gets Kratos from God of War series (one of the best adventure / beat ‘em up game ever), ha again!!!! West 1 – 2 East. In yo’ face Verdamit Auslander ha ha ha. Bottom-line, out-beat Tekken, it’s Namco’s own baby boy.

Ha! In yo' face American, Japan get Vader ha ha ha

3. Yu Yu Hakusho 2 (SEGA Megadrive – Japan or SEGA Genesis – USA)

Buy SEGA Megadrive just for this, you owe it to yourself to play this AWESOME (with capital A) game

Another game that most of you didn’t know it’s existed. Cuz it Japanese, Yu Yu Hakusho falls behind the shadow of Dragon Ball Z at the time it released, and it’s the only game that shines in Yu Yu Hakusho series (even out-beat the Playstation 2 and X Box version), the other Yu Yu series is mediocre at it’s best.

This game support multi-tap (up to 4 player can play at the same time), making it a justification to buy SEGA Megadrive and it’s multi-tap (if you bored with this game, HOWCOME!!! You could play multi-tap for FIFA or WWF game at Megadrive). I still wonder how on earth a game that every player moves list are the same (in special moves execution) but each player moves differently and each character is a blast to play, a big character slow and strong, the small character is fast but nimble, oh so great! This game support multi platform that character can moves in or out to avoid special moves (didn’t understand, I show you wtf I’m talking about) :

See the multi-platform? And it’s graphic was an achievement at the time, slap Super Nintendo or SNES right in the face and @$

Other great thing is, this game is a dream match in Yu Yu Hakusho series, it pitted the Toguro brother saga and the Sensui saga creating the most of Yu Yu Hakusho universe you could droll your saliva in. Best character, well if U ask me, Hiei (with it’s awesome super-moves “Jagan-shi ensatsu kokuryuha” or Mystical eye black dragon that can be controlled, soooooo awesome, though he kinda nimble, he is FAST) and Toguro Ototo (the little brother who actually taller and bigger, slow but an unstoppable juggernaut). Play this game, try the emulator (though it’s hard to find cuz it’s Japanese).

2. Street Fighter (every platform ever existed)

The legendary, the behemoth, the giant leap for fighting game, the one that sets the standard in fighting game, the Street Fighter series. Sure Street Fighter 1 kinda dull, but CAPCOM learned the lessons and create a game that still a masterpiece even in today standard. What can I say about this game? It’s the origin, the first, and that’s said it all. If you never play or even knew this game, either you a retard, someone who just came back after 20 years or more coma, or you live a sheltered life and your God forbid you into electronic apparel or maybe you just a damn ignorance I don’t know, bottom-line you just better of dead or left unborn you sick-stupid @$$hole.

Street Fighter. Started from this small step, fighting game will never be the same ever again

This game is so important that it became the blue print or manual guide or even bible for other fighting game to begin to. Hell of Armageddon come, this is one stuff I gladly hold in my hand when my time come (bible or Qur’an? Never heard of it^_^). Every other fighting game is influenced by it, every other fighting game is a derivative, mutation, modified version of Street Fighter II.

If you could find other fighting game without this formula, I gladly sell my soul to the devil or become a monk and do celibacy and a non-sex lifestyle

1. Virtua Fighter (every SEGA console ever existed, Playstation 2 and 3 also X Box 360)

At first, I thought that this was LEGO, the fighting game due to the blocky graphic

So, what game could dethrone such a marvelous game called Street Fighter? Well surprised surprised my friend, it’s Virtua Fighter series. You probably think, “DAMN his guy probably a total idiot-retarded @$$hole whose high on cheap expird gasoline!”. Well I’m not. I dare to say when Street Fighter revolutionized 2D Fighting Game, Virtua Fighter change the way we see and play fighting game into a 3D universe.

The graphic keeps on improving, the gameplay keeps on better with every series, this is the pinacle of fighting game. The Jack of all trades

Let it be known that I prefer 2D than 3D, but Virtua Fighter is so damn good, sooooo depth even an adult could die sinking on it (it still confusing me how come a 3 button game; punch-kick-guard can be so damn depth and hard to master). It’s realism so realistic (of course it is U idiot) and the Artificial Intelligence making this game the best choice for 1 player or 2 player versus game. The best fisticuf bang that could a fighting gamer wants. If you prefer Tekken, well it’s like a question whether U’re CAPCOM or SNK guy, but hey, Soul series beat the $hit out of Tekken, so screw U fagot shenanigan.

Best Fighting Game of All Time : Part 1

As a veteran gamer (I started playing Atari 2600 on 1990, so it’s about 20 years of gaming experience), my first love to video game is a platformer / action adventure game such as Prince of Persia, Mario, etc. But the most constant genre I played is fighting game.

And as 26 years old guy, recently I have no time to playing game (well, not as much as I used to that is), and the genre that could hook me on the get-go is fighting game, you could plug and play and enjoy it at the knick of time. I know most people consider this genre as a no-brainer and rather savage and dumb guy who will enjoy it (especially by those who dig RPG or strategy, those holy omni-potent dork and doofus nerd, no offence, just rant), but it took a hard formula called balance to create the most enjoyable fighting game that didn’t stray to be been there done that experience, a combo abused or cheap fighting game.

This list contains some of the fighting game that leaves a strong impression in my life. It’s not the best game by specification or by definition, or even for most gamer contentment. This list is purely about fighting game that according to me was da bomb. So, without further due, here’s the list (in countdown list order with no specific game, unless the one really stands out among others, but rather the series) :

10. Dead or Alive (Arcade SEGA Saturn, Playstation 1 & 2, X Box & X Box 360)

Beautiful babes, beautiful stage, beautiful graphic, just downright beautiful

Just like miss universe qualification, this game has 3 B (even more B’s) beauty, babes, boobs, brawl, etc. The first thing most people will noticed must be the juggling boobs, then the awesome graphic (even when the game first came out, it’s using Virtua Fighter 2 engine, which is crème de la crème at the time).  A treat to an eye (there even a side game called Dead Or Alive Beach Ball with extra of sexy girl abuse game and “point of view”. This game put Pokemon Snap into shame for it’s better object of photo shot. A game that really meant to perverted guy like me he he).

Other notable thing is, this game first introduced the “booby trap” (sounds like boobs, the game developer have a knack at women that for sure) or “danger zone” such as land mines or electricity if you went outside the arena (besides the notorious “ring out” from the first Virtua Fighter or “caged arena” from Bloody Roar, or Fighting Viper). This game also introduced the multi layer or multiple arena or stage in 3 D fighting game (even it feels like some stage are endless multi arena).

After the guy (or girl or whatsoever sex that is, they all beautiful in this game, whether a boy, a girl character) fell, it’s not ring out but the fight continues on the land or any other platform available to fight.

But that’s not all, what makes this game shines is more than just a mere cosmetic, under the beautiful skin, lies a depth and varied moves. What makes this game can’t grade higher is cuz sometimes the guard button, or to be exact the guard + back = counter makes this game is very counter abusive game, which sometimes makes the balance of the games lost and turning into “countering warfare”

9. Last Blade / Samurai Spirit (tie) (Arcade, Genesis, SNES, SEGA CD, Playstation, etc)

As one of the earliest weapons based game, Samurai Spirit sets the standard for this kinda game, it even sets the realistic touch and SNK’s “thinking game” (the game pace is kinda slow for some people). If you just a button quencher / masher, you won’t get far in this game (it sometimes fell like a rock-paper-scissor gameplay sometimes). Samurai Spirit really filled our appetite for classic middle age era warrior (not just Samurai, the title really misinform sometimes cuz there a European character such as Charlotte, a European girl with fencing style, or Galford, a westerner who somehow mastering ninjitsu).

It’s a milestone at the time for fighting game

Since Samurai Spirit ain’t everyone cup of Sake, SNK also release a game called Last Blade, this game is more approachable for everyone, with it’s faster pace, pretty graphic (it even gave Capcom’s Street Fighter Alpha / Zero 3 a run for it’s money), and a hope that button quencher / masher to master this game. Last Blade almost felt like a Capcom style released than SNK. One cool fact, the game main character, Kaede, have the ability to be “Super Saiyan” (Akira Toriyama’s alien race whose ability to power up themselves with notable physical change to shift from black hair into blonde hair in Dragon Ball Z).

Great graphic and awesome character design (SNK signature style) makes this game a fighting gem.

Somehow, Last Blade never achieved the acknowledgement it deserved due to the fact that everyone thought that it is just some distraction, or some petty effort from SNK to distract gamer and gain some cash from non Samurai Spirit series (but the Last Blade actually inspire the new faster pace gameplay in the next Samurai Spirit game such as Samurai Spirit 5 with more Capcom style fast pace tempo).

8. Tobal (Playstation)

Akira Toriyama artwork and Square soft, sounds like winning combination huh?

Well, I bet most people don’t know about this game, cuz well, it went out when the 3D fighting game supremacy is being a dualistic fight between SEGA (Virtua Fighter, Last Bronx, Fighting Vipers) and Namco (Tekken, Soul Edge / Soul Blade) other contender is mostly just there and not to stay (the likes of Bloody Roar from Hudson Soft of Bomberman fame, Star Gladiator Capcom first foray into 3D fighting game, which is kinda awesome anyway, or any other 3D game). But Tobal series shines on its own. Tobal (especially No. 1) offers the realistic and thinking game of Virtua Fighter (even with slower tempo) and the most advance grappling system I’ve yet to seen outside the homoerotic UFC Game that is.

Blocky graphic and slow tempo might draw the crowd away, but give it a try and you’ll hooked up

About the grappling system, in this game you can hold your opponent, then the next step is rather to hit / kick your opponent to shook him / her off balance and can’t counter your grappling, or just throw your opponent immediately (word of advice, when you hold your opponent, your opponent could also do the same step I told previously). Between the grappling, as I mention earlier, you could hit / kick your opponent to shook him / her off balance, and your opponent could do it also vice versa, what cool is, your character determine the outcome in the grappling battle, if your character is big, you could kick / hit your opponent just 2 or 3 times to shook him off balance, if your character is smaller, it took more effort to shook opponent off balance. How awesome is that!?

This game also offers the RPG-Dungeon crawler like extra game (it’s even out-do the Tekken extra game, a beat ‘em up Final Fight type inspired Tekken Force). And the character list is awesome, if you beat or even just play the extra game, you could use the character you defeat in the game (even in Tobal No. 2 you could play as Chococbo from Final Fantasy series). I never sure the exact character roster and since Tobal No. 2 is Japanese only, but people said that the character roster is around 200, could U believe that?

But Tobal No.2 somehow went the wrong way, though in the right track. They offer better graphic (a beautiful graphic for 32 Bit system, even in 64 Bit), faster tempo, even the signature “kame hame ha” moves from Dragon Ball (another Akira Toriyama works). But somehow it makes the magic disappear, the balance and the realism is gone. Oh, and due to the poor performance of the first game, Tobal No.2 is a Japan only game (I mentioned it earlier).

Other things which makes this game receive poor review is the weak character design, they are unlikable and weird (chicken guy or hellboy look-a-like or other stupid Akira Toriyama design you could imagine ruin this game popularity)

Better graphic, faster tempo, and special projectile moves somehow rob the “magic” of the first game

7. Tekken (Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Gameboy Advance, X Box 360)

Arguably, the most played fighting game in the world. The game that put Namco as one of the top game developer in the world (before 32 bit era, Namco is a mediocre Game-Dev, known only by cheesy game such as Galaxian, Galaga, or any other not worth mentioned game). Tekken spawning 6 sequel and cosmetic or remix version (Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebelion) and derivative side game / gaiden in japanese terms (such as Tekken in Gamboy Advance or Tekken Dark Resurection in PSP).

Tekken offer fast pace, easy to master system and all the requirements of successful game (Beauiful FMV? Checked. Sexy girl? Checked. Great character design? Checked. Pumpin-anoying BGM? Checked. Etc? Checked), no wonder most gamer prefer Tekken than SEGA’s Virtua Fighter series.

Tekken may sounds tedious or no-brainer, but deep within the flashy cosmetics, Tekken offer a deep game-play that makes amateur and novice can enjoy the game at the same time. Maybe people will say that Tekken’s 10 hit combo (a legendary button tap that inspire other game to be copied) is a no-brainer, I agree, but Tekken also have the grappling combo or aerial combo that sets the different between an amateur and a pro. Sum it all, pretty game, approachable gameplay, great fighting game.

Why it didn’t great higher? Cuz the gameplay evolution stops at Tekken 3 (at least for me), Tekken 4 and other sequel after that just a tried & true formula. The graphic somehow didn’t evolved much  since Tekken 4. Didn’t believe me? Here’s the proof :

Shots from Tekken 5, which ain’t much different than Tekken 4 (these two are from Playstation 2 platform

This a shot from Tekken 6 from Arcade version, maybe the lighting effect is better, but the polygon ain’t much evolved from the previous game, and they say this is the next gen console!!!

Ain't much different, eh?

6. Guilty Gear (Playstation, Playstation 2, Dreamcast, X Box, X Box 360, etc)

Ah, this is a game that shout out loud than video game ain’t just for nerd or sissies. This game combine the greatness and fines of 2-D fighting game and combines it with one thing that truly rock, rock music.

Yes this game full of reference of rock music, from character design that combines post-apocalyptic theme and glam-rock scene to character name and BGM that pays tribute to the rock scene, such as main Character Sol Badguy that were influenced by Freddy Mercury solo album “Mr. Badguy”, Axl Low that without a doubt inspire by Axl Rose from Guns & Roses, or Johnny the pirate who clearly inspired by Goo Goo Dolls vocalist Johny Rzeznik. Don’t forget the music, BGM filled with guitar driven and machine gun drum sound (unlike other fighting game who use annoying techno or electro-machine music) even of the BGM in Guilty Gear X (Dreamcast version is an instrumental version of “Pardon Me” by Incubus, Sol Badguy’s stage if I’m not mistaken).

But what makes this game is great is the graphic and the gameplay. The gameplay is a combination of balance moves between characters, a link combo that makes the game fast & furious (even my thumb is hurt cuz the button mashing) and graphic so beautiful, it makes the player or spectator both are pleased. Simply put, great game.

You should see this game in motion. So beautiful with fps that somehow didn’t become what most people said “slow down”.

To Be Continued